From here you can browse all malware analysis in the database by hash.

The output is sub-categorized by the first three sets of Octets. To browse to your hash, you can either search for it, or click through the first 3 sets of bytes in the hash of the malware to locate the matching output if it exists.

Browse 01 7e a4
017ea40bf8e6f52d5301e683b46aebdc22b4f2bf 017ea414cdd7fb4d98bf774c701d83559a5d7cb5 017ea44cd5176c2164b18826f5106cd1a45a00ab 017ea456f49e2a9f0bf7ea73559f393b6853cc4b 017ea4b6930a58d49dfbf07be266d88e8ccfb154 017ea4ce4563c84c0f139c9c7dc55efed1b88074