From here you can browse all malware analysis in the database by hash.

The output is sub-categorized by the first three sets of Octets. To browse to your hash, you can either search for it, or click through the first 3 sets of bytes in the hash of the malware to locate the matching output if it exists.

Browse 01 7e 3c
017e3c189e608c5fe987a07e5f675c41c98a0171 017e3c6662ea5c48dc4ec85d4fd50f706392254d 017e3c6c3d4f7c4d571e3e6588c862b70a36edb3 017e3c8b1aa9d04a7ac415cc6c0ca0c6d8b1f6d6 017e3c992c296d076d8eaec6ef4372470dbd4d93 017e3ce915b688b8f7fcb452a5210f116356c1ff