From here you can browse all malware analysis in the database by hash.

The output is sub-categorized by the first three sets of Octets. To browse to your hash, you can either search for it, or click through the first 3 sets of bytes in the hash of the malware to locate the matching output if it exists.

Browse 90 b1 ba
90b1ba1b14acf3f86a78abfd71dfa99dcee9fa23 90b1ba2637eac44293b3dd5845f035cfc3f377f0 90b1ba2c981d4de578794bfad04699ee17a0d38b 90b1ba49b410483116c390aec6603ca9112f985d 90b1ba781ab935122aac68742b672c58373b8a70 90b1baf33b83dd0df397324422efa050d2059a4e