From here you can browse all malware analysis in the database by hash.

The output is sub-categorized by the first three sets of Octets. To browse to your hash, you can either search for it, or click through the first 3 sets of bytes in the hash of the malware to locate the matching output if it exists.

Browse 01 7e 5a
017e5a2309baa5544c6722d930f524e14d036c66 017e5a345fc1178b68a243f2f0d1bb9d7b59fb58 017e5a4ad85fd48d9244623d8dbc612a3b74241e 017e5a59cf0222060b8d167e2e827d74e268819c 017e5a73cd16ff4845af159a9710923c7761cf42 017e5afd177892f50c281d3564ba719ee206fb8f