From here you can browse all malware analysis in the database by hash.

The output is sub-categorized by the first three sets of Octets. To browse to your hash, you can either search for it, or click through the first 3 sets of bytes in the hash of the malware to locate the matching output if it exists.

Browse 03 ca 73
03ca73314c9a5b1f0e1d7bd99a5be11872662b15 03ca734e4737a605df98b20baca6f5d75c1e9a94 03ca73697954cee5a58ef79c1df56b501d4c72dd 03ca73a18a7e89524c669b702f1049057edc2876 03ca73bf84122ff80c15700e48cd3ec5bb67b9ba