Analysis Date2014-10-13 22:40:20

Static Details:

File typePE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
Section.text md5: 08ee71379f0638aaee8453e046b15477 sha1: 066666d1963ea9e6e039e20e413e6a8e4ba1a224 size: 681472
Section.rdata md5: 2029c51fa39badc87c10cca4a0fc6fc7 sha1: aee6912484a43b4102eda606a1a38e424b50ee52 size: 55808 md5: b60fbb808ceee96ef4bda57b5680b68b sha1: 9f5d055a4599ba3f91794958c6d0beba4719d727 size: 396800
Timestamp2014-05-09 20:23:20
PackerMicrosoft Visual C++ ?.?
AV360 SafeGen:Variant.Sirefef.121
AVAlwil (avast)Downloader-VHF [Trj]
AVArcabit (arcavir)no_virus
AVAvira (antivir)TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen2
AVCA (E-Trust Ino)no_virus
AVCAT (quickheal)no_virus
AVDr. Webno_virus
AVEset (nod32)Win32/Kryptik.CCLE
AVFrisk (f-prot)no_virus
AVGrisoft (avg)Win32/Cryptor
AVMicrosoft Security EssentialsTrojanSpy:Win32/Nivdort.Y
AVMicroWorld (escan)Gen:Variant.Sirefef.121
AVVirusBlokAda (vba32)no_virus
AVYara APTno_virus

Runtime Details:


↳ C:\malware.exe

Creates FileC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\oa0fi0w1khuwsurnogbahl7.exe
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\tst
Creates ProcessC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\oa0fi0w1khuwsurnogbahl7.exe

↳ C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\oa0fi0w1khuwsurnogbahl7.exe

RegistryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Accounts Link-Layer Backup Plug TP ➝
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\vykeyqsl.exe
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\lck
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\etc
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\tst
Deletes FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\\drivers\etc\hosts
Creates ProcessC:\WINDOWS\system32\vykeyqsl.exe
Creates ServiceProgram Proxy Socket Routing Filtering - C:\WINDOWS\system32\vykeyqsl.exe

↳ Pid 816

↳ Pid 864

↳ C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe

Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\Logs\wbemess.log

↳ Pid 1124

↳ Pid 1220

↳ C:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exe

RegistryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\BeepEnabled ➝
RegistryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\System\Print\TypesSupported ➝
RegistryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\SymbolicLinkValue ➝
RegistryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers\DefaultSpoolDirectory ➝
Creates FileWMIDataDevice

↳ Pid 1140

↳ C:\WINDOWS\system32\vykeyqsl.exe

RegistryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Security Center\FirewallDisableNotify ➝
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zluzfil.exe
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\lck
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\cfg
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\rng
Creates Filepipe\net\NtControlPipe10
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\TEMP\oa0fi0w1qulwsurn.exe
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\run
Creates File\Device\Afd\Endpoint
Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\tst
Creates ProcessC:\WINDOWS\TEMP\oa0fi0w1qulwsurn.exe -r 51756 tcp
Creates ProcessWATCHDOGPROC "c:\windows\system32\vykeyqsl.exe"

↳ C:\WINDOWS\system32\vykeyqsl.exe

Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\tst

↳ WATCHDOGPROC "c:\windows\system32\vykeyqsl.exe"

Creates FileC:\WINDOWS\system32\zebajflqkdygw\tst

↳ C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\oa0fi0w1qulwsurn.exe -r 51756 tcp

Creates File\Device\Afd\Endpoint
Winsock DNS239.255.255.250

Network Details:
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Type: A
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1036 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1037 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1038 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1039 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1041 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1042 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1043 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1044 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1045 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1046 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1047 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1048 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1049 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1050 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1051 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1052 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1053 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1054 ➝
Flows TCP192.168.1.1:1055 ➝

Raw Pcap
0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2074 61626c65   ose..Host: table
0x00000070 (00112)   66727569 742e6e65 740d0a0d 0a

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a206d 69676874   ose..Host: might
0x00000070 (00112)   676c6f73 73617279 2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a
0x00000080 (00128)                                         

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2067 656e746c   ose..Host: gentl
0x00000070 (00112)   65667269 656e642e 6e65740d 0a0d0a0a
0x00000080 (00128)                                         

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2067 6c617373   ose..Host: glass
0x00000070 (00112)   6865616c 74682e6e 65740d0a 0d0a0a0a
0x00000080 (00128)                                         

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2072 656d656d   ose..Host: remem
0x00000070 (00112)   62657270 61696e74 2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a
0x00000080 (00128)                                         

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2074 68726f75   ose..Host: throu
0x00000070 (00112)   6768636f 756e7472 792e6e65 740d0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2073 70656e64   ose..Host: spend
0x00000070 (00112)   6d617272 792e6e65 740d0a0d 0a0d0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a206a 696e6f70   ose..Host: jinop
0x00000070 (00112)   6c61736b 65722e63 6f6d0d0a 0d0a0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a206d 75736963   ose..Host: music
0x00000070 (00112)   64697368 2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a 0d0a0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2077 69736864   ose..Host: wishd
0x00000070 (00112)   6973682e 6e65740d 0a0d0a0a 0d0a0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a206d 61646570   ose..Host: madep
0x00000070 (00112)   7572652e 6e65740d 0a0d0a0a 0d0a0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2068 61697268   ose..Host: hairh
0x00000070 (00112)   6f75722e 6e65740d 0a0d0a0a 0d0a0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a206d 75736963   ose..Host: music
0x00000070 (00112)   686f7572 2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a 0d0a0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2074 61626c65   ose..Host: table
0x00000070 (00112)   66727569 742e6e65 740d0a0d 0a0a0a0d
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a206d 69676874   ose..Host: might
0x00000070 (00112)   676c6f73 73617279 2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2067 656e746c   ose..Host: gentl
0x00000070 (00112)   65667269 656e642e 6e65740d 0a0d0a0a
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2067 6c617373   ose..Host: glass
0x00000070 (00112)   6865616c 74682e6e 65740d0a 0d0a0a0a
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
0x00000050 (00080)   0d0a436f 6e6e6563 74696f6e 3a20636c   ..Connection: cl
0x00000060 (00096)   6f73650d 0a486f73 743a2072 656d656d   ose..Host: remem
0x00000070 (00112)   62657270 61696e74 2e6e6574 0d0a0d0a
0x00000080 (00128)   0a                                    .

0x00000000 (00000)   47455420 2f696e64 65782e70 68703f6d   GET /index.php?m
0x00000010 (00016)   6574686f 643d7661 6c696461 7465266d   ethod=validate&m
0x00000020 (00032)   6f64653d 736f7826 763d3032 3926736f   ode=sox&v=029&so
0x00000030 (00048)   783d3262 35353563 30312048 5454502f   x=2b555c01 HTTP/
0x00000040 (00064)   312e300d 0a416363 6570743a 202a2f2a   1.0..Accept: */*
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}1>Rit the show of violence;
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3 is not for idle markets, sir.
4no less for bounty bound to us
6my target, thus.
6NJest man i' the field, and for his meed
#7 as a lamb;
7Q#	|?
8de you to come,
8Mlentiful as
8mo be,
8ouct of them both,
8q8aZwonder'd at.
8, to curse thy cursed self.
9^Q`re, they in her head?
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AARON	An if it please thee! why, assure thee, Lucius,
AARON	Ay, that I had not done a thousand more.
AARON	If there be devils, would I were a devil,
AARON	                  Lucius, save the child,
AARON	O Lord, sir, 'tis a deed of policy:
AARON	Swear that he shall, and then I will begin.
AARON	The empress, the midwife, and yourself:
AARON	Then sit we down, and let us all consult.
AARON	Touch not the boy; he is of royal blood.
AARON	What if I do not? as, indeed, I do not;
AARON	Why, so, brave lords! when we join in league,
AARON	Why, there's the privilege your beauty bears:
	A bare-ribb'd death, whose office is this day
	Abates the ardour of my liver.
	A better prince and benign lord,
	Abhorr'd your person.
	a bird? who would give a bird the lie, though he cry
	Aboard my galley I invite you all:
	About some gossips for your highness.
	about to expound this dream. Methought I was--there
	abstract for the remembrance of such places, and
	abused; and Don John is the author of all, who is
	A buzzing of a separation
A captive victor that hath lost in gain;
	Accept of him, or els
	'accommodo' very good; a good phrase.
	Accuse some innocent and forswear myself,
	A certain stuff, which, being ta'en, would cease
ACHILLES	Go call Thersites hither, sweet Patroclus:
ACHILLES	I see my reputation is at stake
ACHILLES	This is not strange, Ulysses.
ACHILLES	What are you reading?
	A cold premeditation for my purpose!
	A crew of pirates came and rescued me;
	Acting it many ways. Nay, had I power, I should
	action of slander too.
	Acts of black night, abominable deeds,
	A curse upon him, die he like a thief,
	A damn'd defeat was made. Am I a coward?
	A dateless bargain to engrossing death!
A dateless lively heat, still to endure,
	A day's work in him. What shalt thou expect,
A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy.
ADRIANO DE ARMADO	Sweet Lord Longaville, rein thy tongue.
ADRIANO DE ARMADO	The armipotent Mars, of lances the almighty,
	A dull and muddy-mettled rascal, peak,
	Advantaging their loan with interest
AEdile	He's coming.
AEdile	I have.
AEdile	I have; 'tis ready.
AEdile	I shall inform them.
AEdile	List to your tribunes. Audience: peace, I say!
AEdile	Very well.
AEdile	With old Menenius, and those senators
AENEAS	My lord, I scarce have leisure to salute you,
AENEAS	Who!--nay, then: come, come, you'll do him wrong
	A father and a friend to thee and Rome.
	A fever with the absence of her son,
	Affected greatness got by you, not you:
	Affection is not rated from the heart:
	Affliction till it do cry out itself
	Afford no extraordinary gaze,
)?AFF	What disease hast thou?
	A forked mountain, or blue promontory
	A fox, when one has caught her,
	After a voyage, he hath strange places cramm'd
	After the prompter, for our entrance:
	Again shall you be mother to a king,
	Against acquaintance, kindred and allies:
	against it; for man is a giddy thing, and this is my
	Against our rampired gates, and they shall ope;
Against strange maladies a sovereign cure.
Against that time, if ever that time come,
Against that time when thouea
	Against their father, fool me not so much
	Against the Welsh, himself and Harry Monmouth:
	Again with Rome's mechanics: tell me not
	A goodly person: he hath lost his fellows
	A grain, a dust, a gnat, a wandering hair,
	A grandam's name is little less in love
	A grave? O no! a lantern, slaughter'd youth,
	A Grecian and his sword, if he do set
	A halter, soldiers! hang him on this tree.
	A halting sonnet of his own pure brain,
	A handkerch
A harmful knife, that thence her soul unsheathed:
	Ah, good Demetrius, wilt thou give him me?
	Ah, who is nigh? come to me, friend or foe,
	Airy succeeders of intestate joys,
		   A labour saved!
	Alack, alack, what blood is this, which stains
	[A ladder brought, which AARON is made to ascend]
	[Alarums. Enter KING JOHN and HUBERT]
	[Alarums, excursions. Enter the BASTARD, with
	[Alarums, excursions, retreat. Enter KING JOHN,
Alas, how many bear such shameful blows,
	Alas, you know not: I must tell you then:
	A law-breaker, a villain: yield thee, thief.
ALBANY	He knows not what he says: and vain it is
ALBANY	I cannot be so partial, Goneril,
ALBANY	That's but a trifle here.
ALBANY	Well, you may fear too far.
	Albeit against my conscience and my soul.
ALCIBIADES	Then there's my glove;
	Alcides, thou mine ancestor, thy rage:
	a light burning.
	A lightning before death: O, how may I
A lily prison'd in a gaol of snow,
A liquid prisoner pent in walls of glasse,
	A little of that worthy work perform'd
	All continent impediments would o'erbear
?all have good trading that way. But tell me, Hal,
	All his in dedication; for his sake
All	Most true. The will! Let's stay and hear the will.
	All offices of nature should again
	Allow their officers and are content
All	Peace, ho!
All	Peace, ho! Hear Antony. Most noble Antony!
All	The gods of Greece protect you!
	All unity on earth.
All	We'll mutiny.
	Alone I did it. Boy!
	A long-tongued babbling gossip? no, lords, no:
ALONSO	No, no, he's gone.
ALONSO	Prithee, peace.
ALONSO	So is the dear'st o' the loss.
ALONSO	These are not natural events; they strengthen
ALONSO	This is as strange a maze as e'er men trod
	A loving nurse, a mother to his youth.
Although in me each part will be forgotten.
	Although my seal be stamped in his face.
	Although the victor, we submit to Caesar,
	Although this lord of weak remembrance, this,
	always reason themselves out again. What! a
	A madness, of which her life's in danger. Heavens,
A maid of Dian's this advantage found,
	A mankind witch! Hence with her, 
	A man so breathed, that certain he would fight; yea
	A man, the worst about you.
	A man who is the abstract of all faults
	A matter from thee, and a birth indeed
	amazedly following]
	Am bold to show myself a forward guest
	A merchant of great traffic through the world,
american english
	Among the thorns and dangers of this world.
	a muffler and a kerchief, and so escape.
	An appetite that I am sick withal,
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	An arm as big as thine? a heart as big?
	And after one hour more 'twill be eleven;
And all amazed brake off his late intent,
And all my honest faith in thee is lost,
	And all such false professors! would you have me--
	And all the gods go with you! upon your sword
	And all the ruins of distressful times
	And all the unlook'd for issue of their bodies,
And all this dumb play had his acts made plain
	And am to Padua come, as he that leaves
	and an express command, under penalty, to deliver
	And apprehend thee for a felon here.
And as the bright sun glorifies the sky,
	And, as the long divorce of steel falls on me,
And at his look she flatly falleth down,
	And at my suit, sweet, pardon what is past.
	And, at our stamp, here o'er and o'er one falls;
	And bade me, if I had a friend that loved her,
	And basely put it up without revenge?
And be an eye-sore in my golden coat;
	And bear it from me to the empress.
And begg'd for that which thou unask'd shalt have.
And being franck she lends to those are free:
	And being now trimm'd in thine own desires,
And being steel'd, soft sighs can never grave it:
	And be my heart an ever-burning hell!
	And bid the owners quench them with their tears.
	And bless it to all fair prosperity:
	And bootless 'tis to tell you we will go:
	And breathe twice and cry 'so, so,'
	And bring me how he takes my death.
	And brings the dire occasion in his arms
	And bring thee cords made like a tackled stair;
	And brought with armed men back to Messina.
	And brought your prisoner to your palace gate.
	and BRUTUS]
And bubbling from her breast, it doth divide
	And buckle in a waist most fathomless
	And, but she spoke it dying, I would not
	And by his rare example made the coward
	And by his side his fruit of bastardy.
	And, by my fall, the conquest to my foe.
	And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
	And by that loss your daughter is made queen.
	And by the hazard of the spotted die
And by their mortal fault brought in subjection
	And by the way let us recount our dreams.
	And call'd Marina?
	And can say nothing; no, not for a king,
	And cast you, with the waters that you lose,
	And chides the sea that sunders him from thence,
And chid the painter for his wondrous skill,
	And come against us in full puissance,
	And danger, like an ague, subtly taints
	And dare be bold to weep for Buckingham,
	And dare me to the desert with thy sword;
	And dares not answer nay;--
 and deadly.
	And deck my body in gay ornaments,
	And desperately are dead.
	And does he think so backwardly of me now,
	And do not break into these deep extremes.
	And do not spread the compost on the weeds,
And do'st him grace 
	and down here, and I will sing, that they shall hear
And each(though enimes to ethers raigne)
	And e'en as if your lord should wear rich jewels,
	And egally indeed to all estates,--
	And, ere our coming, see thou shake the bags
	And even at hand a drum is ready braced
  And even thence thou wilt be stol'n, I fear,
	And every day that comes comes to decay
	And fall a-cursing, like a very drab,
	And fall of many kings. But fear not yet
	And fearfully did menace me with death,
	And fearful to be granted.
	And fell below his stem: his sword, death's stamp,
	And fell so roundly to a large confession,
	And find it out by proclamation:
	And find not her whom thou pursuest. Flow, flow,
	And flat meads thatch'd with stover, them to keep;
	And flourishes his blade in spite of me.
	And fly like chidden Mercury from Jove,
	And follow me with speed: I'll to the king:
	And, for an entrance to my entertainment,
	And, for I should not deal in her soft laws,
And for my sake hath learn'd to sport and dance,
	And, for your love, I'll take this ring from you:
	And for your love to her lead apes in hell.
	And foul imaginary eyes of blood
And fright her crying babe with Tarquin's name;
And from her tongue 'can lurk' from 'cannot' took:
	And from his holiness use all your power
	And from my heart's love I do thank thee for it.
	And from that womb where you imprison'd were
And from the purple fountain Brutus drew
	And gave his countenance, against his name,
	And gentle, kind, effeminate remorse,
	And, gentle Puck, take this transformed scalp
	And give them life whom hunger starved half dead.
	And, good lieutenant, I think you think I love you.
	and go to buffets, for moving such a dish of
	And go we, brothers, to the man that took him,
And grew a seething bath, which yet men prove
	And grew a twenty years removed thing
	And had intent to murder him;
	And hangs on Dian's temple: dear Valeria!
	And happily repent.
	And harbourage for ourself, our ships, and men.
	And hast a thing within thee called conscience,
	And hear the sentence of your moved prince.
	And heaven itself doth frown upon the land.
	And he my husband best of all affects.
	And here have I the daintiness of ear
	And here I swear by all the Roman gods,
	And here's thy hand, in scorn to thee sent back;
	And he that got it, sentenced; a young man
And he the burden of a guilty mind.
	And his brave son
And his love-kindling fire did quickly steep
	And hold our lives in mercy. Oswald, I say!
	And how by this their child shZ
	And how does that honourable, complete, free-hearted
	and how my transformation hath been washed and
	And--how we know not--all clapp'd under hatches;
	And, I beseech you, hear me, who profess
	And I, delivering you, am satisfied
	And I did laugh sans intermission
	And I do love thee: therefore, go with m
	And if we be, how dare thy joints forget
	And, if we meet, we shall not scape a brawl;
	And I have found Demetrius like a jewel,
	And I have heard, Apollodorus carried--
	And I, hence fleeting, here remain with thee. Away!
	And I loved her that she did pity them.
	And in compassion weep the fire out;
And in mine own love's strength seem to decay,
	And interjoin their issues. So with me:
And in that cold hot-burning fire doth dwell;
	And in that quarrel use it to the death.
		   And in that time
	And in that very line, Harry, standest thou;
	And in the breath of bitter words let's smother
	And in the brunt of seventeen battles since
	And in the temple of great Jupiter
	And in the towns, as they do march along,
	And in this mood will give us any thing.
	And in this resolution here we leave you.--
	and I paid nothing for it neither, but was paid for
	And it is meet I presently set forth.
	and I was like to be apprehended for the witch of
	And I will sign it.
And I will wink; so shall the day seem night;
	And I will wish thee never more to dance,
	And keeps the oath which by that god he swears,
	And keep the natural ruby of your cheeks,
	And kept low shrubs from winter's powerful wind.
	And kill me too.
	And lards the lean earth as he walks along:
	And learn this lesson, draw thy sword in right.
	And leave his master Antony: for this pains
	And left sweet Pyramus translated there:
	And let not women's weapons, water-drops,
	And let our crooked smokes climb to their nostrils
	And let us do it with no show of fear;
	And let us hear Bernardo speak of this.
	And let us once again assail your ears,
	And lift my soul to heaven. Lead on, o' God's name.
	And like an eagle o'er his aery towers,
	And like the tyrannous breathing of the north
And little stars shot from their fixed places,
	And live the purer with the other half.
	And, live we how we can, yet die we must.
	And look'd upon things precious as they were
	And, looking on it with lack-lustre eye,
	and Lords]
	And, lords, towards Coventry bend we our course
	And make the Douglas' son your only mean
	And make them tame to their obedience!
	And many limits of the charge set down
	And many miles, the princess bids you tell
	And marry her at Eton. Go send to Falstaff straight.
	and master?
	And may not wear them. O, here comes my nurse,
	And mean to make her queen of England.
	And men in dangerous bonds pray not alike:
	And merely to revenge him on the emperor
	And mock our eyes with air: thou hast seen
	And mock the deep-mouth'd thunder: for at hand,
	And more diversity of sounds, all horrible,
	And more than carefully it us concerns
	And must needs taste his folly.
	And my more-having would be as a sauce
	And never from this palace of dim night
	And never interrupt you.
	And never seek for aid out of himself. Yet see,
	And none but he, to marry with Nan Page.
	And no one else but the deliver'd empress.
	And not as our confusion, all thy powers
	And, not dispraising whom we praised,--therein
	And not have it, 'twere a paper lost,
	And nothing grieves me heartily indeed
	And not our streets with war!
	And now be it known to you my full intent.
	And now I have the boy, I will undo
	And now ingratitude makes it worse than stealth.
	And now in plainness do confess to thee,
	And now methinks I have a mind to it.
	And, often but attended with weak guard,
	and old Northumberland, and that sprightly Scot of
	And one against Glendower; perforce a third
	and one Mordake, and a thousand blue-caps more:
	And only stays but to behold the face
	And on their skins, as on the bark of trees,
	and others upon the walls]
	And our vain blows malicious mockery.
	and our wives' heels.
	And overcome us like a summer's cloud,
And perspective it is the painter's art.
	And pious action we do sugar o'er
	And pours down mischief. Austria's head lie there,
	And power i' the truth o' the cause.
	And pretty traps to catch the petty thieves.
	And proofs as clear as founts in July when
	And publish the occasion of our arms.
	and queen moult no feather. I have of late--but
	And question'dst every sail: if he should write
	And reason flies the object of all harm:
	And rock the ground whereon these sleepers be.
	And saving those that eye thee!
	And says, if ladies be but young and fair,
	And say what thou seest yond.
And scarce hath eyes his treasure to behold,
	And seal'd between us.
	And send for money for 'em.
	And send him word by me which way you go.
	And send the hearers weeping to their beds:
	And set them upright at their dear friends' doors,
	And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars
	And she alone were cold: whereat I, wretch,
	And she brings news; and every tongue that speaks
	And she in mild terms begg'd my patience,
	And show fair duty to his majesty.
	And since, methinks, I would not grow so fast,
	And snarleth in the gentle eyes of peace:
	And soar with them above a common bound.
	And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe,
	And so I am: then crushing penury
	And so I chide the means that keeps me from it;
	And so I say, I'll cut the causes off,
And some look'd black, and tha
	And some will mourn in ashes, some coal-black,
And sorts a sad look to her lady's sorrow,
	And so shall you, being beaten: do but start
	And spies a far-off shore where he would tread,
	And spur my dull revenge! What is a man,
	And stain the sun with fog, as sometime clouds
	And state of bodies would bewray what life
And still on him she gazed; and gazing still,
	And straight am nothing: but whate'er I be,
	And strays about to find 'em.
	And such a daughter,
And suck'd the honey which thy chaste bee kept.
	And suits well for a servant with my fortunes:
	And swell so much the higher by their ebb.
	And ta'en, I fear.
	And take the great-grown traitor unawares:
And talk'd of virtue: O unlook'd-for evil,
	And tapers burn so bright and every thing
And Tarquin's eye may read the mot afar,
	And tell me, then, have you 
	And tell me who is victor, York or Warwick?
	And tell them both the circumstance of all;
	And thank the holy conclave for their loves:
	And that he does I weep: myself am Naples,
	And that in Tarsus was not best
; and that is there which looks
	And that my master slew him.
	And that same dew, which sometime on the buds
	And that the lean abhorred monster keeps
	And that the spoil got on the Antiates
And that vnfaire which fairely doth excell:
	And that was all?
	And that would woo her. Upon this hint I spake:
	And that you will some good instruction give
	And the Athenian woman by his side:
	And the gods strengthen thee!
	and their Train]
	And their true sovereign, whom they must obey?
	And then a mind put in't, either our brags
And then believe me, my love is as fair
	And then, from hour to hour, we rot and rot;
	And then he drew a dial from his poke,
	and then stand upon security! The whoreson
	And then the power of Scotland and of York,
And then they drown their eyes or break their hearts.
	And then, they say, no spirit dares stir abroad;
And then with lank and lean discolour'd cheek,
	And thereby hangs a tale.' When I did hear
And therefore are they form'd as marble will;
	And therefore, Tranio, for the time I study,
	And therein do account myself well paid:
	And there is in this business more than nature
	And thereto add such reasons of your own
	And these our ships, you happily may think
	And they shall feel the vengeance of my wrath.
	And they that are most galled with my folly,
	And think no more of this night's accidents
	And this shall all be buried by my death,
And thither hied, a sad distemper'd guest,
	And thou by some incensed god sent hither
	And thou dismember'd with thine own defence.
	And, though thou think me poor, I am the man
	And thou no breath at all? Thou'lt come no more,
	And thy fair virtue's force perforce doth move me
	And thy sea-marge, sterile and rocky-hard,
	And time to speak it in: you rub the sore,
	And 'tis not done. The attempt and not the deed
	And, to be brief, my practise so prevail'd,
	And, to begin, wench,--so God help me, la!--
	And, to cut off all strife, here sit we down:
And, to enlighten thee, gave eyes to blindness,
	And to fulfil his prince' desire,
And tongues to be your being shall rehearse
	And, to remember what he does,
	And to the battle came he; where he did
	And to the Roman empire; promising
, and to thrill and shake
	And to your heirs for ever, common pleasures,
	And tricking for our fairies.
And turn'd it thus,' It cannot be, I find,
	And turns it to exile; there art thou happy:
And undeserved reproach to him allotted
 and unproperly
And useless barns the harvest of his wits;
	And use of service, none; contract, succession,
	And watch withal; for, but I be deceived,
	And we alive that lived? Fly, damned baseness,
	And well am like to do; for, I perceive,
	And we'll pray for you.
	And were brought moping hither.
	And we will all subscribe to thy advice:
	and what one thing, what another, that I shall
	And, when he's sick to death, let not that part of nature
	And when they bear me say 'It shall be so
	And when this arm of mine hath chastised
	And when you would say something that is sad,
	And wherefore call'd Marina?
	and, which is more, a householder, and, which is
	And who durst mine when Warwick bent his brow?
	And will create thee empress of Rome,
	And will not let belief take hold of him
	And will to-morrow midnight solemnly
	And wilt thou have a reason for this coil?
And wiped the brinish pearl from her bright eyes,
	And witch sweet ladies with my words and looks.
	And with a sudden reinforcement struck
	And with satiety seeks to quench his thirst.
	And with the brands fire the traitors' houses.
	And with their faint reply this answer join;
	And with those hands, that grasp'd the heaviest club,
	And women too, but innocent and pure;
	And won by rareness such solemnity.
	And word it, prithee, piteously: hence, Mardian,
	And would afford my speechless vizard half.
	And would by combat make her good, so were I
	And would so, had it been a carbuncle
	And yet, between my soul's desire and me--
	And yet detested life not shrink thereat!
	And yet, good faith, I wish'd myself a man,
	And yet his trespass, in our common reason--
	And yet I must remember you, my lord,
	And yet seem cold, the time you may so hoodwink.
And you, but one, can every shadow lend.
	And you degenerate, you ingrate revolts,
	And you did swear that oath at Doncaster,
	And you have slander'd nature in my form,
And you in every blessed shape we know.
And you in Grecian tires are painted new:
	And you in love shall not deny me this.
	And you, Prince Dauphin, with all swift dispatch,
	And you were sworn true subjects unto me:
	An echo with the clamour of thy drum,
	An esperance so obstinately strong,
	An habitation giddy and unsure
	an honourable gentleman.
	An hour by his dial. O noble fool!
	An idiot holds his bauble for a god
an lick their fingers.
"an of expectation,
ANOTHER	Do, good my lord, lest all the land do rue it.
	Answer I must and shall do with my life.
	Answering the letter of the oracle,
	answer: my next is, 'Most fair Pyramus.' Heigh-ho!
ANTIGONUS	                  I told her so, my lord,
ANTIGONUS	La you now, you hear:
ANTIGONUS	That's enough.
ANTONIO	And most chirurgeonly.
ANTONIO	And stand indebted, over and above,
	Antonio, gratify this gentleman,
ANTONIO	Hear me yet, good Shylock.
ANTONIO	He'ld sow't with nettle-seed.
ANTONIO	I am more serious than my custom: you
ANTONIO	I'll teach you how to flow.
ANTONIO	I pray thee, hear me speak.
ANTONIO	Let him alone:
ANTONIO	The duke cannot deny the course of law:
ANTONIO	The latter end of his commonwealth forgets the
ANTONIO	Thus, sir:
ANTONIO	To-day, my lord; and for three months before,
ANTONIO	To the Elephant.
ANTONIO	Very foul.
ANTONY	And thither will I straight to visit him:
ANTONY	Belike they had some notice of the people,
ANTONY	Hear me with patience.
ANTONY	Here is the will, and under Caesar's seal.
ANTONY	Moreover, he hath left you all his walks,
ANTONY	Now let it work. Mischief, thou art afoot,
ANTONY	Where is he?
ANTONY	Why, friends, you go to do you know not what:
ANTONY	Yet hear me, countrymen; yet hear me speak.
	Any annoyance in that precious sense!
	any convenience, an he were double and double a
	any in Italy, and as soon moved to be moody, and as
	A pack of blessings lights up upon thy back;
	A pair of bleeding-hearts; thereon engrave
	A peevish self-will'd harlotry it is.
	A post from Wales loaden with heavy news;
	apparent shame?
	appear foul! takes virtuous copies to be wicked,
	Approach, rich Ceres, her to entertain.
	Approach the fold and cull the infected forth,
	Approach thou like the rugged Russian bear,
A pretty while these pretty creatures stand,
	A punishment or trial? Yes; no wonder,
	a puppet of her.
	A rage whose heat hath this condition,
	A ranker rate, should it be sold in fee.
ARCHBISHOP OF YORK	Good madam, be not angry with the child.
ARCHBISHOP OF YORK	Here comes a messenger. What news?
ARCHBISHOP OF YORK	That he should draw his several strengths together
ARCHBISHOP OF YORK	Why, madam, so, no doubt, he is.
Are balls of quenchless fire to burn thy city.
	Are brought your eyes; what need speak I?
	Are clamorous groans, which strike upon my heart,
	Are in three heads: one power against the French,
	Are like the Trojan horse was stuff'd within
	Are master of the feast: Cadwal and I
	Are not inherited. Then, dear countryman,
	Are number'd in the travel of one mile?
	Are rid like madmen through the gates of Rome.
	Are still together, who twin, as 'twere, in love
	Are stored with corn to make your needy bread,
	Are suitors to you.
	Are we come hither: since that thy sight,
Are windows to my breast, where-through the sun
	are wise and full of gibes and vlouting-stocks, and
ARIEL	[Aside to PROSPERO]  Sir, all this service
ARIEL	[Aside to PROSPERO]          Was't well done?
ARIEL	   Before you can say 'come' and 'go,'
ARIEL	Well, I conceive.
	armour on my back, under the correction of bragging
	Arms, take your last embrace! and, lips, O you
	A Roman and a British ensign wave
ARTHUR	Alas, I then have chid away my friend!
ARTHUR	Hubert, the utterance of a brace of tongues
ARTHUR	Is there no remedy?
ARTHUR	O heaven, that there were but a mote in yours,
ARTHUR	O, this will make my mother die with grief!
ARTHUR	The wall is high, and yet will I leap down:
Art left the prey of every vulgar thief.
	art not thou horrible afeard? thou being
'Art thou ashamed to kiss? then wink again,
ARVIRAGUS	The bird is dead
	As able to perform't; his mind and place
	A saint-like sorrow: no fault could you make,
	As all think, for this business.
	As Anna to the queen of Carthage was,
As an unperfect actor on the stage
As any mother's child, though not so bright
	As black and white, my eye will scarcely see it.
	As bright as is the eagle's, lightens forth
	Ascend her chamber, hence and comfort her:
	as Claudio's, to cross this in the smallest.
	As cloudy men use to their adversaries,
	as crest-fallen as a dried pear. I never prospered
	A scullion!
	As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven
	As dear be to thee as thy father was.
	As deep as to the lungs? who does me this?
	As doth a raven on a sick-fall'n beast,
	As doth the blushing discontented sun
	As far as to the sepulchre of Christ,
	As far as toucheth my particular,
	As fearfully as doth a galled rock
	As fear may teach us out of late examples
	As fears and reasons? fie, for godly shame!
	As full of grief as age; wretched in both!
	As give a crutch to the dead: but our count-cardinal
	As good to die and go, as die and stay.
	As great as is thy master, greater, for
	A shallow plash to plunge him in the deep
	As he could make me with this eye or ear
	As he cried 'Thus let be': to as much end
	As he is subtle, and as prone to mischief
	As here at home, suggests the king our master
	As he to me: would he have stolen away
	As himself pleased; and they were ratified
	As howling after music.
As I, ere this, was pure to Collatine.
As if from thence they borrow'd all their shine.
	As if I had received them for the hire
	As, if it can, I will presume in you--
	As if those organs had deceptious functions,
As if with grief or travail he had fainted,
	A sight to vex the father's soul withal.
	As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee:
	As I have said you did.
As I, not for myself, but for thee will;
	As is the night before some festival
	As justice, verity, temperance, stableness,
	As kill a man, or else devise his death,
	A slave without a knock.
	As little as a crow, or less, ere left
	As loud as thine rattle the welkin's ear
	a smack o' the contrary. If ever thou be'st bound
	As many arrows, loosed several ways,
	As many fresh streams meet in one salt sea;
	As many lines close in the dial's centre;
	As may compact it more. Get you 
A smile recures the wounding of a frown;
	As modest stillness and humility:
	As my good nurse Lychorida hath oft
	As my soul prompts it. Spirit, fine spirit! I'll free thee
	As my thoughts aim not at. Cassio's my worthy friend--
	As my true service shall deserve your love.
	As offer'd mercy is. What was the last
	As one that are best acquainted with her humour.
	a spaniel. Come your ways.
	As poisonous of your honour: no; our suit
assenger in summer's heat
	As shall be proved upon you?
	As shore of rock. Attend. This holy fox,
	As, sick and blunted with community,
	assistant or go-between parted from me: I say I
	Assist me, Tranio, for I know thou wilt.
	As soldiers can. Be cheerful; wipe thine eyes
	As stooping to relieve him: I not doubt
	Assume a virtue, if you have i
	A stanchless avarice that, were I king,
As tender nurse her babe from faring ill.
	As the main point of this our after-meeting,
	as they buy hob-nails, by the hundreds.
	As they have often given. Here is Ulysses;
As those gold candles fix'd in heaven's air:
	as thou hast done, and then say it was in fight!
	As thou'lt desire; and then myself, I chiefly,
	As thou shalt think on prating whilst thou livest!
	A strong faith to conceal it.
	As twenty seas, if all their sand were pearl,
	As two yoke-devils sworn to either's purpose,
	As water is in water.
	As waters to the sucking of a gulf.
	As we have, such. This gallant which thou seest
	As well we know your tenderness of heart
	As were a war in expectation.
	As what I think might be, but what I know
	As when his virtues shining upon others
	As when thou grew'st thyself.
	As who should say 'Old lad, I am thine own.'
	As willingly as one would kill a fly,
	As will to greatness dedicate themselves,
As winter meads when sun doth melt their snow.
	As yonder Venus in her glimmering sphere.
	At ample point all that I did possess,
	At each his needless heavings, such as you
ath incurred the everlasting
	A thing divine, for nothing natural
	At his house this night.
	A thousand businesses are brief in hand,
a'Tis so. And the tears of it are wet.
	at me; for it was so dark, Hal, that thou couldst
	at Milford-Haven: what your own love will out of
	A tower'd citadel, a pendent rock,
	At point a hundred knights: yes, that, on every dream,
	At point to sink for food. But what is this?
- Attempt to initialize the CRT more than once.
- Attempt to use MSIL code from this assembly during native code initialization
	attended, TAMORA, DEMETRIUS, CHIRON and AARON; from
	Attend his majesty!
	at the next turning of all, on your left; marry, at
	At the sixth hour of morn, at noon, at midnight,
	A twist of rotten silk, never admitting
	at your command; I will run.
AUDREY	I am not a slut, though I thank the gods I am foul.
AUDREY	Well, the gods give us joy!
AUFIDIUS	Ay, Marcius, Caius Marcius: dost thou think
AUFIDIUS	                  Ay, traitor, Marcius!
AUFIDIUS	Name not the god, thou boy of tears!
AUFIDIUS	Read it not, noble lords;
AUFIDIUS	Why, noble lords,
	Augurs and understood relations have
	AUSTRIA'S head]
AUTOLYCUS	If I had a mind to be honest, I see Fortune would
AUTOLYCUS	I will trust you. Walk before toward the sea-side;
	A valiant son-in-law thou shalt enjoy;
	A vapour sometime like a bear or lion,
	A vessel under sail, so men obey'd
	A villain to attempt it, who having drawn to do't,
	A visor for a visor! what care I
aV to your tears,
	Awake the god of day; and, at his warning,
	away as nimbly, with as quick dexterity, and roared
	Away, good Ned. Falstaff sweats to death,
	Away, thou rag, thou quantity, thou remnant;
	Away with that audacious lady! Antigonus,
	A woman lost among ye, laugh'd at, scorn'd?
	A woman of less place might ask by law:
	a-wooing, 'Priami,' is my man Tranio, 'regia,'
	A worthy fool! Motley's the only wear.
bad allocation
bad cast
bad exception
BALTHASAR	As I did sleep under this yew-tree here,
BALTHASAR	Full half an hour.
BALTHASAR	Here's one, a friend, and one that knows you well.
BALTHASAR	I dare not, sir
BALTHASAR	It doth so, holy sir; and there's my master,
	bannerets about thee did manifoldly dissuade me from
BAPTISTA	Good morrow, neighbour Gremio.
BAPTISTA	I have a daughter, sir, called Katharina.
BAPTISTA	Was ever gentleman thus grieved as I?
BARDOLPH	Out, alas, sir! cozenage, mere cozenage!
BARDOLPH	Pardon me, sir; I have heard the word. Phrase call
BARDOLPH	Run away with the cozeners; for so soon as I came
Bare and unpeopled in this fearful flood.
	bare friendship, without security. Here's three
	Base and unlustrous as the smoky light
 Base Class Array'
 Base Class Descriptor at (
	basin and ewer to-night. Flaminius, honest
BASSANIO	Dear sir, of force I must attempt you further:
BASSANIO	Most worthy gentleman, I and my friend
BASSANIO	Since I have your good leave to go away,
BASSANIO	There's more depends on this than on the value.
BASSANIO	This ring, good sir, alas, it is a trifle!
BASSIANUS	And you of yours, my lord! I say no more,
BASSIANUS	My lord, what I have done, as best I may,
BASSIANUS	Rape, call you it, my lord, to seize my own,
BASTARD	And thou shalt find it, Dauphin, do not doubt.
BASTARD	Bell, book, and candle shall not drive me back,
BASTARD	Indeed your drums, being beaten, will cry out;
BASTARD	                  My lord, I rescued her;
BASTARD	No, I will speak.
BASTARD	Now, by my life, this day grows wondrous hot;
	bate thee a scruple.
Bawd	Boult, take her aw
Bawd	How now! what's the matter?
Bawd	Marry, hang her up for ever!
Bawd	O abominable!
	Baying him at the heels: never fear that.
bb treasons make me wish myself a beggar,
	bear crosses. Fare you well: commend me to my
	beard is turned white with the news: you may buy
	Bearing a Tartar's painted bow of lath,
Bearing away the wound that nothing healeth,
	bearing her in his arms]
	bearing my port, 'celsa senis,' that we might
Bearing thy heart, which I will keep so chary
	Bear the great sway of his affairs with reasons,
	Be as thou wast wont to be;
	beaten myself into all the colours of the rainbow;
	beaten way of friendship, what make you at Elsinore?
BEATRICE	I would not deny you; but, by this good day, I yield
BEATRICE	No, truly, but in friendly recompense.
BEATRICE	Will you go hear this news, signior?
Beauties effect with beauty were bereft,
Beauty ore-snow'd and barenes euery where,
Beauty within itself should not be wasted:
Be bold to play, our sport is not in sight:
	Be but to sleep and feed? a beast, no more.
Because Adonis' heart hath made mine hard.'
	because it hath no bottom; and I will sing it in the
	Because sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste.
	Because thou see'st me dote upon my love.
	Because we thought ourself thy lawful king:
	Because your speech hath none that tells him so?
	Become a deluge, overflow'd and drown'd;
	Be cross'd with slowness; labour be his meed!
	Been all the worth of's car. Away to Britain
	been cozened and beaten too. If it should come to
	Been struck so to the soul that presently
	Before and in Corioli, let me say,
	Before he was what thou wouldst have him be!
	begot, bastard instructed, bastard in mind, bastard
	Beg pardon of the prince, and call thee back
	beguiled Master Slender of his chain cozened him of
	beguile the old pantaloon.
	Be held by you denials. Do not bid me
	Behold, I choose thee, Tamora, for my bride,
	Being but heavy, I will bear the light.
	Being free itself, it thinks all others so.
  Being had, to triumph, being lack'd, to hope.
	Being lass-lorn: thy pole-clipt vineyard;
	being made,
	Being o'er shoes in blood, plunge in the deep,
	being, whereby a' may be thought to be accommodated;
	Being with his presence glutted, gorged and full.
	Be it our wives, our children, or ourselves,
	be it spoken. I should quickly leap into a wife.
	be, I will marry thee, and to that end I have been
	Be jolly, lords.
BELARIUS	                  Look, here he comes,
BELARIUS	O melancholy!
BELARIUS	[To GUIDERIUS and ARVIRAGUS]  Though you did love
BELARIUS	You, Polydote, have proved best woodman and
	Believe her lips in opening it. Proceed.
	believing thee a vessel of too great a burthen. I
	belongs to reason; and canst use the time well, if
	be looked against. Now, could I could come to her
	Be more myself.
BENEDICK	A miracle! here's our own hands against our hearts.
BENEDICK	Come, come, we are friends: let's have a dance ere
BENEDICK	First, of my word; therefore play, music. Prince,
BENEDICK	I'll tell thee what, prince; a college of
BENEDICK	I will live in thy heart, die in thy lap, and be
BENEDICK	Peace! I will stop your mouth.
BENEDICK	Think not on him till to-morrow:
BENVOLIO	Am I like such a fellow?
BENVOLIO	And what to?
BENVOLIO	Come, knock and enter; and no sooner in,
BENVOLIO	I pray thee, good Mercutio, let's retire:
BENVOLIO	Stop there, stop there.
BENVOLIO	Thou wouldst else have made thy tale large.
BENVOLIO	Two, two; a shirt and a smock.
	be patient; there is no fettering of authority.
	Be practised well to this, or they'll ne'er do't.
	Be quiet then as men should be,
	Be rein'd again to temperance; then he speaks
BERNARDO	I have seen nothing.
BERNARDO	It was about to speak, when the cock crew.
BERNARDO	Last night of all,
BERNARDO	Sit down awhile;
BERNARDO	Welcome, Horatio: welcome, good Marcellus.
BERNARDO	Well, good night.
	be ruled by him.
Besides, his soul's fair temple is defaced;
Besides, of weariness he did complain him,
	Best draw my sword: and if mine enemy
	Bestial oblivion, or some 
	Be strew'd before your feet!
	be sworn: for my own part, I came in late. What
	Be taken from the people.
	be this morning executed, and his head born to Angelo.
	Between my conscience and my cousin's death.
	Between the child and parent.
	Between the king and Katharine?
	Betwixt two charming words, comes in my father
	beware instinct; the lion will not touch the true
	Beweep this cause again, I'll pluck ye out,
	Be what they will, I heartily forgive 'em:
	Be wisely definite; nor i' the appetite;
	beyond Eton, they threw me off from behind one of
 Bianca comes.
BIANCA	Construe them.
BIANCA	I must believe my master; else, I promise you,
BIANCA	In time I may believe, yet I mistrust.
BIANCA	Let's hear. O fie! the treble jars.
BIANCA	Now let me see if I can construe it: 'Hic ibat
BIANCA	Where left we last?
	Bid him suppose some good necessity
	Bids thee leave these, and with her sovereign grace,
	big enough for him otherwise he might put on a hat,
BIGOT	To-morrow morning let us meet him then.
BIONDELLO	She says you have some goodly jest in hand:
BIONDELLO	Sir, my mistress sends you word
BIRON	A lemon.
BIRON	I am a fool, and full of poverty.
BIRON	                  I cannot give you less.
BIRON	Nay then, two treys, and if you grow so nicev6
BIRON	Nothing but peace and gentle visitation.
BIRON	O, I am yours, and all that I possess!
BIRON	Tell her, we measure them by weary steps.
BIRON	This cannot be Hector.
BIRON	Thus pour the stars down plagues for perjury.
BIRON	We number nothing that we spend for you:
BIRON	Where? when? what vizard? why demand you this?
BIRON	White-handed mistress, one sweet word with thee.
BIRON	Yet I have a trick
	black beard will turn 
	blackberries, I would give no man a reason upon
  Blessed are you, whose worthiness gives scope,
Boatswain	If I did think, sir, I were well awake,
Boatswain	The best news is, that we have safely found
	Both day and night did we keep company.
	Both field and city ours, he never stood
	Both fill'd and running, ravening first the lamb
	Both for your honour better and your cause;
Both Tribunes	Well, say. Peace, ho!
BOTTOM	[Awaking]  When my cue comes, call me, and I will
BOTTOM	I see their knavery: this is to make an ass of me;
BOTTOM	Methinks, mistress, you should have little reason
BOTTOM	Not so, neither: but if I had wit enough to get out
BOTTOM	[Sings]
BOTTOM	What do you see? you see an asshead of your own, do
BOULT	How's this? We must take another course with you.
BOULT	I beseech your honour, one piece for me.
BOULT	I must have your maidenhead taken off, or the common
BOULT	She makes our profession as it were to stink afore
BOULT	The nobleman would have dealt with her like a
BOULT	Worse and worse, mistress; she has here spoken holy
	bountiful gentleman: but thou art wise; and thou
	Bounty, perseverance, mercy, lowliness,
	bounty's foe;
	bounty to sing happiness to him. I will tell you a
	Bourn, bound of land, tilth, vineyard, none;
BOYET	If to come hither you have measured miles,
BOYET	No; he is best endued in the small.
BOYET	Nothing but peace and gentle visitation.
BOYET	She hears herself.
BOYET	She says, you have it, and you may be gone.
BOYET	They say, that they have measured many a mile
BOYET	What would you with the princess?
BRABANTIO	a senator.
BRABANTIO	I pray you, hear her speak:
	Brags of his substance, not of ornament:
	Braved in mine own house with a skein of thread?
	Brave warriors, march amain towards Coventry.
	breakfast in the cheapest country under the cope,
	Breaking his oath and resolution like
	Bred his hopes out of.
	Brentford: but that my admirable dexterity of wit,
	Bring in thy ranks, but leave without thy rage:
	Bring me just notice of the numbers dead
	Brought me to Mytilene. But, good sir,
	Bruise me with scorn, confound me with a flout;
BRUTUS	And when such time they have begun to cry,
BRUTUS	Go about it.
BRUTUS	How accompanied?
BRUTUS	In this point charge him home, that he affects
BRUTUS	Mark you that?
BRUTUS	Which the ra.
BRUTUS	You see how he intends to use the peopl
BUCKINGHAM	If you refuse it,--as, in love and zeal,
BUCKINGHAM	Pray, give me favour, sir. This cunning cardinal
BUCKINGHAM	Refuse not, mighty lord, this proffer'd love.
BUCKINGHAM	To the king I'll say't; and make my vouch as strong
	Build his statue to make him glorious:
BULLCALF	A whoreson cold, sir, a cough, sir, which I caught
	bull-calf. What a slave art thou, to hack thy sword
bUnchanting story
	bunches of keys at their girdles; and if a man is
	buried in thy eyes; and moreover I will go with
	business is performed, and remain, as he says, your
	but a kind of hard conscience, to offer to counsel
	But an unkind self, that itself will leave,
	But as a thing of custom: 'tis no other;
	But, as I say, such as become a soldier,
But as the earth doth weep, the sun being set,
	But as the fierce vexation of a dream.
But at my mistress' eye Love's brand new-fired,
But blessed bankrupt, that by love so thriveth!
	But cardinal sins and hollow hearts I fear ye:
	But certainly a maid.
But chide rough winter that the flower hath kill'd:
But day by night and night by day oprest.
	But dead they are, and devilish slave, by thee.
But durst not ask of her audaciously
	But every man betake him to his legs.
	But fear the sword like me, he'll scarcely look on't.
	But first I'll do my errand. The good queen,
	But first I will release the fairy queen.
  But flowers distil'd though they with winter meete,
	But for the concord of my state and time
	But for thee, fellow; fellow, thy words are madness:
  But found no cure: the bath for my help lies
	But go at once.
	But hast thou yet latch'd the Athenian's eyes
But having no defects, why dost abhor me?
But her foresight could not forestall their will.
But hers, which through the crystal tears gave light,
	But his occasion might have woo'd me first;
	But, host, doth this Sir Proteus that we talk on
	But I am pigeon-liver'd and lack gall
	But if black sca
	But if I tell how these two did co-act,
	But, if we live, we'll be as sharp with you.
	But I might master it: in faith, I lie;
	But is a-weary of thy common sight,
	but I will maintain the word with my sword to be a
	But kill not all together.
	But let it rest. Now, Licio, to you:
	But let the laws of Rome determine all;
	But let them measure us by what they will;
	But like a drunkard must I vomit them.
	But, like a misbehaved and sullen wench,
But like still-pining Tantalus he sits,
	But, look, the morn, in russet mantle clad,
	But look thou stay not till the watch be set,
But love, for love, thus shall excuse my jade;
	But mine shall be a comfort to your age.
	But more of that anon. Take him aside.
	But must be look'd to speedily and strongly.
	But my true love is grown to such excess
But no perfection is so absolute,
	But not one follower.
	But, not to be a troubler of your peace,
	But on m
	But on, my liege; for very little pains
	But pardon me; I do not in position
	But penetrable to your. kind entreats,
	But rather drowzed and hung their eyelids down,
	But rather lose her to an African;
But robb'd and ransack'd by injurious theft:
	But Romeo's name speaks heavenly eloquence.
	But say, again; how many saw the child?
	But see, while idly I stood looking on,
	But she'll not stumble.
	But, since I am a dog, beware my fangs:
	But sorrow flouted at is double death.
But such a face should bear a wicked mind.
	But such as I, without your special pardon,
But Tarquin's shape came in her mind the while,
	But tell the traitor, in the high'st degree
	But that defences, musters, preparations,
	But that her flight prevented it, she had
	But that I cannot do ten thousand more.
	But that my resolution helps me. Milford,
	but the wood, no assembly but horn-beasts. But what
	But think her bond of chastity quite crack'd,
	But this our purpose now is twelve month old,
	But thJ
But thou art twice forsworn, to me love swearing,
	But thou, 'gainst all proportion, didst bring*v
	But, though I loved you well, I woo'd you not;
	But thou slew'st Tybalt; there are thou happy too:
But thou, to whom my jewels trifles are,
	But tidings to the contrary
	But to relieve them of their heavy load;
But torment that it cannot cure his pain.
	But to torment you with my bitter tongue!
	But we will plant some other in the throne,
	But what said Lady Bona to my marriage?
But when in thee time's furrows I behold,
	But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
	But where they mean to sink ye. All good people,
	But who comes here?
	But who is substituted 'gainst the French,
But why of two oaths' breach do I accuse thee,
	But yesternight: when all athwart there came
  But you like none, none you, for constant heart.
	By all of us, and the fair soul herself
	By all the duties that I owe to Rome,
	By a vain, giddy, shallow, humorous youth,
	By Caius Marcius Coriolanus, whom
	By decimation, and a tithed death--
	By hers and mine adultery. He, true knight,
	By inches waste you: in which time she purposed,
	By magot-pies and choughs and rooks brought forth
By new unfolding his imprison'd pride.
	By that same god, what god soe'er it be,
By that sweet ornament which truth doth give!
	By thee to us, and he shall be interr'd
	By their own fear or sloth.
	By this white glove;--how white the hand, God knows!--
	By virtue specially to be achieved.
	By watching, weeping, tendance, kissing, to
	By wounding his belief in her renown
	Caesar hath hang'd him. Canidius and the rest
CAIUS LUCIUS	Sir, the event
CAIUS LUCIUS	Your hand, my lord.
	call. Bully knight! bully Sir John! speak from
	Call'd Katharina, fair and virtuous?
Call'd to that audit by advised respects;
	'Call me not fool till heaven hath sent me fortune:'
	Call this a lightning? O my love! my wife!
	came in foot and hand; and with a thought seven of
	Came to my tent, and cried on victory:
Came tripping by; but in her maiden hand
	Can any face of brass hold longer out?
Can bring him to his sweet up-locked treasure,
Can comprehend in still imagination!
Can curb his heat or rein his rash desire,
	can no more separate age and covetousness than a'
	Cannot be well bestow'd.
	Cannot make boast to have that which he hath,
	can part young limbs and lechery: but the gout
	can rhyme themselves into ladies' favours, they do
CANTERBURY	          Therefore doth heaven divide
	Capering to eye her: on a trice, so please you,
Captain	Edmund is dead, my lord.
Captain	God be wi' you, sir.
Captain	Yes, it is already garrison'd.
CAPULET	Go, be gone.
CAPULET	How canst thou try them so?
CAPULET	My sword, I say! Old Montague is come,
CAPULET	Well, he may chance to do some good on her:
CAPULET	What noise is this? Give me my long sword, ho!
	Cardinal Campeius is arrived, and lately;
CARDINAL CAMPEIUS	Your grace must needs deserve all strangers' loves,
CARDINAL CAMPEIUS	Your rage mistakes us.
	Cardinal of York, are join'd with me their servant
CARDINAL PANDULPH	Give me leave to speak.
CARDINAL WOLSEY	[Aside to GARDINER]  Give me your hand much joy and
CARDINAL WOLSEY	He tells you rightly.
CARDINAL WOLSEY	I know your majesty has always loved her
CARDINAL WOLSEY	Madam, this is a mere distraction;
CASSIO	I have well approved it, sir. I drunk!
CATESBY	Call them again, my lord, and accept their suit.
CATESBY	O, make them joyful, grant their lawful suit!
Cave-keeping evils that obscurely sleep:
Cch in his beard: be has no more
ce from men's hearts,
	certain: 'tis dangerous to take a cold, to sleep, to
	Cesario, you do not keep promise with me.
ces: Rome, the nurse of judgment,
	chain or no.
	challenge this glove, I have sworn to take him a box
	chamber: I'll be so bold as stay, sir, till she come
 chamber. Would there had been some
	chance to fall.
	changes when they are wives. I will be more jealous
	charge you withal, be even and direct with me,
CHARMIAN	To the monument!
	Charms this report out.
	cheese will do 't. There's my gauntlet; I'll prove
	child of her.
CHIRON	I blush to think upon this ignomy.
Chould, by his stealing in, disturb the feast?'
cilius' Servant	                  Welcome, good brother.
Circles her body in on every side,
Citizen	And you.
Citizen	He is, and feasts the nobles of the state
Citizen	This, here before you.
Claps her pale cheek, till clapping makes it red;
	CLARENCE, and soldiers]
CLARENCE	[Aside to GLOUCESTER]  I think he means to beg a
 Class Hierarchy Descriptor'
CLAUDIO	And I'll be sworn upon't that he loves her;
CLAUDIO	Bait the hook well; this fish will bite.
CLAUDIO	Faith, like enough.
CLAUDIO	I had well hoped thou wouldst have denied Beatrice,
CLAUDIO	Is this the monument of Leonato?
CLAUDIO	[Reading out of a scrol
	clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou
	Cleanse the foul body of the infected world,
CLEOMENES	Sir, you have done enough, and have perform'd
CLEON	The which when any shall not gratify,
CLEOPATRA	Help me, my women! O, he is more mad
CLEOPATRA	To the monument!
clessons as I please myself.
CLIFFORD	I would your hi
CLIFFORD	Why, that is spoken like a toward prince.
CLOTEN	Come, I'll go see this Italian: what I have lost
CLOTEN	Is it fit I went to look upon him? is there no
CLOTEN	Leonatus! a banished rascal; and he's another,
CLOTEN	Nay, come, let's go together.
CLOTEN	Not easily, I think.
CLOTEN	Receive it friendly; but from this time forth
CLOTEN	                  Soft! What are you
	Cloten, the son o' the queen. I fear some ambush.
CLOTEN	Thou art a robber,
CLOTEN	Thou precious varlet,
CLOTEN	Thou villain base,
CLOTEN	'Tis all the better;
CLOTEN	You'll go with us?
Clown	Comfort, good comfort! We must to the king and show
Clown	We are blest in this man, as I may say, even blest.
	coffer, chest, trunk, well, vault, but he hath an
	coil at home: it is proved my Lady Hero hath been
	Cold biting winter mars our hoped-for hay.
	Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide!
	Come, citizens: 'zounds! I'll entreat no more.
	come. I tell you for good vill: adieu.
	Come, I will have thee; but, by this light, I take
	Comes from my love. But I do see you're moved:
	Comes hunting this way to disport himself.
	Comes sneaking and so sucks her princely eggs,
	comest to thy father: if thou love me, practise an answer.
	Comes Warwick, backing of the Duke of York;
	Come to one mark; as many ways meet in one town;
	Come to the matter.
Coming from thee, I could not put him back,
COMINIUS	Our spoils he kick'd at,
	command, by heaven. Accommodated; that is, when a
	Commit me for committing honour, trust it,
	company to-night?
Comparing him to that unhappy guest
	complaint they have to the king concerns him
 Complete Object Locator'
	Complots of mischief, treason, villanies
	compulsion, I.
	conclusion. For thy part, Claudio, I did think to
	Confounds us. Hark! I laid their daggers ready;
Confound the ignorant, and amaze indeed
	Congreeing in a full and natural close,
	conscience, I should stay with the Jew my master,
	'Conscience,' say I, 'you counsel well;' ' Fiend,'
	Consisteth of all nations. Therefore, go:
Constable	O peace, Prince Dauphin!
	constable's wife any harm? I would know that of
	Constrains them weep and shake with fear and sorrow;
	Containing her affection unto Benedick.
	Contemn with mows the other; nor i' the judgment,
	contemplation, mark, and denotement of her parts and
	contented to be there, in respect of the love I bear
	content. Here is a letter will say somewhat. Good
	continue in his courses till thou knowest what they
	Continue where he is: to shift his being
	Controlling majesty: alack, alack, for woe,
	Convey your pleasures in a spacious plenty,
	cook. I speak to thee plain soldier: If thou canst
`copy constructor closure'
Copyright (c) 1992-2004 by P.J. Plauger, licensed by Dinkumware, Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
CORIOLANUS	Aufidius, and you Volsces, mark; for we'll
CORIOLANUS	Ay, as an ostler, that for the poorest piece
CORIOLANUS	Cut me to pieces, Volsces; men and lads,
CORIOLANUS	       Direct me, if it be your will,
CORIOLANUS	First, hear me speak.
CORIOLANUS	Hear'st thou, Mars?
CORIOLANUS	I am content.
CORIOLANUS	I beseech you, peace:
CORIOLANUS	I do beseech you,
CORIOLANUS	I do owe them still
	Coriolanus in Corioli?
CORIOLANUS	It is apart
CORIOLANUS	Measureless liar, thou hast made my heart
CORIOLANUS	Scratches with briers,
CORIOLANUS	Shall I be charged no further than this present?
CORIOLANUS	Thank you, sir: farewell.
CORIOLANUS	That's my brave boy!
CORIOLANUS	The god of soldiers,
CORIOLANUS	The noble sister of Publicola,
CORIOLANUS	To brag unto them, thus I did, and thus;
CORIOLANUS	Traitor! how now!
CORIOLANUS	Well, mildly be it then. Mildly!
CORIOLANUS	What is this?
CORIOLANUS	Which is his house, beseech you?
	Corioli like a planet: now all's his:
CORNELIUS	First, she confess'd she never loved you, only
CORNELIUS	More, sir, and worse. She did confess she had
CORNELIUS	Your daughter, whom she bore in hand to love
CORNWALL	Follow'd the old man forth: he ig
CORNWALL	Let us withdraw; 'twill be a storm.
	coronation-day, sir.
	Could best express how slow his soul sail'd on,
	could drive her then from the ward of her purity,
	Could out of thee extract one spark of evil
	Counsel me, Tranio, for I know thou canst;
	Counsel o' the war, but at his nurse's tears
	courted now with a double occasion, gold and a means
	Cousin, I am too young to be your father,
		Cousin, look not sad:
	Cousin of Buckingham, and you sage, grave men,
	cousin Westmoreland.
	coward on instinct. I shall think the better of
	coward, this bed-presser, this horseback-breaker,
	cozen-germans that has cozened all the hosts of
	Created only to calumniate.
	Creatures that by a rule in nature teach
CRESSIDA	Hard to seem won: but I was won, my lord,
CRESSIDA	        Let me go and try:
CRESSIDA	My lord, I do beseech you, pardon me;
CRESSIDA	Perchance, my lord, I show more craft than love;
CRESSIDA	Pray you, content you.
CRESSIDA	Sir, mine own company.
	crow-keeper: draw me a clothier's yard. Look,
	crown for a pitiful bald crown!
- CRT not initialized
	'cuckoo' never so?
	cudgelled, they would melt me out of my fat drop by
	Cunning in dumbness, from my weakness draws
	Cunning in music and the mathematics,
Cupid laid by his brand, and fell asleep:
 cup is
	Curtsy, sweet hearts; and so the measure ends.
	custom of exercises; and indeed it goes so heavily
	Cut me to pieces with thy keen conceit;
CYMBELINE	Again; and bring me word how 'tis with her.
CYMBELINE	                  How now, my flesh, my child!
CYMBELINE	I stand on fire:
CYMBELINE	Laud we the gods;
CYMBELINE	Leave not the worthy Lucius, good my lords,
CYMBELINE	Lucius hath wrote already to the emperor
CYMBELINE	My lords, you are appointed for that office;
CYMBELINE	My tears that fall
CYMBELINE	Nay, nay, to the purpose.
CYMBELINE	O most delicate fiend!
CYMBELINE	O, she was nought; and long of her it was
CYMBELINE	Our expectation that it would be thus
CYMBELINE	She alone knew this;
CYMBELINE	This hath some seeming.
D$ ;A<
	Dance in Duke Theseus' house triumphantly,
	dangerous action can peep out his head but I am
daou night and day
	Dare not relate.
	Darraign your battle, for they are at hand.
	daughter nor my sister; we are gone else. Sir, I
DAUPHIN	                  My most redoubted father,
d, both die, and both shall victors be.'
dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy
	deal justly with me: come, come; nay, speak.
, dear heart; for heaven shall hear our prayers;
	Death, lie thou there, by a dead man interr'd.
	Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath,
'	, deeper sin than bottomless conceit
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Delights to peep, to gaze therein on thee;
	Deliver'd to us; and for him forthwith,
	Deliver'd weeping.
	delivered me, the knave constable had set me i' the
	Delivering o'er to executors pale
	Deliver them up without their ransom straight,
DEMETRIUS	Advise thee, Aaron, what is to be done,
DEMETRIUS	Are you sure
DEMETRIUS	How many women saw this child of his?
DEMETRIUS	I had rather give his carcass to my hounds.
DEMETRIUS	O, why rebuke you him that loves you so?
DEMETRIUS	So should the murder'd look, and so should I,
DEMETRIUS	What mean'st thou, Aaron? wherefore didst thou this?
DEMETRIUS	Why, then, we are awake: let's follow him
	Depart again: here, here will I remain
deque<T> too long
	derogation in't?
	Descend, and open your uncharged ports:
	descend; my chambers are honourable: fie! privacy?
Describe Adonis, and the counterfeit
DESDEMONA	Why, then, to-morrow night; or Tuesday morn;
DESDEMONA	Why, this is not a boon;
	Desire his jewels and this other's house:
	Desires to be admitted to your presence.
	Desires your majesty to leave the field
	despair not.
	Destroy'd the sweet'st companion that e'er man
	Destroying them for wealth.
	Destruction on my head, if my bad blame
	Determined of; how I must climb her window8
	devil knew not what he did when he made man
	Devotion, patience, courage, fortitude,
	Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
	dial is now upon the prick of noon.
	Dian's bud o'er Cupid's flower
DICK	'Tis no such matter. Then you do not love me?
	Did break i' the rinsing.
	Did I expose myself, pure for his love,
	Did mock sad fools withal: this cannot be:
	Did not attend him as we rode? I think
	Did seek to murder me: and having woo'd
	Didst thou beat heaven with blessing Bolingbroke,
	Did to thy father, steep'd in Rutland's blood,--
	Die in the fall. But 'tis not so with me:
	die, that I might have thee hanged: thou hast
	dinner. I am glad to see you, by my troth, Master Shallow.
	directions in the true disciplines of the wars, look
	discovers it.
	Diseases have been sold dearer than physic,
	Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
	Dishonour'd thus, and challenged of wrongs?
	Dismiss my soldiers, or capitulate
	displeasure of the king, who had even tuned his
	disposed to be merry; I will laugh like a hyen, and
	Distinctly speak of her; though I may fear
	Distinguish him from others, he did keep
	Divide your happyv
	Do as I bid you. Where's this cup I call'd for?
	Do as the heavens have done, forget your evil;
	Do come with words as medicinal as true,
DOCTOR CAIUS	I cannot tell vat is dat: but it is tell-a me dat
DOCTOR CAIUS	Vere is mine host de Jarteer?
Doe in consent shake hands to torture me,
Do I del
	doing eternal: for doing I am past: as I will by
DOMAIN error
DOMITIUS ENOBARBUS	A certain queen to Caesar in a mattress.
DOMITIUS ENOBARBUS	No more of that: he did so.
DOMITIUS ENOBARBUS	You have done well by water.
	Do more than counterpoise a full third part
	Do not draw back your hand; I'll take no more;
DON PEDRO	How dost thou, Benedick, the married man?
DON PEDRO	Why, what effects of passion shows she?
	Do one pluck down another and together
	door, and CLEON at another]
	Dorset your son, that with a fearful soul
	Dost overshine the gallant'st dames of Rome,
	Doth dogged war bristle his angry crest
	Do their due functions. Have you ta'en of it?
	Doth very foolishly, although he smart,
	Doth with his lofty and shrill-sounding throat
	Do what you can, yours will not be entreated.
	down; I come to speak with her, indeed.
	down indirectly to the Jew's house.
	down, king!
	Down with the Capulets! down with the Montagues!
	Do you love me, master? no?
	do you, man? the music likes you not.
	Do you see this? Look on K
	Draw lots who shall begin.
	Draw nearer, honest Flaminius. Thy lord's a
	drawn my shoulder out of joint.
	Drew to defend him when he was beset:
	drink; but I tell you, my lord fool, out of this
	drop and liquor fishermen's boots with me; I warrant
Drunken Desire must vomit his receipt,
DUCHESS OF YORK	Good faith, good faith, the saying did not hold
DUCHESS OF YORK	His nurse! why, she was dead ere thou wert born.
DUCHESS OF YORK	How, my pretty York? I pray thee, let me hear it.
DUCHESS OF YORK	If so, then be not tongue-tied: go with me.
DUCHESS OF YORK	I hope he is; but yet let mothers doubt.
DUCHESS OF YORK	I pray thee, pretty York, who told thee this?
DUCHESS OF YORK	Why should calamity be full of words?
DUKE	Get thee gone, but do it.
DUKE	I am sorry that your leisure serves you not.
DUKE OF VENICE	I think this tale would win my daughter too.
DUKE OF YORK	Yet looks he like a king: behold, his eye,
DUKE ORSINO	Gracious Olivia,--
DUKE ORSINO	Here comes the countess: now heaven walks on earth.
DUKE ORSINO	When came he to this town?
DUKE SENIOR	Fie on thee! I can tell what thou wouldst do.
DUKE SENIOR	Thou shalt have one.
DUKE SENIOR	What fool is this?
DUKE	Sir, I entreat you home with me to dinner.
	DUKES of BERRI and BRETAGNE, the Constable, and others]
	duke's officer. Prove this, thou wicked Hannibal, or
DUKE VINCENTIO	By the vow of mine order I warrant you, if my
DUKE VINCENTIO	O, death's a great disguiser; and you may 
DUMAIN	A gilt nutmeg.
DUMAIN	Ay, and Hector's '1
DUMAIN	He's a god or a painter; for he makes faces.
DUMAIN	Let us confess and turn it to a jest.
DUMAIN	More calf, certain.
DUMAIN	No, cloven.
DUMAIN	That mint.
DUNCAN	My worthy Cawdor!
	During the life of this old majesty,
D$ Vq5
D$ VW3
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	Each buzz, each fancy, each complaint, dislike,
Each flower moisten'd like a melting eye;
	Each one, tripping on his toe,
	Each takes his fellow for an officer.
EARL OF WORCESTER	It pleased your majesty to turn your looks
EARL OF WORCESTER	Nay, if you have not, to it again;
EARL OF WORCESTER	Then once more to your Scottish prisoners.
EARL OF WORCESTER	True; who bears hard
	earth, seems to me a sterile promontory, this most
easure, yet a reasonable
	eaten to death with a rust than to be scoured to
EDGAR	As I stood here below, methought his eyes
EDGAR	Bear free and patient thoughts. But who comes here?
EDGAR	O thou side-piercing sight!
EDGAR	Sweet marjoram.
EDGAR	Very bootless.
	Edmund Mortimer, My lord of York and Owen Glendower?
e doth but counterfeit.
	Edward and York; then haply she will weep:
	Edward, kneel down.
Een had rounded
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ELBOW	First, an it like you, the house is a respected
ELBOW	Marry, I thank your good worship for it. What is't
ELBOW	Marry, I thank your worship for it. Thou seest, thou
ELBOW	O thou caitiff! O thou varlet! O thou wicked
ELBOW	Varlet, thou liest; thou liest, wicked varlet! the
ELINOR	Farewell, gentle cousin.
ellows fly;
	eloquence, nor I have no cunning in protestation;
	embattled against me. What say you to't, Sir John?
	[Embracing him]
	Encounter such revolt.
	End in one purpose, and be all well borne
	Endured of her, for whom you bid like sorrow.
	Enfeoff'd himself to popularity;
	Enforce him with his envy to the people,
	Enforce the present execution
english-south africa
english-trinidad y tobago
	'Enough, enough,' and die. That thing you speak of,
	[Enter a Captain]
	[Enter a Citizen]
	[Enter a Goth]
	[Enter a Groom of the Stable]
	[Enter a Lady]
	[Enter a Messenger]
	[Enter a Messenger, with two heads and a hand]
	[Enter an AEdile]
	[Enter a Nobleman]
	[Enter a Post]
	[Enter ARTHUR, on the walls]
	[Enter a second Servingman]
	[Enter a Servant]
	[Enter a Soldier of CAESAR's]
	[Enter at one door PERICLES talking with CLEON; all
	[Enter, at the other end of the churchyard, FRIAR
	[Enter Beadles, dragging in HOSTESS QUICKLY
	[Enter C
	[Enter CAPULET in his gown, and LADY CAPULET]
	[Enter CERES]
	[Enter CYMBELINE, Lords, PISANIO, and Attendants]
	[Enter DESDEMONA, IAGO, and Attendants]
	[Enter DON PEDRO, CLAUDIO, and three or four
	[Enter FENTON and Host]
	[Enter GOWER]
	[Enter GREMIO, LUCENTIO in the habit of a mean man;
	[Enter HAMLET]
	[Enter Host and SIMPLE]
	[Enter HOTSPUR, solus, reading a letter]
	[Enter IMOGEN, in boy's clothes]
	[Enter IRIS]
	[Enter JULIET]
	[Enter KING EDWARD IV and a Huntsman with him]
	[Enter KING JOHN, CARDINAL PANDULPH, and Attendants]
	[Enter KING LEAR, fantastically dressed with wild flowers]
	[Enter KING RICHARD and his attendants below]
	[Enter LUCILIUS, with three Strangers]
	[Enter MACBETH]
	[Enter MACMORRIS and Captain JAMY]
	[Enter MERCUTIO, BENVOLIO, Page, and Servants]
	[Enter NORTHUMBERLAND and others]
	[Enter Nurse and PETER]
	[Enter Nurse, with cords]
	[Enter OCTAVIUS CAESAR, reading a letter, LEPIDUS,
	[Enter Old GOBBO, with a basket]
	[Enter OLIVIA and Attendants]
	[Enter OLIVIA and MARIA]
	Enter on the walls, KING RICHARD II, the BISHOP OF
	[Enter OTHELLO]
	[Enter PRINCE, with Attendants]
	[Enter, several of both houses, who join the fray;
	enters the confines of a tavern claps me his sword
	[Enter URSULA]
	[Enter WARWICK, the Mayor of Coventry, two Messengers,
	Ere bloody hands were wash'd, with such a peace.
	Ere clean it o'erthrow nature, makes it valiant,
Ere he can see his own abomination.
	Ere the first sacrifice, within this hour
	ere you're ware: you'll be so true to him, to be
EROS	Ay, my lord,
EROS	Ay, noble lord.
EROS	It does, my lord.
ESCALUS	Are you of fourscore pounds a year?
ESCALUS	Hath she had any more than one husband?
ESCALUS	He's in the right. Constable, what say you to it?
ESCALUS	If he took you a box o' the ear, you might have your
ESCALUS	Nine! Come hither to me, Master Froth. Master
ESCALUS	So. What trade are you of, sir?
ESCALUS	Truly, officer, because he hath some offences in him
ESCALUS	Well, I do so.
ESCALUS	Where were you born, friend?
ESCALUS	Which is the wiser here? Justice or Iniquity? Is
ESCALUS	Why, no.
ESCALUS	Your mistress' name?
esses? Do thou work:
ess yourself to heaven;
ethinks, and lose my way
Even as the wind is hush'd before it raineth,
	Even as we are, to equal with the king.
	Even at my gates, with ranks of foreign powers:
	Even at the base of Pompey's statua,
	Even at the crying of your nation's crow,
	Even by the squandering glances of the fool.
Even by the stern and direful god of war,
	Even in a dream, were we divided from them
	Even in the presence of the crowned king.
Even in this thought through the dark night he stealeth,
	Even now forsake me, and of all my lands
	Even now I curse the day--and yet, I think,
	Even of your mettle, of your very blood;
	Even so. Poor men alone? No, no; the noblest deer
Even so the maid with swelling drops gan wet
	Even such a body: here I am Antony:
	Even then when we sit idly in the sun.
	Even to my full of view.
	Even to the disposition that I owe,
	Even when their sorrows almost were forgot;
	Ever to conquer, and to have his worth
	Every tithe soul, 'mongst many thousand dismes,
evil more damn'd
	Evils enow to darken all his goodness:
	exceedingly narrowly to thee.
	Exceeds man's might; that dwells with gods above.
	Exceed three days: in faith, he's penitent;
	excellent canopy, the air, look you, this brave
	Execute all things; for no kind of traffic
EXETER	It follows then the cat must stay at home:
EXETER	Soldier, you must come to the king.
	[Exeunt all but GLOUCESTER]
	[Exeunt all but MACBETH and LADY MACBETH]
	[Exeunt all but MENAS and ENOBARBUS]
	[Exeunt all but TITUS]
	[Exeunt all except HAMLET]
	[Exeunt BUCKINGHAM and Train]
	[Exeunt Chief-Justice and Servant]
	[Exeunt Citizens with the body]
	[Exeunt CLOTEN and First Lord]
	[Exeunt Duke and his train]
	[Exeunt Executioners]
	[Exeunt from above]
	[Exeunt Host and BARDOLPH]
	[Exeunt KING LEAR, KENT, and Attendants]
	[Exeunt LUCIUS and Lords]
	[Exeunt PARIS and MENELAUS]
	[Exeunt severally PRIAM and HECTOR. Alarums]
	[Exeunt Shepherd and Clown]
	[Exeunt some with KING HENRY VI]
	[Exit AEdile]
	[Exit an Attendant]
	[Exit BUCKINGHAM with the Citizens]
	[Exit Citizen]
	[Exit MARIA]
	[Exit MOTH]
	[Exit Second Servant]
	[Exit Servant]
	[Exit Servants]
	[Exit SNOUT]
	[Exit the BASTARD]
	[Exit, to the cave]
	express and admirable! in action how like an angel!
	Extremity out of act. What were thy friends?
	Eye well to you: your honour calls you hence;
F 1D$4j
faction of her knowledge only
	fairer face.
Fair fall the wit that can so well defend her!
Fair flowers that are not gather'd in their prime
	Fairness which strikes the eye--
	Fall and no more: and, to a
	falsely accused, the prince and Claudio mightily
	false to him: do not you know of him, but yet go
FALSTAFF	[Above]  How now, mine host!
FALSTAFF	Ay, marry, was it, mussel-shell: what would you with her?
FALSTAFF	Ay, sir; like who more bold.
FALSTAFF	Ay, that there was, mine host; one that hath taught
FALSTAFF	Began to give me ground: but I followed me close,
FALSTAFF	But, as the devil would have it, three misbegotten
FALSTAFF	By the Lord, I knew ye as well as he that made ye.
FALSTAFF	By the mass, lad, thou sayeFkdL
FALSTAFF	Come, I will go drink with you, but I cannot tarry
FALSTAFF	Come, thou shalt go to the wars in a gown; we wilt
FALSTAFF	Come up into my chamber.
FALSTAFF	Do so, for it is worth the listening to. These nine
FALSTAFF	Dost thou hear me, Hal?
FALSTAFF	Fie! this is hot weather, gentlemen. Have you
FALSTAFF	Good hearts, devise something: any extremity rather
FALSTAFF	Good Master Silence, it well befits you should be of
FALSTAFF	I am glad to see you well, good Master Robert
FALSTAFF	If I do, fillip me with a three-man beetle. A man
FALSTAFF	I grant ye, upon instinct. Well, he is there too,
FALSTAFF	I'll go out then.
FALSTAFF	In buckram?
FALSTAFF	I say you shall.
FALSTAFF	I spake with the old woman about it.
FALSTAFF	Is thy name Mouldy?
FALSTAFF	I would all the world might be cozened; for I have
FALSTAFF	Let me see them, I beseech you.
FALSTAFF	Marry, she says that the very same man that
FALSTAFF	Master Brook, I will first make bold with your
FALSTAFF	O' horseback, ye cuckoo; but afoot he will not budge a foot.
FALSTAFF	Owen, Owen, the same; and his son-in-law Mortimer,
FALSTAFF	Rebellion lay in his way, and he found it.
FALSTAFF	'Sblood, you starveling, you elf-skin, you dried
FALSTAFF	Seven, by these hilts, or I am a villain else.
FALSTAFF	Shall I? content: this chair shall be my state,
FALSTAFF	Sir, I know not how I may deserve to be your porter.
FALSTAFF	Speak, good Master Brook: I shall be glad to be
FALSTAFF	The devil take one party and his dam the other! and
FALSTAFF	Their points being broken,--
FALSTAFF	There was, mine host, an old fat woman even now with
FALSTAFF	'Tis the more time thou w
FALSTAFF	'Tis, 'tis his fortune.
FALSTAFF	To have her, or no. Go; say the woman told me so.
FALSTAFF	Want no Mistress Ford, Master Brook; you shall want
FALSTAFF	Well, an the fire of grace be not quite out of thee,
FALSTAFF	Well, that rascal hath good mettle in him; he will not run.
FALSTAFF	Well, thou wert be horribly chid tomorrow when thou
FALSTAFF	What are they? let us know.
FALSTAFF	What money is in my purse?
FALSTAFF	What tellest thou me of black and blue? I was
FALSTAFF	Will your lordship lend me a thousand pound to
FALSTAFF	You have hit it.
	Familiarly shall call thy Dorset brother;
	Fare thee well. Thou art a piece of virtue, and
	Farewell; be trusty, and I'll quit thy pains:
	Farewell; commend me to thy mistress.
	Fashion'd to Beatrice.
	favour to you;
	Fear you his tyrannous passion more, alas,
Feast-finding minstrels, tuning my defame,
	fed and gone. Will you come presently?
Feeble Desire, all recreant, poor, and meek,
	fellow of this temper, Kate, whose face is not worth
FERDINAND	A single thing, as I am now, that wonders
FERDINAND	                  I am best pleased with that.
FERDINAND	If you deny to dance, let's hold more chat.
FERDINAND	I think Hector was not so clean-timbered.
FERDINAND	I warrant you sir;
FERDINAND	More measure of this measure; be not nice.
FERDINAND	Most sure, the goddess
FERDINAND	My language! heavens!
FERDINAND	Prize you yourselves: what buys your company?
FERDINAND	Say to her, we have measured many miles
FERDINAND	                  That can never be.
FERDINAND	The ditty does remember my drown'd father.
FERDINAND	We are descried; they'll mock us now downright.
FERDINAND	Why take we hands, then?
FERDINAND	Yes, faith, and all his lords; the Duke of Milan
	fetch him hither; go.
	Few come within the compass of my curse,--
	fiend. 'Budge not,' says my conscience.
	fiend, who, saving your reverence, is the devil
	Fie, treacherous hue, that will betray with blushing
	Fie upon't! foh! About, my brain! I have heard
	Figures pedantical; these summer-flies
	Fillip the stars; then let the mutinous winds
	Fill me some wine.
	Finding it so inclined.
	Find little.
	Finely attired in a robe of white.
	fingers goes not with me.
First Beadle	The constables have delivered her over to me; and
First Citizen	Clubs, bills, and partisans! strike! beat them down!
First Citizen	Never, never. Come, away, away!
First Citizen	We'll burn the house of Brutus.
First Executioner	I am best pleased to be from such a deed.
First Gentleman	                  Good angels keep it from us!
First Gentleman	Let me have it;
First Gentleman	O, this is full of pity! Sir, it calls,
First Gentleman	'Tis the cardinal;
First Gentleman	Yes, but it held not:
	First hand me: on mine own accord I'll off;
	First hang the child, that he may see it sprawl;
First Lord	I'll attend your lordship.
First Lord	Is it not meant damnable in us, to be trumpeters of
First Lord	Now, God delay our rebellion! as we are ourselves,
First Lord	One of your lordship's pages.
First Lord	Peace, both, and hear me speak.
First Lord	That approaches apace; I would gladly have him see
First Lord	When you have spoken it, 'tis dead, and I am the
First Lord	You must not enter.
First Messenger	By this at Dunsmore, marching hitherward.
First Senator	All have not offended;
First Senator	Amen, amen.
First Senator	Call Coriolanus.
First Senator	He cannot but with measure fit the honours
First Senator 	Set but thy foot
First Senator	Speak, good Cominius:
First Servant	Yes, mine's three thousand crowns
First Servingman	Wine, wine, wine! What service
First Stranger	We know him for no less, though we are but strangers
	Five times redeem'd from death: I do not know
FLAMINIUS	His health is well sir.
FLAMINIUS	Is't possible the world should so much differ,
FLAMINIUS	I thank you, sir.
FLAMINIUS	May these add to the number that may scald thee!
	[FLAMINIUS waiting. Enter a Servant to him]
	Flaminius; you are very respectively welcome, sir.
	Flattering me with impossibilities.
FLAVIUS	I would I could not think it: that thought is
	fleshes his will in the spoil of her honour: he hath
- floating point support not loaded
	Florence, of a most chaste renown; and this night he
	[Flourish and march. Enter KING EDWARD IV, GLOUCESTER,
	[Flourish. Enter the FRENCH KING, the DAUPHIN, the
	[Flourish of cornets. Exeunt all but SICINIUS
	[Flourish. Re-enter, from one side, SATURNINUS
	flown, bird! i' the clout, i' the clout: hewgh!
FLUELLEN	All the water in Wye cannot wash your majesty's
FLUELLEN	By Jeshu, I am your majesty's countryman, I care not
FLUELLEN	Captain Jamy is a marvellous falourous gentleman,
FLUELLEN	He is a craven and a villain else, an't please your
	Flutter'd your Volscians in Corioli:
	Foh! one may smell in such a will most rank,
Fool	Nuncle Lear, nuncle Lear, tarry and take the fool
	for a hen! So, my good window of lattice, fare thee
For all my vows are oaths but to misuse thee
For all that beauty that doth cover thee
	for; and there is a kind of confession in your looks
	For an hour.
	Forbids to dwell upon: yet remember this,
For blunting the fine point of seldom pleasure.
	for breath to utter what is like thee! you
	For briers and thorns at their apparel snatch;
	For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone
	For certain drops of salt, your city Rome,
For Collatine's dear love be kept unspotted:
	For death, for fine, or banishment, then let them
FORD	I am blest in your acquaintance.7Fuyv
FORD	I will tell you, sir, if you will give me the hearing.
FORD	Nay I'll to him again in name of Brook
FORD	O good sir!
	For doing worthy vengeance on thyself,
FORD	Sir, I hear you are a scholar,--I will be brief
FORD	That will be excellent. I'll go and buy them vizards.
FORD	The children must
FORD	Want no money, Sir John; you shall want none.
	For England his approaches makes as fierce
'For even as subtle Sinon here is painted.
For every tear he falls a Trojan bleeds:
	For fear of that, I still will stay with thee;
For fleet-wing'd duty with thought's feathers flies.
	For further life in this world I ne'er hope,
	Forgive me that I do not dream on thee,
	Forgive the comment that my passion made
	For government, though high and low and lower,
For hauing traffike with thy selfe alone,
	For here lies Juliet, and her beauty makes
	For here's a paper written in his hand,
	for her favours, I could lay on like a butcher and
	for him. Cotus!
	For his divisions, as the times do brawl,
	For I am proverb'd with a grandsire phrase;
	For I am Welsh, you know, good countryman.
	For idiots in this case of favour would
	For if the trial of the law o'ertake ye,
For I have sworn deep oaths of thy deep kindness,
  For I have sworn thee fair; more perjured I,
	For I must talk of murders, rapes and massacres,
	for, indeed, who would set his wit to so foolish
	For, in my conscience, I was the first man
	For, in my mind, you are much bound to him.
	For in my way it lies. Stars, hide your fires;
	For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
	For in the fatness of these pursy times
	For in this rapture I shall surely speak
For it had been dishonour to disdain him:
	For it is, as the air, invulnerable,
	For I was born at sea.
	for I was come to the whole depth of my tale; and
	for I was told you were in a consumption.
For looks kill love and love by looks reviveth;
	For love, thou know'st, is full of jealousy.
	For making up this peace!' Thou know'st, great son,
	For many weary months.
	For many years thought dead, are now revived,
For mastering her that foil'd the god of fight!
For men have marble, women waxen, minds,
	for mercy and still run and roared, as ever I heard
	For mine own part, I could be well content
	For murder, though it have no to
	For, my good liege, she is so idly king'd,
	For my wounds' sake, to give their suffrage: please you
For neuer resting time leads Summer on,
	For night-owls shriek where mounting larks
	For not bestowing on him, at his asking,
For now against himself he sounds this doom,
	For now hath time made me his numbering clock:
	For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.
	For once the eagle England being in prey,
For one sweet grape who will the vine destroy?
For one sweet look thy help I would assure thee,
For on the grass she lies as she were slain,
	For our advantage on the bitter cross.
	For peace itself should not so dull a kingdom,
	For powers in Scotland; which, for divers reasons
	for running!
'For shame,' he cries, 'let go, 
For sharply he did think to reprehend her,
	For she is good, hath brought you forth a daughter;
For Sinon in his fire doth quake with cold,
	For speculation turns not to itself,
	for that: and yet, to say the truth, reason and
	For that good hand thou sent'st the emperor.
  For that same groan doth put this in my mind;
	For the commodity that strangers have
	For the deposing of a rightful king.
	for their sakes, more than the villanous inconstancy
	For the Lord's tokens on you do I see.
	For then my guiltless blood must cry against 'em.
	For then thou canst not pass to Mantua;
For there it revels; and when that decays,
	for this drivelling love is like a great natural,
	For this time will I take my leave, my lord.
	For those that were, it is not square to take
	For though it have holp madmen to their wits,
	For thou has lost thy princely privilege
	For thou, I fear, hast given me cause to curse,
For through the painter must you see his skill,
	Forthwith a power of English shall we levy;
	Forthwith for what you come. Where's Gardiner?
	For 'tis a sign of love; and love to Richard
  For truth proves thievish for a prize so dear.
	Fortune and I are friends: I do enjoy
	forward already? What a pagan rascal is this! an
	forward to-night.
	For we have nothing else to ask, but that
	For well I wot ye blaze to burn them out
	For when the king once heard it, out of anger
	For which I wait for money.
	For who lived king, but I could dig his grave?
	For whose dear sake thou wast but lately dead;
	For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
For why her face wore sorrow's livery;
	For why my bowels cannot hide her woes,
	For why, the senseless brands will sympathize
	For with a band of thirty thousand men
	For you a mortal mineral; which, being took,
	For you my staff of office did I break
	For your fair safety; so, I kiss your hand.
	For your own ladies and pale-visaged maids
	For youth is bought more oft than begg'd or borrow'd.
	for you: you have a new mistress.
	Foul disproportion thoughts unnatural.
	Foundations fly the wretched; such, I mean,
	four; and, with a word, out-faced you from your
	Four feasts are toward.
Fourth Citizen	Pluck down forms, windows, any thing.
	France, I am burn'd up with inflaming wrath;
FRANCISCO	Bernardo has my place.
FRANCISCO	Give you good night.
FRANCISCO	I think I hear them. Stand, ho! Who's there?
FRANCISCO	Not a mouse stirring.
	Fresher than e'er it was; and held for certain
f:= rg1
FRIAR LAURENCE	Bliss be upon you! Tell me, good my friend,
FRIAR LAURENCE	Come, come with me, and we will make short work;
FRIAR LAURENCE	Go with me to the vault.
FRIAR LAURENCE	How long hath he been there?
FRIAR LAURENCE	Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
FRIAR LAURENCE	Stay, then; I'll go alone. Fear comes upon me:
FRIAR LAURENCE	                  Who is it?
	friendly counsel: I will run, fiend; my heels are
	Friendly together: so through Lud's-town march:
	friend of mine come to town tells me there is three
	friends, and full of expectation; an excellent plot,
	friends true and constant: a good plot, good
	From forth this morsel of dead royalty,
	From France?
From hence your memory death cannot take,
	from Master Slender.
From me by strong assault it is bereft.
	From morn till night, out of his pavilion.
	From off the head of this Athenian swain;
	From others' labours; for though he strive
	From our blest altars. Publish we this peace
	From out the fiery portal of the east,
	From sincere motions, by intelligence,
	From sleeping Hermia? I'll believe as soon
	From south to west on wing soaring aloft,
	From strange to stranger. Say, how came you hither?
	From the corruption of abusing times,
	From this my hand, as holding of the pope
	from this place, do what they can: I will walk up
	From this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last!
From whence at pleasure thou mayst come and part;
From where thou art why should I haste me thence?
	From your good queen.
FROTH	Here in Vienna, sir.
	Froth, I would not have you acquainted with
FROTH	Yes, an't please you, sir.
fr; which, out of
Full gently now she takes him by the hand,
	furnish me forth?
+g3zMACBETH	The rest is labour, which is not used for you:
	Gallants, lads, boys, hearts of gold, all the titles
	galls the one, and the pox pinches the other; and
	game: ware horns, ho!
	'Gan in your duller Britain operate
	Gaoler, look to him.
	Gave Hector a gift,--
	Gave Hector a gift, the heir of Ilion;
	Gave me my being and my father first,
g but doth lend,
G? can befall thee,
	general course of action. 'Zounds, an I were now by
	gentleman of Athens, thy very bountiful good lord
	Gentleman, with a letter to PERICLES; PERICLES
	gentleman, you shall, if you will, enjoy Ford's wife.
	Get me a ladder.
	Get you gone, sirrah.
G	Fr++'
	[GHOST OF BANQUO vanishes]
	give her two.
	Give him that parting kiss which I had set
	Give life to yours.
	Give me a case to put my visage in:
'Give me my hand,' saith he, 'why dost thou feel it?'
'Give me my heart,' saith she, 'and thou shalt have it:
	Give me your gloves, I'll wear them for your sake;
	Give Mutius burial with our brethren.
	given her his monumental ring, and thinks himself
	Give signal to the fight, and to it, lords!
	Give the all-hail to thee and cry 'Be blest
	Give the word.
	Give you good night.
	[Giving the crown]
GLOUCESTER	Alas, why would you heap these cares on me?
GLOUCESTER	A poor unfortunate beggar.
GLOUCESTER	[Aside]  I hear, yet say not much, but think the more.
GLOUCESTER	[Aside to CLARENCE]  Ay, good leave have you; for
GLOUCESTER	[Aside to CLARENCE] God forbid that! for he'll
GLOUCESTER	[Aside to CLARENCE]  Nay, whip me then: he'll rather
GLOUCESTER	[Aside to CLARENCE]  You shall have four, if you'll
GLOUCESTER	Away betimes, before his forces join,
GLOUCESTER	Ay, Edward will use women honourably.
GLOUCESTER	By so much is the wonder in extremes.
GLOUCESTER	By such despair, I should accuse myself.
GLOUCESTER	Fairer than tongue can name thee, let me have
GLOUCESTER	I did not kill your husband.
GLOUCESTER	I do remember now: henceforth I'll bear
GLOUCESTER	I know that voice.
GLOUCESTER	Nay, he is dead; and slain by Edward's hand.
GLOUCESTER	Now, my Lord Hastings and Sir William Stanley,
GLOUCESTER	O, do not swear, my lord of Buckingham.
GLOUCESTER	Say that I slew them not?
GLOUCESTER	Would you enforce me to a world of care?
GOBBO	By God's sonties, 'twill be a hard way to hit. Can
GOBBO	Master young gentleman, I pray you, which is the way
GOBBO	Master young man, you, I pray you, which is the way
	Go before, nurse: commend me to thy lady;
	God and our good cause fight upon our side;
	God give you joy, sir, of your gallant bride!
	God pless it and preserve it, as long as it pleases
	God save you, gentlemen!
	God, so long as your majesty is an honest man.
	goes to them by his note: there is no hiding you in the house.
	Go, get thee to thy love, as was decreed,
GONERIL	Do you mark that, my lord?
GONERIL	Pray you, content. What, Oswald, ho!
GONERIL	Safer than trust too far:
GONERIL	So am I purposed.
GONERIL	Take you some company, and away to horse:
GONERIL	This man hath had good counsel:--a hundred knights!
GONERIL	'Tis his own blame; hath put himself from rest,
GONZALO	All things in common nature should produce
GONZALO	And were the king on't, what would I do?
GONZALO	Be it so! Amen!
GONZALO	Had I plantation of this isle, my lord,--
GONZALO	I' the commonwealth I would by contraries
GONZALO	It is foul weather in us all, good sir,
GONZALO	My lord Sebastian,
	Good Brabantio,
good faith, the saying did not hold
	Good ground, be pitiful and hurt me not!
	Good Helicane, that stay'd at home,
	good leg will fall; a straight back will stoop; a
	Good masters, take it not unkindly, pray,
	'Good morrow, fool,' quoth I. 'No, sir,' quoth he,
	Good night: but go not to mine uncle's bed;
	Good queen; I say good queen;
	go on the right hand: I will but look upon the
	Go pack with him, and give the mother gold,
^gor one death
	'Go tell false Edward, thy supposed king,
	Go, then my mother, to thy daughter go
	Go to the empress, tell her this I said.
GOWER	Here a' comes; and the Scots captain, Captain Jamy, with him.
GOWER	Here have you seen a mighty king
	Go with me, like good angels, to my end;
	gown above.
	graces: confess yourself freely to her; importune
 gracious: 'twill be much
	Grandam, this would have been a biting jest.
GRATIANO	In christening shalt thou have two god-fathers:
	grave of it.
	great an opposition.' Say you so, say you so? I say
great britain
	Greater than this.
GREMIO	                  Ay, and a kind one too:
GREMIO	Good morrow, neighbour Baptista.
GREMIO	You are too blunt: go to it orderly.
	Grew a companion to the common streets,
	Grew fat with feasting there.
Grieving themselves to guess at others' smarts,
Groom	Hail, royal prince!
	gross as a mountain, open, palpable. Why, thou
	grow to, he had a kind of taste; well, my conscience
GRUMIO	Face not me: thou hast braved many men; brave not
	Grumio gave order how it should be done.
GRUMIO	I gave him no order; I gave him the stuff.
GRUMIO	Marry, sir, with needle and thread.
GRUMIO	Thou hast faced many things.
G, take all, or
GUIDERIUS	He is but one: you and my brother search
GUIDERIUS	No, nor thy tailor, rascal,
GUIDERIUS	O sweetest, fairest lily!
GUIDERIUS	This is, sure, Fidele.
GUIDERIUS	To who? to thee? What art thou? Have not I
GUIDERIUS	What does he mean? since death of my dear'st mother
GUILDENSTERN	My lord, we were sent for.
GUILDENSTERN	What should we say, my lord?
Gusts and foul flaws to herdmen and to herds.
=H3>	}
H7	2ir
	had a feigned letter of my master's
	Had his great name profaned with their scorns
	Had I been judge, thou shouldst have had ten more,
	Had I brought hither a corrupted mind,
	Had it our name, the value of one ten,
	had losses, and one that hath two gowns and every
	Had not an ear to hear my true time broke.
Had not his clouded with his brow's repine;
	Had sent to me first, but for my mind's sake;
	Ha, ha! keep time: how sour sweet music is,
	half, for easing me of the carriage.
HAMLET	[Aside]  Nay, then, I have an eye of you.--If you
HAMLET	Beggar that I am, I am even poor in thanks; but I
HAMLET	I'll be with you straight go a little before.
HAMLET	I will tell you why; so shall my anticipation
HAMLET	O, throw away the worser part of it,
HAMLET	That you must teach me. But let me conjure you, by
HAMLET	To be, or not to be: that is the question:
HAMLET	Two thousand souls and twenty thousand ducats
HAMLET	Why, any thing, but to the purpose. You were sent
HAMLET	Why, then the Polack never will defend it.
	hand, give me your worship's good hand: by my
	hanging about the neck of my heart, says very wisely
	hangman shall execute it. Come your ways. We'll
	Hannibal! I respected with her before I was married
	Happiness courts thee in her best array;
	happiness, that remains loyal to his K
	happy hours are done and past, and his estate
	Hark! now I hear them,--Ding-dong, bell.
	Has done this, and 'tis well; for worthy Wolsey,
	Has forgot Britain.
	Has friendship such a faint and milky heart,
	haste before:
	hasten thy trial; which if--Lord have mercy on thee
HASTINGS	If he should do so,
HASTINGS	The Duke of Lancaster and Westmoreland;
HASTINGS	To us no more; nay, not so much, Lord Bardolph.
	Hast thou no mouth by land? What is the news?
	Hath after thee sent all thy treasure, with
	Hath been as dear as Helen; I mean, of ours:
	Hath blister'd her report: she is with child;
	Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty:
	Hath he that buildeth on the vulgar heart.
	Hath made us forward. But, my gentle queen,
	Hath such force and blessed power.
	Hath ta'en your part; to have so much to do
	hath them as huge as the rascal. Is the single man
	Hath thus stood for his country: therefore,
hat might have known my place: I see no sense for't,
	Have at thee, coward!
	have away thy cold; and I will take such order that
Have batter'd down her consecrated wall,
	have beaten thee, but in that thou art like to be my
	Have been as piercing as the mid-day sun,
	Have blown me full of maggot ostentation:
	have but four here, sir: and so, I pray you, go in
	Have by the very cunning of the scene
	Have by your wisdom been this day acquitted
	have her or no.
	Have I done since I went.
	Have laid most heavy hand.
	Have made the ground my bed. I should be sick,
	Have more than merited. All friends shall taste
	Have my old feet stumbled at graves! Who's there?
	have named uncertain; the time itself unsorted; and
	have no more gentlemen driven away. Come your ways, I say.
Have no perfection of my summer left,
	have now found thee; when I lose thee again, I care
	Have placed me in this sty, where, since I came,
	Have seal'd thy full desire.
	Have skipp'd from sixteen years of age to sixty,
	Have they been merry! which their keepers call
	Have turn'd mine eye and wept. But, good Pisanio,
	Have with my knife carved in Roman letters,
	Have you a working pulse? and are no fairy?
Having no other pleasure of his gain
	Heard, not regarded; seen, but with such eyes
	Hear from me, it shall be for thy good.
	hear me speak but this.
	Hear nought from Rome in private. Your request?
	hearts, what ado here is to bring you together!
	Heat them and they retort that heat again
	Heaven is above all yet; there sits a judge
	Heaven take my soul, and England keep my bones!
He bends her fingers, holds her pulses hard,
	He came alive to land.
He chafes her lips; a thousand ways he seeks
He cheers the morn and all the earth relieveth;
	he come; for, sure, the man is tainted in's wits.
	He comes upon a wish. Fortune is merry,
	He could not miss 'em. Had he not resembled
@ Hector?
HECTOR	Brother, she is not worth what she doth cost
	hedge and follow you.
	He does fair justice; if he give me way,
	He, doing so, put forth to seas,
He faintly flies
	He has betray'd your business, and given up,
	He hath abused your powers.
	He hath a stern look, but a gentle heart:
	He hath good usage and great liberty,
	he hear us not, 'regia,' presume not, 'celsa senis,'
	heir-apparent, could the world pick thee out three
	heir-apparent? should I turn upon the true prince?
He is contented thy poor drudge to be,
	He is enfranchised and come to light:
	He is your brother, lords, sensibly fed
	[He kills the nurse]
He kisses her; and she, by her good will,
	[He kneels down]
	He leaves his back unarm'd, the French and Welsh
HELENA	And Hippolyta.
HELENA	None, but your beauty: would that fault were mine!
HELENA	O that my prayers could such affection move!
HELENA	So methinks:
HELENA	The more I love, the more he hateth me.
HELENUS	No marvel, though you bite so sharp at reasons,
HELICANUS	Calls my lord?
He like a thievish dog creeps sadly thence;
	he'll be made an example.
	He'll tell me all his purpose: sure, he'll come.
	he loves our house. Let me see some more. 'The
	Help not all, yet do they ease the heart.
	He lurch'd all swords of the garland. For this last,
hem at night.
	He may approve our eyes and speak to it.
	He may enguard his dotage with their powers,
	He murder cries and help from Athens calls.
	hence, and left me asleep! I have had a most rare
	Henceforth be n!
	Henceforth my wooing mind shall be express'd
	Hence with him to the Tower; let him not speak.
	henned sparrow! 'loo, Paris, 'loo! The bull has the
HENRY BOLINGBROKE	My gracious lord, I come but for mine own.
HENRY BOLINGBROKE	So far be mine, my most redoubted lord,
HENRY BOLINGBROKE	Stand all apart,
HENRY BOLINGBROKE	What says his majesty?
	Her affability and bashful modesty,
	Her and her virtues, I cannot forget
Her blood, in poor revenge, held it in chase;
	Her brother's noontide with Antipodes.
Her circled eyne, enforced by sympathy
Her contrite sighs unto the clouds bequeath'd
herd's son: hang him,
Here, all enraged, such passion her assails,
	Here are the beetle brows shall blush for me.
	Here are the heads of thy two noble sons;
	Here comes the lady; let her witness it.
	Hereditary sloth instructs me.
	Here in the prison. Do me the common right
	Here is a path to't: 'tis some savage hold:
	Here is himself, marr'd, as you see, 
	Here none but soldiers and Rome's servitors
	Here on this grass-plot, in this very place,
	Here's a young lad framed of another leer:
	Here stand I	lady, dart thy skill at me;
	Here's to my love!
	Here 'tis; commends it to your blessing.
	Here was a Caesar! when comes such another?
	her go through the streets, to know, sir, whether
Her help she sees, but help she cannot get;
	her help to put you in your place again: she is of
	Her highness is in safety, fear you not:
Her immortality, and made her thrall
  Her 'love' for whose dear love I rise and fall.
HERMIA	His folly, Helena, is no fault of mine.
HERMIA	I give him curses, yet he gives me love.
HERMIA	Methinks I see these things with parted eye,
HERMIA	Now I but chide; but I should use thee worse,
HERMIA	Out, dog! out, cur! thou drivest me past the bounds
HERMIA	Take comfort: he n
HERMIA	The more I hate, the more he follows me.
HERMIA	What's this to my Lysander? where is he?
HERMIA	Yea; and my father.
Her mistress she doth give demure good-morrow,
HERO	And here's another
	her out of all nick.
	her reputation, her marriage-vow, and a thousand
	Her sceptre so fantastically borne
	Her son into th
	Her suit is granted for her husband's lands.
Her two blue windows faintly she up-heaveth,
	Her will, recoiling to her better judgment,
Her winged sprite, and through her wounds doth fly
	Her wondrous qualities and mild behavior,
He scowls and hates himself for his offence;
	He seeks my life; his reason well I know:
	He sent command to the lord mayor straight
	He shall here find his friends with horse and men
	He shall not rule me.
	he shows in this, he loves his own barn better than
	He spake of her, as Dian had hot dreams,
	He that a fool doth very wisely hit
	He told me Paris should have married Juliet:
	He was as calm as virtue--he began
	He was a thing of blood, whose every motion
	He was but as the cuckoo is in June,
	He was the wretched'st thing when he was young,
	He whined and roar'd away your victory,
	he will offer to say what methought I had. The eye
He wrings her nose, he strikes her on the cheeks,
\$ hH<L
	'Hic ibat Simois; hic est Sigeia tellus;
	'Hic steterat,' and that Lucentio that comes
	Hic steterat Priami regia celsa senis.'
	himself. Certainly the Jew is the very devil
Himself on her self-slaughter'd body threw;
	Himself with his good arms in lusty stroke
His batter'd shield, his uncontrolled crest,
	His bounty oiW
	His brother's death at Bristol, the Lord Scroop.
	His child is like to her, fair as you are:
	His child, I wis, to incest bring;
	his company anatomized, that he might take a mea
	His country's bowels out. And to poor we
	His deeds with doing them, and is content
His eye drops fire, no water thence proceeds;
	His faults 
	His favour with the radiant Cymbeline,
	His fortunes all lie speechless and his name
	his goods:' right; many a man has good horns, and
	his grace, and his majesty too!
	his head in the view of Angelo? I may make my case
	His lecture will be done ere you have tuned.
	His life I gave him and did thereto add
	His master thus.
His meaning struck her ere his words begun.
	His mistress' picture; which by his tongue
	His noble friends and fellows, whom to leave
	[His oration to his soldiers]
	His private arbours and new-planted orchards,
	His ready sense; then straight his doubled spirit
His rider loved not speed, being made from thee:
	His rougher accents for malicious sounds,
	His war for Britain.
	His wife but yesternight was brought to bed;
	his wife; 'tis none of his own getting. Horns?
\$(h N
	Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
	Hold, here's more gold for thee.
	Hold out this tempest. Bear away that child
	Honest as either, to purge him of that humour
	honest knaveries.
 hope so, Lepidus. Thus we are agreed:
HORATIO	And then it started like a guilty thing
HORATIO	A piece of him.
HORATIO	Friends to this ground.
HORATIO	So have I heard and do in part believe it.
HORATIO	Tush, tush, 'twill not appear.
HORATIO	Well, sit we down,
	Horns whelk'd and waved like the enridged sea:
HORTENSIO	I am afraid, sir,
HORTENSIO	Madam, before you touch the instrument,
HORTENSIO	Madam, my instrument's in tune.
HORTENSIO	Madam, 'tis now in tune.
HORTENSIO	Sirrah Biondello, go and entreat my wife
HORTENSIO	The base is right; 'tis the base knave that jars.
HORTENSIO	You'll leave his lecture when I am in tune?
HORTENSIO	You may go walk, and give me leave a while:
HORTENSIUS	I'm weary of this charge, the gods can witness:
HORTENSIUS	It is against my heart.
HORTENSIUS	Most true, he does.
Host	Ay, come; quick.
Host	Conceal them, or thou diest.
Hostess	Farewell; adieu.
Host	Gone to seek his dog; which tomorrow, by his
Host	Ha! a fat woman! the knight may be robbed: I'll
Host	Hark, what fine change is in the music!
Host	Here, master doctor, in perplexity and doubtful dilemma.
Host	Here's a Bohemian-Tartar tarries the coming down of
Host	How now! are you sadder than you were before? How
Host	How? out of tune on the strings?
Host	Hue and cry, villain, go! Assist me, knight. I am
	Hostility and civil tumult reigns
Host	I perceive you delight not in music.
Host	I tell you what Launce, his man, told me: he loved
Host	Master Fenton, talk not to m
Host	There's his chamber, his house, his castle, his
Host	They are gone but to meet the duke, villain: do not
	host, thine Ephesian, calls.
Host	Thou art clerkly, thou art clerkly, Sir John. Was
Host	What is the matter, sir?
Host	What wouldst thou have, boor? what: thick-skin?
Host	Where be my horses? speak well of them, varletto.
Host	Why, my pretty youth?
Host	You have a quick ear.
Host	You would have them always play but one thing?
HOTSPUR	'But for mine own part, my lord, I could be well
HOTSPUR	I have done, i' faith.
HOTSPUR	I smell it: upon my life, it will do well.
HOTSPUR	Of York, is it not?
HOTSPUR	Why, it cannot choose but be a noble plot;
	house; next, this is a respected fellow; and his
	How all occasions do inform against me,
	How came you in these parts? where were you bred?
How can I then be elder than thou art?
	How deeply you at once do touch me! Imogen,
	How easy dost thou take all England up!
	How far hence is thy lord, mine honest fellow?
	How far into the morning is it, lords?
How far I toyle,still farther off from thee.
	How fiery and forward our pedant is!
How he in peace is wounded, not in war.
	How I had moved them. Bring me to Octavius.
	How I have loved and honour'd Saturnine!
	How I may bear me here: my prime request,
	how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how
	How it goes here. It fits us therefore ripely
	How I would think on him at certain hours
	How lost thou them? Thy name, my most kind virgin?
	How many inches doth fill up one mile.
	How more unfortunate than all living women
	How much in having, or without or in,
		                  How now, fellow!
	How now, Kate! I
	How now, Malvolio!
		                  How now, Oswald!
	How now Ulysses!
	How now! what news?
	How oft when men are at the point of death
	How shall I feast him? what bestow of him?
	How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience!
	How swift his ship.
How Tarquin wronged me, I Collatine.
	How Thaliard came full bent with sin
	How w
H&( the cliff, what thing was that
Hthou dost look
HUBERT	Arm you against your other enemies,
HUBERT	Badly, I fear. How fares your majesty?
HUBERT	Come, boy, prepare yourself.
HUBERT	Go, stand within; let me alone with him.
HUBERT	Is this your promise? go to, hold your tongue.
HUBERT	None, but to lose your eyes.
Huntsman	This way, my lord; for this way lies the game.
	hurt done!
I137	A lack, how may I do it, having the hour limited,
IACHIMO	All too soon I shall,
IACHIMO	And himself. Not I,
IACHIMO	It cannot be i' the eye, for apes and monkeys
IACHIMO	O dearest soul! your cause doth strike my heart
IACHIMO	The cloyed will,
IACHIMO	Your daughter's chastity--there it begins.
IAGO	Ay, there's the point: as--to be bold with you--
IAGO	Come, come, good wine is a good familiar creature,
IAGO	[Going]  My lord, I take my leave.
IAGO	I' faith, I fear it has.
IAGO	I see this hath a little dash'd your spirits.
IAGO	Long live she so! and long live you to think so!
IAGO	          Should you do so, my lord,
IAGO	You or any man living may be drunk! at a time, man.
	I am afraid; and yet I'll venture it.
	I am a gentleman of Verona, sir,
	I am a lamb: but if you brave the Moor,
	I am a man again. Pray you, sit still.
	I am ambitious for a motley coat.
	I am ashamed. O heavens! what have I done?
	I am ashamed on't. Denied that
	I am as I have spoken.
	I am as mad as he,
	I am a spirit of no common rate;
	I am in all a
	I am in heaven for him; or ere I could
	I am not afraid.
	I am not well: send the deed after me,
	I am that flower,--
	I am the best of them that speak this speech,
	I am the daughter to King Pericles,
	I am the sea; hark, how her sighs do blow!
	I am to pray you not to strain my speech
	I am unfit for state and majesty;
	I call; let them do so, let them do so. Let me
	I cannot bound a pitch above dull woe:
	I cannot make you what amends I would,
	I cannot nor I will not yield to you.
	I cannot speak him home: he stopp'd the fliers;
	I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth.
	I charged thee that she should not come about me:
@<ich when they fall, as being slippery standers,
	I come to bring him sleep. 'Tis such as you,
	I come to lose my arm, or win my sleeve.
	I come to visit the afflicted spirits
	I conjure thee but slowly; run more fast.
	I could have given my uncle's grace a flout,
	I could not miss my way: will poor folks lie,
	I crave our composition may be written,
	I do beseech you, take it not amiss;
	I do forswear them; and I here protest,
	I do hear the morning lark.
	I do not talk much.
	I do not think but Desdemona's honest.
	I do present you with a man of mine,
	I doubt not but thy training hath been noble.
	I dreamt my master and another fought,
	I'd such a courage to do him good. But now return,
I[Enter PAULINA, with a child]
iery orbs above and the twinn'd stones
	I ever saw so noble.
	if alive, I will strike it out soundly.
	if a man will be beaten with brains, a' shall wear
	If any thing that's civil, speak; if savage,
'If, Collatine, thine honour lay in me,
'If Collatinus dream of
	I fear, for ever: Milan and Naples have
	I fear 'tis deepest winter in Lord Timon's purse;
	I fear, too many curses on their beads
	I feel master's passion! this slave,
	If ever any malice in your heart
	If ever I remember to be holy,
	If good King Pericles be.
	If his chief good and market of his time
	If I achieve not this young modest girl.
	If I confess much, you will play the tyrant.
	If I did stay to look on his intents.
	If I discover'd not which way she was gone,
	If I get down, and do not break my limbs,
	I find him a fit fellow.
	If I say fine, cry 'Fine;' if death, cry 'Death.'
	if it be well used: exclaim no more against it.
	If it be you that stir these daughters' hearts
	If it were so that our request did tend
	If love have touch'd you, nought remains but so,
	If more thou dost perceive, let me know more;
	If my cap would buy a halter:
	If non to bless us and the land withal,
	If, one by one, you wedded all the world,
	I found the effect of love in idleness:
	If put upon you, make the judgment good
	If sad and merry madness equal be.
	If Saturnine advance the Queen of Goths,
	If she confess that she was half the wooer,
	If she sustain him and his hundred knights
If ten of thine ten times refigur'd thee,
If that be made a theme for disputation,
	If the winds rage, doth not the sea wax mad,
	If they do speak our language, 'tis our will:
	If they will patiently receive my medicine.
	If thou art dun, we'll draw thee from the mire
	If thou be merciful,
	If thou be pleased with this my sudden choice,
	If thou do this, I'll show thee wondrous things,
	If thou hast slain Lysander in his sleep,
	If thou wilt not, befall what may befall,
	If thy revenges hunger for that food
	If trembling I inhabit then, protest me
	If we have lost so many tenths of ours,
	If ye be any thing but chur
	If you be maid or no?
	If you but knew how you the purpose cherish
	If you do meet Horatio and Marcellus,
	If you have any justice, any pity;
	If you have writ your annals true, 'tis there,
	If your peevish chastity, which is not worth a
	If you submit you to the people's voices,
	I give a sparing limit to my tongue.
	I had been writ down an ass!
	I had other things to have spoken with her too from
	I have advertised him by secret means
	I have a kind of self resides with you;
'I have been woo'd, as I entreat thee now,
	I have cast off for ever: thou shalt,
	I have full cause of weeping; but this heart
	I have heard of such. What slave art thou?
	I have more charity: but say, I warn'd ye;
	I have no certain notice.
	I have no relish of them, but abound
	I have not sought the day of this dislike.
	I have sat too long.
	I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond.
	I have tired myself, and for two nights together
	I having ta'en the forfeit. Whereupon--
IHENRY VI	Where did you dwell when I was King of England?
	I holp to frame thee. Do you know this lady?
	I hope you will consider what is spoke
	I knew she would.
	I know my lord hath spent of Timon's wealth,
	I know the good king and queen have sent for you.
	I know 'tis he. We are held as outlaws: hence!
iKSTER	Hear me, my liege:
	I'ld rather than the worth of thrice the sum,
	I'ld strive to tell you. We were dead of sleep,
	I lead espoused my bride along with me.
	I leave your highness. Grandam, I will pray,
	I led them on in this distracted fear,
	I'll be a candle-holder, and look on.
	I'll beat him, by my life, if I can meet him with
	I'll be myself the harbinger and make joyful
	I'll bury thee in a triumphant grave;
	I'll devise thee brave punishments for him.
	I'll do his country service.
	I'll draw it as apparent to the crown,
	I'll find a thousand shifts to get away:
	I'll follow him no more with bootless prayers.
	I'll grace thee with that robbery, thy stol'n name
	I'll have mine action of battery on thee.
	I'll have my bond; and therefore speak no more.
	I'll have no speaking: I will have my bond.
	I'll hear you more, to the bottom of your story,
	I'll interrupt his reading.
	I'll leave it by degrees. Soft, let us see:
	I'll make a peace between your soul and you.
	I'll make my heaven in a lady's lap,
	I'll not be made a soft and dull-eyed fool,
Ill-nurtured, crooked, churlish, harsh in voice,
	I'll send the fool to Ajax and desire him
	I'll show you those in troubles reign,
	I'll speak no more but 'Vengeance rot you all!'
	I'll tell thee on the instant thou art then
	I'll tell you what you shall do. Our general's wife
	I'll to the doctor: he hath my good will,
	I love you now; but not, till now, so much
	I made these wars for Egypt: and the queen,--
	I mean, that with my soul I love thy daughter,
IMOGEN	I am sorry for't, my lord.
IMOGEN	I did not take my leave of him, but had
IMOGEN	I see a man's life is a tedious one:
IMOGEN	I would have broke mine eye-strings; crack'd them, but
IMOGEN	I would thou grew'st unto the shores o' the haven,
IMOGEN	[Kneeling]               Your blessing, sir.
IMOGEN	Let me hear no more.
IMOGEN	Most like I did, for I was dead.
IMOGEN	My lord, I fear,
IMOGEN	Senseless Linen! happier therein than I!
IMOGEN	Then waved his handkerchief?
IMOGEN	Thou shouldst have made him
IMOGEN	What is the matter, trow?
IMOGEN	What makes your admiration?
IMOGEN	Why did you throw your wedded lady from you?
	I must away this night toward Padua,
	I must dance bare-foot on her wedding day
	I must have patience to endure the load:
	In a bad quarrel slain a virtuous son.
In a cold valley-fountain of that ground;
In act thy bed-vow broke and new faith torn,
  In all external grace you have some part,
	in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the
	in buckram that I told thee of--
	incarnal; and, in my conscience, my conscience is
	inch narrow to an ell broad!
	Inclinable to honour and advance
	Inclined to this intelligence, pronounce
	indeed, is it: good phrases are surely, and ever
	indeed, my father did something smack, something
	indeed too. Better accommodated! it is good; yea,
	I need not add more fuel to your fire,
	I never hated thee: I have seen thee fight,
	I never loved you much; but I ha' praised ye,
	In every wound of Caesar that should move
	In evils to top Macbeth.
	Infecting one another, yea, reciprocally--
	infidel! Ha! you shall see now in very sincerity
	Inform her full of my particular fear;
	In forwarding this dear expedience.
in, go draw our puissance together.
	In good set terms and yet a motley fool.
	Ingrateful, savage and inhuman creature!
	In him that did object the same to thee;
	in his dominion, could not be so cruel to me, as
	In killing creatures vile, as cats and dogs,
	In love and service to you evermore.
In loving thee thou know'st I am forsworn,
	In mangled forms. O that I were a fool!
	In me it seems it will make wise men mad.
In men, as in a rough-grown grove, remain
	in mine eyes too, and such an ache in my bones
	In my most ill-composed affection such
	In my voluptuousness: your wives, your daughters,
	In nature is a tyranny; it hath been
	In our well-found successes, to report
	In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
	In puny battle slay me.
	In readiness for Hymenaeus stand,
	In Richard's time; and posted day and night
	In russet yeas and honest kersey noes:
	Insisting on the old prerogative
	instance and argument to commend themselves: I
	instructions may be your guide. Let this Barnardine
	In suit the place of's bed and win this ring
	In the base court? Come down? Down, court!
	In the division of each several crime,
In thee thy summer ere thou be distil'd:
	in the fountain, and I will do that when you are
	In the remembrance of so fair a dream.
	In the unpartial judging of this business.
	In three divided; and his coffers sound
	in thy scarf and beaten, thou shalt find what it is
In thy weak hive a wandering wasp hath crept,
	Into the danger of this adverse town;
	Into this chiefest thicket of the park.
In two slow rivers, that the crimson blood
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	in valour, in every thing illegitimate. One bear will
	Invest me in my motley; give me leave
	Invited by your noble self, hath sent
In vowing new hate after new love bearing.
In winged speed no motion shall I know:
	In zeal to you and highly moved to wrath
	I oft deliver'd from his forfeitures
ion is not eazd by night,
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@ipher what is writ in learned books,
	I pray you, know me when we meet again:
	I prithee, name the time, but let it not
	I promise you, my soul is very jocund
	I prophesied, if a gallows were on land,
IRIS	Ceres, most bounteous lady, thy rich leas
	is: and there's her thrummed hat and her muffler
	Is a strange brooch in this all-hating world.
	Is at last gasp: return he cannot, nor
	I saw him not these many years, and yet
	I say 'your city,' to his wife and mother;
	is beaten black and blue, that you cannot see a
Is but the seemly raiment of my heart,
	Is Cadwal mad?
	Is Clarence, Henry, and his son young Edward,
	I sent for thee upon a sad occasion.
	Is fled to heaven; and England now is left
Is form'd in them by force, by fraud, or skill:
	Is found a truth now: for it grows again
	Is full accomplish'd; for the Roman eagle,
	Is gone, we know not how nor where.
	Is gone with her along, and I must after,
	is here! I think our fellows are asleep.
	I should be arguing still upon that doubt:
	I should be author to dishonour you!
	I should but teach him how to tell my story.
	I should cut off the nobles for their lands,
	I should fight withal, if he be alive.
	I should have fatted all the region kites
I, sick withal, the help of bath desired,
	Is in one mile: if they have measured many,
	Is in opinion and in honour wrong'd;
	Is jollity for apes and grief for boys.
	Is like the sun's; but not, like his, recoverable.
	Is much more general than these lines import.
	is no man can tell what. Methought I was,--and
	Is nothing left me but my body's length.
	Is not more ugly to the thing that helps it
	is now the general: may say so in this respect, for
	Is of that nature that to your huge store
	Is only bitter to him, only dying,
	I speak not this in estimation,
	I speak too loud.
Is plagued with cramps and gouts and painful fits;
	Is pointing still, in cleansing them from tears.
Is poorly imitated after you;
	Is prisoner to the bishop here, at whose hands
	Is ruminated, plotted and set down,
	Is run in your displeasure.
	Is set afire by thine own ignorance,
	Is she not then beholding to the man
	Is sorer than to lie for need, and falsehood
	Is still at Tarsus, where each man
	issues, being foolish, do not derogate.
	is, sure, possessed, madam.
	Is that an answer?
	Is that you reconcile them: while the Volsces
	is there not besides the Douglas? have I not all
	Is there not my father, my uncle and myself? lord
	Is this your Christian counsel? out upon ye!
	Is tight and yare and bravely rigg'd as when
	Is to exchange one misery with another,
{is triumphant prize. Proud of this pride,
	Is warlike John; and in his forehead sits
	Is worse in kings than beggars. My dear lord!
Is worthy blame. O, let it not be hild
	Is yet a maiden and an innocent hand,
	Is yet the cover of a fairer mind
	Is yet to name the winner: fare you well.
	Italian fiend! Ay me, V
	It burneth in the Capel's monument.
	It cannot be but thou hast murder'd him;
'It cannot be,' quoth she,'that so much guile'--
'It cannot be' she in that sense forsook,
	It carries a brave form. But 'tis a spirit.
	it did not speak before. All solemn things
	It doth import him much to speak with me.
I tell the Day to please him thou art bright,
	I tell thee, I, that thou hast marr'd her gown.
	I tender my commission; by whose virtue,
	It fits us then to be as provident
	I then did ask of her her changeling child;
	I' the right and strength o' the commons,' be it either
	I think we are a body strong enough,
	It is an earnest of a further good
	It is as fat and fulsome to mine ear
	It is a thing I made, which hath the king
	It is most meet we arm us 'gainst the foe;
	It is not Caesar's natural vice to hate
	It is our safety, and we must embrace
	It is the cause. Yet I'll not shed her blood;
	It may be,
	It nothing ill becomes thee.
	it on a giant. Bring up the brown bills. O, well
	it on the drawer, when indeed there is no need.
	I took it for a man; often 'twould say
it possible or likely;
	It shall become to serve all hopes conceived,
	It shall be full of poise and difficult weight
	It turns in less than two nights? O you gods,
	It was my instant death. By accident,
	It was myself, my brother and his son,
	It was some fiend; therefore, thou happy father,
	It were a fault to snatch words from my tongue.
	I warrant thee.
	I was forced to scold. Your judgments, my grave lords,
	I wasted time, and now doth time waste me;
	I wear it as your enemy.
	I were best not to call; I dare not call:
	I will deny thee nothing.
	I will end here.
	I will have such revenges on you both,
	I will make haste: but, till I come again,
  I will not praise that purpose not to sell.
	I will not re-salute the streets of Rome,
	I will not shame myself to give you this.
	I will not stir, nor wince, nor speak a word,
	I will not wish ye half my miseries;
	I wish you well, and so I take my leave.
IZABETH	My words are dull; O, quicken them with thine!
JAQUES	[Aside]  I would fain see this meeting.
JAQUES	It is my only suit;
JAQUES	O worthy fool! One that hath been a courtier,
JAQUES	What, for a countDL
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JOHN of Lancl
	John. Unless you go out disguised--
jTh GK
JULIA	Ay, I would I were deaf; it makes me have a slow heart.
JULIA	Ay, that change is the spite.
JULIA	He plays false, father.
JULIA	I would always have one play but one thing.
JULIA	Not a whit, when it jars so.
JULIA	Not so; but yet so false that he grieves my very
JULIA	Peace! stand aside:
JULIA	Where is Launce?
JULIA	You mistake; the musician likes me not.
JULIET	Ay me! what news? why dost thou wring thy hands?"(
JULIET	Conceit, more rich in matter than in words,
	Just as my master had direction:
	'Justice, and your father's wrath, should he take me
jw |Y8
J(Xz y
	Kate, I cannot look greenly nor gasp out my
KATHARINA	What, will you not suffer me? Nay, now I see
KATHARINE	O for your reason! quickly, sir; I long.
KATHARINE	What, was your vizard made without a tongue?
	Keep off them, for you sink.
	Keep Rome in safety, and the chairs of justice
	Keep there: now talk at pleasure of your safety.
ken's air in this huge rondure hems.
	kills a sparrow flying.
	Kind souls, what, weep you when you but behold
KING CLAUDIUS	[Aside]          O, 'tis too true!
KING EDWARD IV	And would you not do much to do them good?
KING EDWARD IV	Brave followers, yonder stands the thorny wood,
KING EDWARD IV	Go to, we pardon thee: therefore, in brief,
KING EDWARD IV	How many children hast thou, widow? tell me.
KING EDWARD IV	I'll tell you how these lands are to be got.
KING EDWARD IV	Is Lewis so brave? belike he thinks me Henry.
KING EDWARD IV	Lords, give us leave: I'll try this widow's wit.
KING EDWARD IV	Nay, this way, man: 
KING EDWARD IV	Now, messenger, what letters or what news
KING EDWARD IV	Now tell me, madam, do you love your children?
KING EDWARD IV	See that he be convey'd unto the Tower:
KING EDWARD IV	Then get your husband's lands, to do them good.
KING EDWARD IV	'Twere pity they should lose their father's lands.
KING EDWARD IV	Well, jest on, brothers: I can tell you both
KING EDWARD IV	What service wilt thou do me, if I g
KING HENRY IV	You have not sought it! how comes it, then?
KING HENRY V	An Englishman?
KING HENRY V	God keep me so! Our heralds go with him:
KING HENRY VI	Edward Plantagenet, arise a knight;
KING HENRY VIII	And once more in mine arms I bid him welcome,
KING HENRY VIII	Ay, and the best she shall have; and my favour
KING HENRY VIII	It grieves many:
KING HENRY VIII	Two equal men. The queen shall be acquainted
KING HENRY VI	I was anointed king at nine months old;
KING HENRY V	It may be his enemy
KING HENRY V	I wear it for a memorable honour;
KING HENRY V	Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
KING HENRY V	Soldier, why wearest thou that glove in thy cap?
KING HENRY V	Thanks, good my countryman.
KING HENRY V	What think you, Captain Fluellen? is it fit this
	king himself.
KING JOHN	Come hither, Hubert. O my gentle Hubert,
KING JOHN	Coz, farewell.
KING JOHN	Doth Arthur live? O, haste thee to the peers,
KING JOHN	How goes the day with us? O, tell me, Hubert.
KING JOHN	Hubert, keep this boy. Philip, make up:
KING JOHN	No more than he that threats. To arms let's hie!
KING JOHN	Now keep your holy word: go meet the French,
KING JOHN	Tell him, toward Swinstead, to the abbey there.
KING JOHN	This fever, that hath troubled me so long,
KING JOHN	Thus have I yielded up into your hand
KING JOHN	[To QUEEN ELINOR]  So shall it be; your grace shall
KING JOHN	[To the BASTARD]  Cousin, away for England!
KING LEAR	And my poor fool is hang'd! No, no, no life!
KING LEAR	Ay, so I think.
KING LEAR	Ha! Goneril, with a white beard! They flattered
KING LEAR	I'll tell thee:
KING LEAR	Nature's above art in that respect. There's your
KING LEAR	No, they cannot touch me for coining; I am the
KING OF FRANCE	Thus comes the English with full power upon us;
KING PHILIP	Thy rage sham burn thee up, and thou shalt turn
KING RICHARD II	Fair cousin, you debase your princely knee
KING RICHARD III	Be not so hasty to confound my meaning:
KING RICHARD III	Even he that makes her queen who should be else?
KING RICHARD III	I, even I: what think you of it, madam?
KING RICHARD III	Madam, with all my heart.
KING RICHARD III	That would I learn of you,
KING RICHARD III	What do you think?
KING RICHARD II	Thanks, noble pee
KING RICHARD II	We are amazed; and thus long have we stood
KING RICHARD II	Well you deserve: they well deserve to have,
KING RICHARD II	Your own is yours, and I am yours, and all.
	kinsman, live unbruised and love my cousin.
	[Kissing her]
	knaves in Kendal green came at my back and let drive
	knight with my taber.
	knock and call; hell speak like an Anthropophaginian
	knowest well enough, although thou comest to me,
	know how I speed.
	knowledge in th' aunchient wars, upon my particular
	knows me not: I will try confusions with him.
	knows no end of them. Well, that is the dowry of
	Know'st me not by my clothes?
	Know what they would.
ks than I
	lads, I am glad you have the money. Hostess, clap
LADY ANNE	And, by despairing, shouldst thou stand excused;
LADY ANNE	Fouler than heart can think thee, thou canst make
LADY ANNE	In thy foul throat thou liest: Queen Margaret saw
LADY ANNE	Why, then he is alive.
LADY ANNE	Why, then they are not dead:
LADY CAPULET	A crutch, a crutch! why call you for a sword?
LADY GREY	Ay, full as dearly as I love myself.
LADY GREY	Be pitiful, dread lord, and grant it then.
LADY GREY	So shall you bind me to your highness' service.
LADY GREY	Therefore I came unto your majesty.
LADY GREY	Three, my most gracious lord.
LADY GREY	To do them good, I would sustain some harm.
LADY MACBETH	A kind good night to all!
LADY MACBETH	Alack, I am afraid they have awaked,
LADY MACBETH	I pray you, speak not; he grows worse and worse;
LADY MACBETH	Think of this, good peers,
LADY MACBETH	You have displaced the mirth, broke the good meeting,
LADY MONTAGUE	Thou shalt not stir a foot to seek a foe.
	ladyship were best to have some guard about you, if
Lady	The queen, madam,
LAFEU	Ay, with all my heart; and thou art worthy of it.
LAFEU	Do not plunge thyself too far in anger, lest thou
LAFEU	Even as soon as thou canst, for thou hast to pull at
LAFEU	I would it were hell-pains for thy sake, and my poor
LAFEU	Sirrah, your lord and master's married; there's news
LAFEU	Yes, good faith, every dram of it; and I will not
Laid by his side his heart-inflaming brand,
	land now as cheap as stinking mackerel.
	latter end of a play, before the duke:
LAUNCELOT	[Aside]  O heavens, this is my true-begotten father!
LAUNCELOT	Turn up on your right hand at the next turning, but,
	LAURENCE, with a lantern, crow, and spade]
	Lay breath so bitter on your bitter foe.
	[Laying down the child]
	[Laying PARIS in the tomb]
Lays open all the little worms that creep;
Leading him prisoner in a red-rose chain:
	Leading the men of Herefordshire 
	Leads discontented steps in foreign soil,
	leap-frog, or by vaulting into my saddle with my
	[Leaps down]
	Leave nothing out for length, and make us think
	Leave off to wonder why I drew you hither,
	leave you one o' these days: and I have a rheum
Leaving his spoil perplex'd in greater pain.
  Leese but their show,their substance still liues sweet.
	Left by the fatal and neglected English
L Ek=J
LENNOX	                  Good night; and better health
LEONATO	Come, cousin, I am sure you love the gentleman.
LEONATO	O God, counterfeit! There was never counterfeit of
LEONATO	We'll have dancing afterward.
LEONATO	What effects, my lord? She will sit you, you heard
LEONTES	Force her hence.
LEONTES	Good queen!
LEONTES	What, canst not rule her?
LEONTES	What noise there, ho?
LEONTES	Whilst I remember
LEPIDUS	I must not think there are
	Less appear so in comforting your evils,
	Lessen'd herself, and in the beams o' the sun
	Let die the spotted.
	Let grief and sorrow still embrace his heart
	Let him be call'd for.
	Let him come back, that his compassion may
	let him tell the king: we are prepared. I will set
	Let is be so: yet have I left a daughter,
	Let me alone with him.
	Let me lodge Lichas on the horns o' the moon;
	Let me not hold my tongue, let me not, Hubert;
	Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars!--
	Let me o'erleap that custom, for I cannot
	Let me still take away the harms I fear,
	Let moulten coin be thy damnation,
'Let my good name, that senseless reputation,
	Let not light see my black and deep desire^
	let not my letter.
	'Let not your sorrow die, though I am dead.'
	Let pry through the portage of the head
	Let's shut our gates and sleep: manhood and honour
	Letters should not be known; riches, poverty,
	Let them accuse me by invention, I
	Let them have scope: though what they do impart
	Let them not cease, but with a din confused
  Let them say more than like of hearsay well;
Let those who are in favour with their stars
, let us go:
LEWIS	Strike up our drums, to find this danger out.
LEWIS	There end thy brave, and turn thy face in peace;
LEWIS	                  We will attend to neither.
	Lies heavy on me; O, my heart is sick!
	Life and death! I am ashamed
Life's lasting date from cancell'd destiny.
	life, to make thee a double-dealer; which, out of
	Light on the man! Come hither, gentle mistress:
	Like a great sea-mark, standing every flaw,
	Like Amazons come tripping after drums,
Like a red morn, that ever yet betoken'd
	Like graves i' the holy churchyard.
Like ivory conduits coral cisterns filling:
	Like John-a-dreams, unpregnant of my cause,
	Like music.
	Like one that stands upon a promontory,
	Like Patience gazing on kings' graves, and smiling
	Like powder in a skitless soldier's flask,
Like stones of worth they thinly placed are,
	Like tears that did their own disgrace bewail.
	Like the brass cannon; let the brow o'erwhelm it
Like the fair sun, when in his fresh array
	like those that under hot ardent zeal would set
	like three German devils, three Doctor Faustuses.
Like to a bankrupt beggar wails his case:
	Like to a chaos, or=
	Like water from ye, never found again
	lion, and thou for a true prince. But, by the Lord,
little patch of ground
	livest, dear Kate, take a fellow of plain and
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lj	hpBP
Ljnk'd with a scarf,
L$ j@Q
ll, his eyes disdain'd the wooing:
	Loath to depose the child, Your brother's son;
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LONGAVILLE	His leg is too big for Hector's.
LONGAVILLE	I know the reason, lady, why you ask.
LONGAVILLE	I must rather give it the rein, for it runs against Hector.
LONGAVILLE	Stuck with cloves.
LONGAVILLE	That columbine.
LONGAVILLE	You have a double tongue within your mask,
	Longer for him to make his rest.
	Longs af
	Lo, now my glory smear'd in dust and blood!
	look, a mouse! Peace, peace; this piece of toasted
	Look'd wondering each at other.
	Look, here comes good Sir John. Give me your good
	Look, here comes one: a gentlewoman of mine,
	Look, how the black slave smiles upon the father,
	Looking before and after, gave us not
Look in mine eye-balls, there thy beauty lies;
'Look, look, how listening Priam wets his eyes,
	look some linen for your head.
	Look to thyself, thou art in jeopardy.
! 'Loo, Paris, 'loo! now my double-
LORD BARDOLPH	What, is the king but five and twenty thousand?
LORD BARDOLPH	Who is it like should lead his forces hither?
Lord Chief-Justice	Not a penny, not a penny; you are too impatient to
Lord Chief-Justice	Well, be honest, be honest; and God bless your
	Lord, how it looks about! Believe me, sir,
	lord. I'll have no more pity of his age than I
Lord	It is, my lord.
Lord Mayor	Do, good my lord, your citizens entreat you.
	Lord, no; yet I love thee too. And while thou
LORD POLONIUS	I hear him coming: let's withdraw, my lord.
LORDS	Upon the stroke of four.
lose, I thee command.
	Losing a mite, a mountain gain.
	Loud shouts and salutations from their mouths,
	love, and by what more dear a better proposer could
	love keep little company together now-a-days; the
Love keeps his revels where they are but twain;
LOVELL	I do beseech your grace, for charity,
	love me for this, take me: if not, to say to thee
	love me, hold not off.
L$ <-u
LUCENTIO	All but the base.
LUCENTIO	Are you so formal, sir? well, I must wait,
LUCENTIO	Gramercies, lad, go forward; this contents:
LUCENTIO	Here, madam:
	Lucentio, 'hic est,' son unto Vincentio of Pisa,
LUCENTIO	'Hic ibat,' as I told you before, 'Simois,' I am
LUCENTIO	I'll have no halves; I'll bear it all myself.
LUCENTIO	Mistrust it not: for, sure, AEacides
LUCENTIO	Spit in the hole, man, and tune again.
LUCENTIO	That will be never: tune your instrument.
LUCILIUS	Fie, no, do not believe it; he cannot want for money.
Lucilius' Servant	Ay, but the days are wax'd shorter with him:
Lucilius' Servant	Mark, how strange it shows,
Lucilius' Servant	Not yet.
Lucilius' Servant	So much?
LUCILIUS	What a strange case was that! now, before the gods,
LUCILIUS	Who, the Lord Timon? he is my very good friend, and
LUCIUS	Ah, that this sight should make so deep a wound,
LUCIUS	Art thou not sorry for these heinous deeds?
LUCIUS	Bring down the devil; for he must not die
LUCIUS	But let us give him burial, as becomes;
LUCIUS	Say on: an if it please me which thou speak'st
LUCIUS	Sirs, stop his mouth, and let him speak no more.
LUCIUS	Tell on thy mind; I say thy child shall live.
LUCIUS	Too like the sire for ever being good.
LUCIUS	Who should I swear by? thou believest no god:
LUCULLUS	[Aside]  One of Lord Timon's men? a gift, I
LUCULLUS	Ha! now I see thou art a fool, and fit for thy master.
LUCULLUS	I am right glad that his health is well, sir: and
LUCULLUS	I have observed thee always for a towardly prompt
	Luxurious, avaricious, false, deceitful,
LYSANDER	And he did bid us follow to the temple.
LYSIMACHUS	Avaunt, thou damned door-keeper!
LYSIMACHUS	For me, be you thoughten
LYSIMACHUS	How's this? how's this? Some more; be sage.
LYSIMACHUS	I did not think
MACBETH	[Aside]  The Prince of Cumberland! that is a step
MACBETH	Can such things be,
MACBETH	I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?
MACBETH	It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood:
MACBETH	What man dare, I dare:
MACBETH	[Within]  Who's there? what, ho!
MACDUFF	Boundless intemperance
MACDUFF	O Scotland, Scotland!
MACDUFF	This avarice
	Made hard with hourly falsehood--falsehood, as
	made in the unchaste composition.
	Made scruple of his praise; and wager'd with him
	Made senseless things begin to do them wrong;
	made this treaty.--You and I have known, sir.
	maids are May when they are maids, but the sky
	majesty, in my conscience.
majesty takes no scorn to wear the leek
	Make blind itself with foolish tenderness.
	Make bold her bashful years with your experience;
	Make boot upon the summer's velvet buds,
	Make livers pale and lustihood deject.
	make my eyes look red, that it may be thought I have
	Make of your prayers one sweet sacrifice,
	Make our eyes flow with joy, hearts dance
	Make poor men's cattle break their necks;
	Makes him speak fondly, like a frantic man
Make sweet some viall;treasure thou some place,
	make them friends. Nay, I can gleek upon occasion.
Make use of time, let not advantage slip;
Make weak-made women tenants to their shame.
Making my arms his field, his tent my bed.
	Making the mother, wife and child to see
MALCOLM	But I have none: the king-becoming graces,
MALCOLM	If such a one be fit to govern, speak:
MALCOLM	I grant him bloody,
MALCOLM	With this there grows
MALVOLIO	Sad, lady! I could be sad: this does make some
MALVOLIO	Sweet lady, ho, ho.
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	Man-enter'd thus, he waxed like a sea,
	man is, as they say, accommodated; or when a man is,
	man's son,' or rather an honest woman's son; for,
	Many that have at times made moan to me;
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MARCELLUS	And liegemen to the Dane.
MARCELLUS	Holla! Bernardo!
MARCELLUS	Horatio says 'tis but our fantasy,
MARCELLUS	It faded on the crowing of the cock.
MARCELLUS	O, farewell, honest soldier:
MARCELLUS	What, has this thing appear'd again to-night?
	March on, and mark King Richard how he looks.
MARCUS ANDRONICUS	But yet let reason govern thy lament.
MARCUS ANDRONICUS	Now let hot AEtna cool in Sicily,
MARCUS ANDRONICUS	O brother, speak with possibilities,
MARCUS ANDRONICUS	O Titus, see, O, see what thou hast done!
	Mardian, go tell him I have slain myself;
MARGARELON	A bastard son of Priam's.
MARGARELON	Turn, slave, and fight.
MARIA	He's coming, madam; but in very strange manner. He
MARIA	No. madam, he does nothing but smile: your
MARINA	Call'd Marina
MARINA	For me,
MARINA	My mother was the daughter of a king;
MARINA	My name is Marina.
MARINA	Patience, good sir,
MARINA	The good gods preserve you!
MARINA	The king my father did in Tarsus leave me;
MARINA	The name
MARINA	 Whither would you have me?
MARINA	                  You said you would believe me;
MARINA	You scorn: believe me, 'twere best I did give o'er.
MARK ANTONY	And fair words to them.
MARK ANTONY	Eros, thou yet behold'st me?
MARK ANTONY	Let us go. Come;
MARK ANTONY	My good knave Eros, now thy captain is
MARK ANTONY	|  Show us the way, sir.
MARK ANTONY	Sometimes we see a cloud that's dragonish;
MARK ANTONY	That which is now a horse, even with a thought
MARK ANTONY	That will I, Pompey.
MARK ANTONY	                  These quick-sands, Lepidus,
MARK ANTONY	With the health that Pompey gives him, else he is a
MARK ANTONY	You have heard much.
	Married your royalty, was wife to your place;
	master's command, he must carry for a present to his lady.
		     Masters o' the people,
	May all to Athens back again repair
	May fall to match you with her country forms
	May hang upon your hardness: therefore hear us.
	May it be possible, that foreign hire
	May know if you remain upon this island;
	May say 'This mercy we have show'd;' the Romans,
	May show like all yourself.
	May through the centre creep and so displease
	Means he not us? I partly know him: 'tis
	meant, indeed, to occupy the argument no longer.
	Meanwhile I am possess'd of that is mine.
	measure in strength. If I could win a lady at
	me; but she's gone.
	Meet in one line; and vast confusion waits,
	me; I will neither be faced nor braved. I say unto
	me like a dog; and told me
	me more wit than ever I learned before in my life;
MENAS	And you by land.
MENAS	[Aside]  Thy father, Pompey, would ne'er have
MENAS	[Aside to POMPEY]  If for the sake of merit thou
MENAS	But entertain it,
MENAS	I have ever held my cap off to thy fortunes.
MENAS	Now, Pompey, I have kept me from the cup.
MENAS	We have, sir.
MENAS	Wilt thou be lord of all the world?
MENAS	Wilt thou be lord of the whole world? That's twice.
	Mend 'em, for shame, my lords. Is this your comfort?
	Men do their broken weapons rather use
MENENIUS	A noble wish.
MENENIUS	Ay, but mildly.
MENENIUS	Calmly, I do beseech you.
MENENIUS	Consider further,
MENENIUS	Do not stand upon't.
MENENIUS	Having determined of the Volsces and
MENENIUS	He's right noble:
MENENIUS	It then remains
MENENIUS	Lo, citizens, he says he is content:
MENENIUS	Put them not to't:
MENENIUS	The senate, Coriolanus, are well pleased
MENENIUS	Worthy man!
	me: no, nor woman neither, though by your smiling
	Me rather had my heart might feel your love
MERCUTIO	And, to sink in it, should you burden love;
MERCUTIO	A sail, a sail!
MERCUTIO	Come, come, thou art as hot a Jack in thy mood as
MERCUTIO	God ye good den, fair gentlewoman.
MERCUTIO	Good Peter, to hide her face; for her fan's the
MERCUTIO	If love be rough with you, be rough with love;
MERCUTIO	I mean, sir, in delay
MERCUTIO	I will bite thee by the ear for that jest.
MERCUTIO	Nay, gentle Romeo, we must have you dance.
MERCUTIO	O here's a wit of cheveril, that stretches from an
MERCUTIO	O, thou art deceived; I would have made it short:
	Mercutio's kinsman, noble County Paris!
MERCUTIO	Thou art like one of those fellows that when he
MERCUTIO	Thou desirest me to stop in my tale against the hair.
MERCUTIO	Thy wit is a very bitter sweeting; it is a most
MERCUTIO	'Tis no less, I tell you, for the bawdy hand of the
MERCUTIO	Tut, dun's the mouse, the constable's own word:
MERCUTIO	Why, is not this better now than groaning for love?
MERCUTIO	You are a lover; borrow Cupid's wings,
	me rest. I would to God my name were not so
	me; scurvy, old, filthy, scurvy lord! Well, I must
Messenger	My lord, your brother John is ta'en in flight,
Messenger	My lord, your valiant kinsman, Faulconbridge,
Messenger	Prepare you, lords, for Edward is at hand.
Messenger	Royal commanders, be in readiness:
Messenger	Such news, my lord, as grieves me to unfold.
Messenger	Worthy Andronicus, ill art thou repaid
	Messina, and one that knows the law, go to; and a
	me than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours.
	Methinks, I see him now--
	methought I had,--but man is but a patched fool, if
	Methought I was enamour'd of an ass.
	me to stay with the Jew. The fiend gives the more
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	Might have prevented many. Eros, ho!
	might never spit white again. There is not a
	Mine ear is much enamour'd of thy note;
Mine eye hath play'd the painter and hath stell'd
Mine eyes are gray and briciO[
Mine eyes have drawn thy shape, and thine for me
	Mine interest and his honour, or have charged him,
	Mine issue of your blood upon your daughter
	Mine own, and not mine own.
	Mingled his royalty with capering fools,
MIRANDA	Alack, for mercy!
MIRANDA	I might call him
MIRANDA	No wonder, sir;
MIRANDA	What is't? a spirit?
MISTRESS FORD	Go, go, sweet Sir John: Mistress Page and I will
MISTRESS FORD	How might we disguise him?
MISTRESS FORD	My maid's aunt, the fat woman of Brentford, has a
	mistress is a respected woman.
MISTRESS PAGE	Alas the day, I know not! There is no woman's gown
MISTRESS PAGE	Fear not you that. Go get us properties
MISTRESS PAGE	Go, Mistress Ford,
MISTRESS PAGE	If you go out in your own semblance, you die, Sir
MISTRESS PAGE	My Nan shall be the queen of all the fairies,
MISTRESS PAGE	On my word, it will serve him; she's as big as he
MISTRESS PAGE	Quick, quick! we'll come dress
MISTRESS QUICKLY	And have not they suffered? Yes, I warrant;
MISTRESS QUICKLY	From the two parties, forsooth.
MISTRESS QUICKLY	No, thou arrant knave; I would to God that I might
MISTRESS QUICKLY	Sir, let me speak with you in your chamber: you
	money. I tell you for good will, look you: you
	money; next, give me your hand; and last, as I am a
MONTAGUE	Thou villain Capulet,--Hold me not, let me go.
	more, as pretty a piece of flesh as any is in
	more clamorous than a parrot against rain, more
	More fit to do another such offence
	More free than he is jealous.
	More penitence than done trespass: at the last,
	More ready to cry out 'Who knows what follows?'
More sharp to me than spurring to his side;
	More slavish did I ne'er than answering
	More spongy to suck in the sense of fear,
	More than a little is by much too much.
	More than I dare make faults. You few that loved me,
	More than I have said, loving countrymen,
	More than my brother: 'Ay,' quoth my uncle
	More than remembrance of my father's death.
	more the pity that some honest neighbours will not
More thirst for drink than she for this good turn.
	More widows in them of this business' making
	More womanly than he; hardly gave audience, or
most dreadfully attended. But, in the
	Most like a noble lord in love and one
	Most often do so near the bottom run
	Most pretty things to say: ere I could tell him
	Most reverend and grave elders, to desire
	Most vilely; for my vantage, excellent:
	Most wise in general: tell me, if thou canst,
Most worthy of comfort, now my greatest grief,
	Motion! Well; speak on. Where were you born?
MOULDY	Here, an't please you.
MOULDY	Yea, an't please you.
	M sure wards of trust!
MU in her harmless breast
	Murdering impossibility, to make
	[Music, still]
	[Music within. Enter a Servingman]
	Must all determine here?
	Must bear my beating to his grave--shall join
	Must be my convoy in the secret night.
	Must be so too, if heed me; which to do
	Must by the hungry now be fed upon:
	Must by the roots be hewn up yet ere night.
	Must give this cur the lie: and his own notion--
	Must give us pause: there's the respect
	Must have their voices; neither will they bate
	Must, like a whore, unpack my heart with words,
	Must needs want pleading for a pair of eyes:
	Must rectify ou
	must stand upon security. I had as lief they would
	Must take up us: so is the unfirm king
	my acquaintance with thee, or rather my knowledge,
	My birth-place hate I, and my love's upon
	My blemishes in them, and so still think of
	My blood, my want of strength, my sick heart shows.
My body is the frame wherein 'tis held,
	My brother wears thee not the one half so well
	my counterfeiting the action of an old woman,
	My dagger in my mouth. Say what thou art,
	My damned 
	My daughter's buried. Well: where were you bred?
	my daughter tell you how.
	My eye's too quick, my heart o'erweens too much,
	My fame is shrewdly gored.
	My father, and a king.
	My father and my grandfather were kings,
	My father as he slept, I had done't.
	My foolish rival, that her father likes
	my friends shall ring for thee. Is here all?
My glass shall not persuade me I am old,
	My gracious lord,--
  My grief lies onward and my joy behind.
My heart all whole as thine, thy heart my wound;
My honour lost, and I, a drone-like bee,
	My hunger's gone; but even before, I was
		                  My husband!
	My lady's honour: what became of him
	my learning.
	My lessons make no music in three parts.
	My life and services.
	My lord, I see you're moved.
	My love to thee is sound, sans crack or flaw.
	My love, without retention or restraint,
	My lungs began to crow like chanticleer,
	My master knows not but I am gone hence;
	My matter is so rash: there is at hand
	My mind was never yet more mercenary.
	My mother is assailed in our tent,
	My nobles leave me; and my state is braved,
	My parks, my walks, my manors that I had.
	My peace we will begin. And, Caius Lucius,
	My presence, like a robe pontifical,
	myself and thee during my life; I for a valiant
	Myself your loyal servant, your physician,
	My son and I will have the wind of you:
	My speech should fall into such vile success
	My tailor madeQss
	My tears gainsay; for every word I speak,
	My thoughts are minutes; and with sighs they jar
	My thoughts were like unbridled children, grown
	my trot, dere is no duke dat the court is know to
	My truth-betrothed love and now my wife?
	My uncle Rivers talk'd how I did grow
	My very soul of counsel! stop my mouth.
}MZe tale of me
	Nay, follow'd him, till he had melted from
	Nay, he is your brother by the surer side,
	Nay, in the body of this fleshly land,
	Nay, then she must needs come.
	Nay, whom they shall obey, and love thee too,
*NCENTIO	Bound by my charity and my blest order,
	neat's tongue, you bull's pizzle, you stock-fish! O
	necessary. It is said, 'many a man knows no end of
	Need not be dreaded.
	need not to be ashamed of your majesty, praised be
	Ne'er seen but wonder'd at: and so my state,
	nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety. 'The
Never can blab, nor know not what we mean.
	Never, never, never, never, never!
	new-fangled than an ape, more giddy in my desires
	next month? and are they not some of them set
n my face.
nners spread:
	No bed shall e'er be guilty of my stay,
	nobility, in his proper stream o'erflows himself.
	nobleman, and she sent him away as cold as a
Nobleman	My gracious lord, Henry your foe is taken,
No cause, but company, of her drops spilling:
	No excuse current, but to hang thyself.
	No fairy takes, nor witch hath power to charm,
	No honourable trust. I have done ill;
	No, I'll not weep:
	No interim, not a minute's vacancy,
	No: know the gallant monarch is in arms
	No lesser of her honour confident
No man inveigh against the wither'd flower,
	No more; and by a sleep to say we end
	No more shall cut his master. Therefore, friends,
No more than wax shall be accounted evil
	none. I shall be with her, I may tell you, by her
	None should come at him.
	No occupation; all men idle, all;
	Nor build their evils on the graves of great men;
	No rest be interposer 'twixt us twain.
	Nor feels not what he owes, but by reflection;
NORFOLK	Faith, and so it did.
NORFOLK	Say not 'treasonous.'
	Nor I nor any man that but man is
Nor it nor noe remembrance what it was.
	Nor look upon the iron angerly:
	nor never break for urging. If thou canst love a
	Nor never come in vizard to my friend,
	Nor never more in Russian habit wait.
	Nor no without-book prologue, faintly spoke
	Nor scar that whiter skin of hers th
	Nor thou, nor these, confederates in the deed
NORTHUMBERLAND	Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip.
NORTHUMBERLAND	My lord, the mind of Bolingbroke is chau
NORTHUMBERLAND	Sorrow and grief of heart
	Nor to the motion of a schoolboy's tongue,
Nor why her fair cheeks over-wash'd with woe.
	Nor will I sue, although the king have mercies
	Nor will it yield to Norway or the Pole
	Nor wish no less; and so, I take my leave.
	Nor woo in rhyme, like a blind harper's song!
	No sovereignty;--
	Not as a fee: grant me two things, I pray you,
	not bid him cut it to pieces: ergo, thou liest.
	not bite another, and wherefore should one bastard?
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	Not far, one Muli lives, my countryman;
	Not fear still to be taken: I know his heart.
	Not going from itself; but eye to eye opposed
	Not half an hour before.
	nothing handsome about him. In brief, since I do
	nothing, let him call me rogue for being so far
	Nothing so strong and fortunate as I.
	nothing with perpetual motion.
	not horribly afraid? doth not thy blood thrill at
	Not meaning to partake with me in danger,
	No tongue! all eyes! be silent.
	Not painted with the crimson spots of blood.
	not see thy hand.
	Not so allured to feed.
	not suffer me: she drops booties in my mouth. I am
Not that devour'd, but that which doth devour,
	not there for the goose.
	Not to affect many proposed matches
	Not to deny me, and to pardon me.
	Not to eat honey like a drone
	Not to seem senseless of the bob: if not,
	Not trusting to this halting legate here,
	Not well disposed, the mind growing once corrupt,
	not: yet art thou good for nothing but taking up; and
	Nourish the cause of his awaking: I
	No use of metal, corn, or wine, or oil;
  No want of conscience hold it that I call
	now art thou sociable, now art thou Romeo; now art
	Now come, my Ariel! bring a corollary,
	Now fear is from me, I'll speak troth. Lord Cloten,
	Now, for my life, the knave doth court my love:
	Now for the bare-pick'd bone of majesty
	Now happy he whose cloak and cincture can
	No, with no more than if we heard that England
	Now, my Titania; wake you, my sweet queen.
	Now, nurse, what news? What hast thou there? the cords
	Now powers from home and discontents at home
Now see what good turns eyes for eyes have done:
	Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
	now shalt thou be moved. Give me a cup of sack to
	Now sir, the sound that tells what hour it is
	Now thou and I are new in amity,
	Now, whence come you?
	Now, where's my wife?
n's mercy bade thee run away.
ntle muffling up his face,
Nurse	Aaron, what shall I say unto the empress?
Nurse	Ay, ay, the cords.
Nurse	Ay, forsooth.
Nurse	Cornelia the midwife and myself;
Nurse	God ye good morrow, gentlemen.
Nurse	Is it good den?
Nurse	Is your man secret? Did you ne'er hear say,
Nurse	My fan, Peter.
Nurse	Now God in heaven bless thee! Hark you, sir.
Nurse	Out upon you! what a man are you!
Nurse	PeR
Nurse	Peter!
Nurse	See where she comes from shri
Nurse	The emperor, in his rage, will doom her death.
o7Give me your hands:
	O, answer not, but to my closet bring
Oaths of thy love, thy truth, thy constancy,
	Obedience: for so work the honey-bees,
O, be not proud, nor brag not of thy might,
OBERON	Silence awhile. Robin, take off this head.
OBERON	Sound, music! Come, my queen, take hands with me,
OBERON	Stand close: this is the same Athenian.
OBERON	Then, my queen, in silence sad,
OBERON	There lies your love.
OBERON	This falls out better than I could devise.
	obstruction in the blood, this cross-gartering; but
o Caesar,
OCTAVIUS CAESAR	That's the next to do.
OCTAVIUS CAESAR	Will this description satisfy him?
OCTAVIUS CAESAR	You may see, Lepidus, and henceforth know,
	O cunning, how I got it!--nay, some marks
O'ercharged with burden of mine ow
	O'ercome you with her show, and in time,
	O'erhang and jutty his confounded base,
	o'erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted
O'erworn, despised, rheumatic and cold,
'O fairest mover on this mortal round,
	Of all opinion that grows rank in them
	Of all the voices that we have procured
	of all treasons, we still see them reveal
	of an ass, which is no great hurt.
	Of an ensuing evil, if it fall,
	Of an one pain, save for a night of groans
	of any thing he sees there, let thine eye be thy
	Of Brabant and of Orleans, shall make forth,
	Of chamber-hanging, pictures, this her bracelet,--
	Of common ounces? will you with counters sum
	Of contradiction: being once chafed, he cannot
	Of every beardless vain comparative,
	Of every syllable that here was spoke.
	Of favour from myself and all our house;
	of fear and cold heart, will he to the king and lay
Officer	He doth appear.
	officious; for I am proof against that title and
	Of golden sovereignty; acquaint the princess
	Of grievous penalties; in lieu whereof,
	Of hardiness is mother. Ho! who's here?
	Of her own clime, complexion, and degree,
	Of his bright passage to the occident.
	Of hoarding abbots; imprisoned angels
	Of hope, not longing, mine Italian brain
	Of maiden's patience. Hast thou slain him, then?
	of man hath not heard, the ear of man hath not
	of man's disposition is able to bear.
	Of many weary miles you have o'ergone,
	Of men's impossibilities, have preserved thee.
Of my dull bearer when from thee I speed:
	Of my long weary life is come upon me. Farewell:
	Of no esteem: I, dreading that her purpose
	Of Phoebus' wheel, and might so safely, had it
Of public honour and proud titles boast,
Of rich-built Ilion, that the skies were sorry,
	Of roaring, shrieking, howling, jingling chains,
	Of secret on her person, that he could not
	Of space had pointed him sharp as my needle,
	Of speaking first. Sweet, bid me hold my tongue,
	Often resort unto this gentlewoman?
	Of ten times double gain of happiness.
	Of that occasion that shall bring it on.
Of that polluted prison where it breathed:
	Of that report which I so oft have heard.
	Of that same noble prelate, well beloved,
	Of that self-blood that first gave life to you,
	Oft have I digg'd up dead men from their graves,
	of thee than a Barbary cock-pigeon over his hen,
	of the forest and to couple us.
	Of their breath only!
	Of the old rage: bear with m
	Of the old rage: bear with me, I am sick;
	Of this sir-reverence love, wherein thou stick'st
	of this wood, I have enough to serve mine own turn.
	Of this yet scarce-cold battle, at this instant
Of those fair suns set in her mistress' sky,
	Of what we blame him for.
	Of what we chance to sentence.
	Of what you shall deliver. Yet, give me leave:
	Of wheat, rye, barley, vetches, oats and pease;
	Of which I do accuse myself so sorely,
	Of you, my gentle cousin Westmoreland,
	Of your chaste daughter the wide difference
	Of your dear mother England, blush for shame;
	Of your mere own: all these are portable,
O, give it me, lest thy hard heart do steel it,
	O heavy burthen!
	O, how mine eyes do loathe his visage now!
O, how much more doth beauty beauteous seem
O' let me, true in love, but truly write,
OLIVIA	Go call him hither.
OLIVIA	If it be aught to the old tune, my lord,
OLIVIA	I have sent after him: he says he'll come;
OLIVIA	Smilest thou?
OLIVIA	What do you say, Cesario? Good my lord,--
OLIVIA	What would my lord, but that he may not have,
OLIVIA	Why, what's the matter? does he rave?
	O, look, sir, look, sir! here is more of us:
	O, may diseases only work upon't!
	O me! my uncle's spirit is in these stones:
	O miserable thought! and more unlikely
	Omission to do what is necessary
ommodated than
`omni callsig'
	O, much I fear some ill unlucky thing.
ON8	ajT
	On a dissension of a doit, break out
	On both our parts. Call yonder fellow hither.
Once more the engine of her thoughts began:
Once more the ruby-colour'd portal open'd,
	One fit to bandy with thy lawless sons,
	One general tongue unto us, this good man,
	One jot of ceremony.
One justly weeps; the other takes in hand
	one Nym, sir, that beguiled him of a chain, had the
	one of his men was with the Lord Lucullus to borrow
	One that you love.
	O, never will I trust to speeches penn'd,
	One writ with me in sour misfortune's book!
On Helen's cheek all art of beauty set,
	only downright oaths, which I never use till urged,
	Only for his possessions are so huge,
	Only for this, I pray you, pardN
	Only it spoils the pleasure of the time.
	Only thus much I give your grace to know:
Only to flatter fools and make them bold:
	Only to show his pomp as well in France
, on my word. Neither press,
	O, now you weep; and, I perceive, you feel
	On pain of torture, from those bloody hands
	On the first view to say, to swear, I love thee.
	On this side Tiber; he hath left them you,
	On those that are, revenges: crimes, like lands,
	On Tuesday noon, or night; on Wednesday morn:
	On which I must fall down, or else o'erleap,
	On whom these airs attend! Vouchsafe my prayer
	On your displeasure's peril and on mine,
,oo in rhyme, like a blind harper's song!
	open all our proceedings. O, I could divide myself
	Open the tomb, lay me with Juliet.
'O, pity,' 'gan she cry, 'flint-hearted boy!
	Or am I mad, hearing him talk of Juliet,
	Or any token of thine honour else,
Or as the berry breaks before it staineth,
Or as the wardrobe which the robe doth hide,
Or as the wolf doth grin before he barketh,
Or captain jewels in the carcanet.
	Or climb my palace, till from forth this place
	Or close the wall up with our English dead.
	Or else, good night your vow!
	Or else you love not, for to be wise and love
	Or ere I'll weep. O fool, I shall go mad!
	Or feed on nourishing dishes, or keep you warm,
	Or from the all thatc	@b
Or hateful cuckoos hatch in sparrows' nests?
	Or here I'll cease.
	Or, Hubert, if you will, cut out my tongue,
	Or if I might buffet for my love, or bound my horse
	Or, if you'ld ask, remember this before:
Or in the ocean drench'd, or in the fire?
Or I shall live your epitaph to make,
	Or I shall so be-mete thee with thy yard
Or ivory in an alabaster band;
Or kings be breakers of their own behests?
ORLANDO	But will my Rosalind do so?
	Or last, your fine Egyptian cookery
	Or like a star disorb'd? Nay, if we talk of reason,
Or like the deadly bullet of a gun,
Or made them swear against the thing they see;
	Or pay you with unthankfulness in thought,
Or sells eternity to get a toy?
	Or some about him near, have, out of malice
Or some fierce thing replete with too much rage,
	Or stand so mammering on. What! Michael Cassio,
	Or sue to you to do a peculiar profit
Or ten times happier be it ten for one,
	Or that we women had men's privilege
Or toads infect fair founts with venom mud?
	Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
Or tyrant folly lurk in gentle breasts?
Or what fond beggar, but to touch the crown,
	Or with our sighs we'll breathe the welkin dim,
	Or wolf, or both,--for he is equal ravenous
Or you survive when I in earth am rotten;
OSWALD	Yes, madam.
Otant wife; who, even now,
	O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
	O, that the gods
	o' th' ear: or if I can see my glove in his cap,
OTHELLO	And yet, how nature erring from itself,--
OTHELLO	Farewell, farewell:
OTHELLO	I am bound to thee for ever.
OTHELLO	It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul,--
OTHELLO	I will not.
OTHELLO	No, not much moved:
OTHELLO	Not a jot, not a jot.
OTHELLO	Prithee, no more: let him come when he will;
O, therefore, love, be of thyself so wary
	other her defences, which now are too too strongly
	Other Senat
	Others, like merchants, venture trade abroad,
	Others, like soldiers, armed in their stings,
	O thou fond many, with what loud applause
	O true apothecary!
O unfelt sore! crest-wounding, private scar!
'O unseen shame! invisible disgrace!
	Our Caesar's vesture wounded? Look you here,
	Our chariots and our horsemen be in readiness:
	Our discontented counties do revolt;
	Our duty is so rich, so infinite,
	Our fine musician groweth amorous.
	Our great competitor: from Alexandria
	Our king and company; the next, our ship--
	Our peace we'll ratify; seal it with feasts.
	Our people quarrel with obedience,
	our plot is a good plot as ever was laid; our
	Our purpose to them: and to our noble consul
	Our royal, good and gallant ship, our master
	Our separation so abides, and flies,
	our strange sights: he must know 'tis none of your
	our unlawful intents? We shall not then have his
	our youth, by the obligation of our ever-preserved
ous waves he kept, and oar'd
	Out of my sight, and never see me more!
	Out of their best--is not almost a fault
	O, vengeance!
'Over my altars hath he hung his lance,
	Over whose acres walk'd those blessed feet
	O, what a fall was there, my countrymen!
O, what excuse will my poor beast then find,
'O, where am I?' quoth she, 'in earth or heaven,
	own appointment; even as you came in to me, her
	own fingers: therefore he that cannot lick his
	own fool's eyes peep.
	O world, thy slippery turns! Friends now fast sworn,
OXFORD	Here pitch our battle; hence we will not budge.
OXFORD	 I thought no less: it is his policy
Oz+aa wreck past hope he was:
-	P1af
PAGE	O Lord, they fight! I will go call the watch.
Page	Sir?
PAGE	That silk will I go buy.
	Page; to know if it were my master's fortune to
PANDARUS	A whoreson tisick, a whoreson rascally tisick so
PANDARUS	Do you hear, my lord? do you hear?
PANDARUS	Here's a letter come from yond poor girl.
PANDARUS	Is he here, say you? 'tis more than I know, I'll
PANDARUS	Leave! an you take leave till to-morrow morning,--
PANDARUS	Pretty, i' faith.
	Pardon me, lords, 'tis the first time that ever
PARIS	I do defy thy conjurations,
PARIS	O, I am slain!
	Paris your brother, and Deiphobus,
	[Parle without, and answer within. Then a flourish.
PAROLLES	Hadst thou not the privilege of antiquity upon thee,--
PAROLLES	I have not, my lord, deserved it.
PAROLLES	I most unfeignedly beseech your lordship to make
PAROLLES	My lord, you do me most insupportable vexation.
PAROLLES	My lord, you give me most egregious indignity.
PAROLLES	Well, I shall be wiser.
PAROLLES	Well, thou hast a son shall take this disgrace off
	particulars of my life.
	Partition make with spectacles so precious
 passage led your wars even to
	passion came so near the life of passion as she
PATROCLUS	Ay, and perhaps receive much honour by him.
PATROCLUS	O, then, beware;
PAULINA	From all dishonesty he can: in this,
PAULINA	Good my liege, I come;
PAULINA	Good queen, my lord,
PAULINA	Let him that makes but trifles of his eyes
PAULINA	Nay, rather, good my lords, be second to me:
PAULINA	No noise, my lord; but needful conference
PAULINA	Not so hot, good sir:
PAULINA	True, too true, my lord:
	pawn till it be brought you.
	Pedascule, I'll watch you better yet.
PEMBROKE	Who brought that letter from the cardinal?
	peradventure, to make it the more gracious, I shall
PERICLES	Arise, I pray you, rise:
PERICLES	At sea! what mother?
PERICLES	                  But are you flesh and blood?
PERICLES	Ho, Helicanus!
PERICLES	How! a king's daughter?
PERICLES	I will believe you by the syllable
PERICLES	Nay, I'll be patient.
PERICLES	                  O, I am mock'd,
PERICLES	                  O, stop there a little!
PERICLES	Thou art a grave and noble counsellor,
PERICLES	Which welcome we'll accept; feast here awhile,
	Persever in that clear way thou goest,
	Personates thee: and thy lopp'd branches point
	person than any of us all.
	Persuades me I was better when a king;
	Peter Quince! Flute, the bellows-mender! Snout,
PETRUCHIO	And you, good sir! Pray, have you not a daughter
PETRUCHIO	How! she is busy and she cannot come!
PETRUCHIO	I hope better.
PETRUCHIO	O, ho! entreat her!
PETRUCHIO	O monstrous arrogance! Thou liest, thou thread,
	PETRUCHIO, with HORTENSIO as a musician; and TRANIO,
PETRUCHIO	Worse and q
PETRUCHIO	You wrong me, Signior Gremio: give me leave.
PHILOTUS	I am of your fear for that.
PHILOTUS	Is not my lord seen yet?
PHILOTUS	I wonder on't; he was wont to shine at seven.
PHILOTUS	Labouring for nine.
	Pieces of gold 'gainst this which then he wore
	Pierced through the heart with your stern cruelty:
	Pierce every sense about thee! Old fond eyes,
PISANIO	And kiss'd it, madam.
PISANIO	Be assured, madam,
PISANIO	It was his queen, his queen!
PISANIO	                  Madam, so I did.
PISANIO	My lord,
PISANIO	                  No, madam; for so long
	Pisa renown'd for grave citizens
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`placement delete[] closure'
	places: for these fellows of infinite tongue, that
	Playing the mouse in absence of the cat,
	Plead for our interest and our being here.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
	please you,
	Plenty and peace breeds cowards: hardness ever
	Plucks off my beard, and blows it in my face?
POINS	Ay, four, in buckram suits.
POINS	Come, let's hear, Jack; what trick hast thou now?
POINS	Down fell their hose.
POINS	How the rogue roar'd!
POINS	Mark, Jack.
	[Points to WILLIAMS. Exeunt Heralds with Montjoy]
	politic; he crossed himself by 't: and I cannot
	politic love.
POMPEY	[Aside to MENAS]  Go hang, sir, hang! Tell me of
POMPEY	[Aside to MENAS]  I think thou'rt mad.
POMPEY	By this hand, sir, his wife is a more respected
POMPEY	Doth your honour see any harm in his face?
POMPEY	Enjoy thy plainness,
POMPEY	Hast thou drunk well?
POMPEY	How should that be?
POMPEY	I have fair meanings, sir.
POMPEY	I know thee now: how farest thou, soldier?
POMPEY	I'll be supposed upon a book, his face is the worst
POMPEY	Let me shake thy hand;
POMPEY	Nay; I beseech you, mark it well.
POMPEY	Nine, sir; Overdone by the last.
POMPEY	No, Antony, take the lot: but, first
POMPEY	Sir, she was respected with him before he married with her.
POMPEY	Then so much have I heard:
POMPEY	Thou hast served me with much faith. What's else to say?
POMPEY	We'll feast each other ere we part; and let's
POMPEY	What, I pray you?
POMPEY	What say'st thou?
POMPHEY	Mistress Overdone.
POMPHEY	Tapster; a poor widow's tapster.
	Poor breathing orators of miseries!
Poor Lucrece' cheeks unto her maid seem so
Poor women's faces are their own fault's books.
Poor women's faults, that they are so fulfill'd
PORTIA	                  Clerk, draw a deed of gift.
PORTIA	He is well paid that is well satisfied;
PORTIA	I humbly do desire your grace of pardon:
PORTIA	I will have nothing else but only this;
PORTIA	O love, dispatch all business, and be gone!
PORTIA	You press me far, and therefore I will yield.
Post	At my depart, these were his very words:
POSTHUMUS LEONATUS	[Advancing]             Ay, so thou dost,
POSTHUMUS LEONATUS	Hang there like a fruit, my soul,
	Post I in this design: well may you, sir,
Post	My sovereign liege, no letters; and few words,
Post	These were her words, utter'd with mad disdain:
	Potent at court: he, none but he, shall have her,
	Pour the sweet milk of concord into hell,
|$ PQj
	Pray for me! I must now forsake ye: the last hour
	Pray God, sir, your wife send you not a worse.
	Pray you, go fit you to the custom and
	Pray you, undo this button: thank you, sir.
pr china
	Prepare her ears to hear a wooer's tale
	Presented thee more hideous than thou art.
	[Presenting HORTENSIO]
	press-money. That fellow handles his bow like a
  Presume not on thy heart when mine is slain;
	prevent your discovery, and your secrecy to the king
PRIAM	Farewell: the gods with safety stand about thee!
Priam, why art thou old and yet not wise?
	Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down.
PRINCE EDWARD	And take his thanks that yet hath nothing else.
PRINCE HENRY	Ay, and mark thee too, Jack.
PRINCE HENRY	Do thou stand for my father, and examine me upon the
PRINCE HENRY	He that rides at high speed and with his pistol
PRINCE HENRY	I'll be no longer guilty of this sin; this sanguine
PRINCE HENRY	I shall hereafter, my thrice gracious lord,
PRINCE HENRY	Not a whit, i' faith; I lack some of thy instinct.
PRINCE HENRY	O monstrous! eleven buckram men grown out of two!
PRINCE HENRY	Peace, chewet, peace!
PRINCE HENRY	Prithee, let him alone; we shall have more anon.
PRINCE HENRY	Seven? why, there were but four even now.
PRINCE HENRY	So did he never the sparrow.
PRINCE HENRY	So, two more already.
PRINCE HENRY	These lies are like their father that begets them;
PRINCE HENRY	Thy state is taken for a joined-stool, thy golden
PRINCE HENRY	Well, breathe awhile, and then to it again: and
PRINCE HENRY	We two saw you four set on four and bound them, and
PRINCE HENRY	Why, then, it is like, if there come a hot June and
PRINCE HENRY	Why, what a rascal art thou then, to praise him so
PRINCE HENRY	Yes, Jack, upon instinct.
	prince. Instinct is a great matter; I was now a
PRINCE	My gracious father, by your kingly leave,
Prince of Wales	(PRINCE HENRY:)	|
PRINCE	Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace,
PRINCESS	Amazed, my lord? why looks your highness sad?
PRINCESS	Honey, and milk, and sugar; there is three.
	Prithee, call Gardiner to me, my new secretary:
	prize, and have it; yea, and can show it you here in
	Proclaims him king, and many fly to him:
	Profaners of this neighbour-stained steel,--
Profitles vserer why do ost thou vse
<program name unknown>
	Promises Britain peace and plenty.
	Prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell,
PROSPERO	[Aside] It goes on, I see,
PROSPERO	[Aside to ARIEL]  Bravely, my diligence. Thou shalt be free.
PROSPERO	[Aside to ARIEL]  My tricksy spirit!
PROSPERO	Ay, with a twink.
PROSPERO	Dearly my delicate Ariel. Do not approach
PROSPERO	How? the best?
PROSPERO	Look thou be true; do not give dalliance
PROSPERO	No, wench; it eats and sleeps and hath such senses
PROSPERO	The fringed curtains of thine eye advance
PROTEUS	But she loves you?
	Proved us unspeaking sots.
	Prove holy water on thee! Imogen,
	provided me here half a dozen sufficient men?
	Provided that you weed your better judgments
Provost	Angelo hath seen them both, and will discover the favour.
Provost	I would do more than that, if more were needful.
PUCK	Fairy king, attend, and mark:
PUCK	I took him sleeping,--that is finish'd too,--
PUCK	Now, when thou wakest, with thine
PUCK	This is the woman, but not this the man.
- pure virtual function call
	purpose that the world can say against it; and
	purpose to marry, I will think nothing to any
	purpose you undertake is dangerous; the friends you
	purpose you undertake is dangerous;'--why, that's
	Put him to choler straight: he hath been used
	Put in her tender heart the aspiring flame
	Put into parts, doth keep in one consent,
	Put on the gown, stand naked and entreat them,
	put ratsbane in my mouth as offer to stop it with
q8 iqx
Q	B6[h
Qs, with scaling-ladders]
	Quarrels unjust against the good and loyal,
QUEEN	And you!
QUEEN ELINOR	Come hither, little kinsman; hark, a word.
QUEEN ELIZABETH	And wilt thou learn of me?
QUEEN ELIZABETH	A parlous boy: go to, you are too shrewd.
QUEEN ELIZABETH	How canst thou woo her?
QUEEN ELIZABETH	My daughter's mother thinks it with her soul.
QUEEN ELIZABETH	Pitchers have ears.
QUEEN ELIZABETH	Say then, who dost thou mean shall be her king?
QUEEN ELIZABETH	Send to her, by the man that slew her brothers,
QUEEN ELIZABETH	That thou dost love my daughter from thy soul:
QUEEN ELIZABETH	Windy attorneys to their client woes,
QUEEN GERTRUDE	O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.
QUEEN	He goes hence frowning: but it honours us
QUEEN KATHARINE	I am sorry that the Duke of Buckingham
QUEEN KATHARINE	The more shame for ye: holy men I thought ye,
QUEEN KATHARINE	Ye tell me what ye wish for both,--my ruin:
QUEEN KATHARINE	Ye turn me into nothing: woe upon ye
QUEEN MARGARET	Lords, knights, and gentlemen, what I should say
QUEEN MARGARET	Thanks, gentle Somerset; sweet Oxford, thanks.
QUEEN MARGARET	This cheers my heart, to see your forwardness.
QUEEN MARGARET	Thy woes will make them sharp, and pierce like mine.
QUEEN	'Tis not sleepy business;
	Question enrages him. At once, good night:
	question, thou wilt be, if my cousin do not look
	Question your grace the late ambassadors,
QUINCE	Bless thee, Bottom! bless thee! thou art
QUINCE	Have you sent to Bottom's house? is he come home yet?
	Rather our state's defective for requital
	Rather than envy you.
	Rather than want a spirit: appear and pertly!
	Ravish a maid, or plot the way to do it,
	Readins, of Maidenhead, of Colebrook, of horses and
	Ready to fight; therefore be resolute.
	Receive him, then, to favor, Saturnine,
	Recount, I do beseech thee: come, sit by me.
	'Redime te captum quam queas minimo.'
	[Re-enter AEdile, with Citizens]
	[Re-enter ARIEL, with the Master and Boatswain
	[Re-enter ARVIRAGUS, with IMOGEN, as dead,
	[Re-enter Bawd]
	[Re-enter BIONDELLO]
	[Re-enter BOULT]
	[Re-enter BUCKINGHAM and the rest]
	[Re-enter CORIOLANUS]
	[Re-enter LAFEU]
	[Re-enter MARIA, with MALVOLIO]
	[Re-enter OSWALD]
	[Re-enter QUINCE]
	[Re-enter TROILUS]
REGAN	For his particular, I'll receive him gladly,
REGAN	This house is little: the old man and his people
REgrave: come, arm him. Boy, he is preferr'd
	Remember me at court; where I was taught
	Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain!
RENCE	[Aside to GLOUCESTER]  I fear her not, unless she
RENCE	That's a day longer than a wonder lasts.
	Repair'd with double riches of content.
	Repent what's past; avoid what is to come;
	Repose in fame; none basely slain in brawls:
Reproach is stamp'd in Collatinus' face,
	Re-quicken'd what in flesh was fatigate,
	Requires nor child nor woman's face to see.
	reward, and knights him. Exit PERICLES at one
	rich fellow enough, go to; and a fellow that hath
RICHMOND	Why, then 'tis time to arm and give direction.
ries, to be a pretty
	right, because he hath not the gift to woo in other
	Rise from thy stool.
	[Rises, and walks aside]
	roll? Let me see, let me see, let me see. So, so:
	Rome and the righteous heavens be my judge,
ROMEO	And is it not well served in to a sweet goose?
ROMEO	A torch for me: let wantons light of heart
ROMEO	Give me a torch: I am not for this ambling;
ROMEO	Here's goodly gear!
ROMEO	I am too sore enpierced with his shaft
ROMEO	In faith, I will. Let me peruse this face.
ROMEO	Is love a tender thing? it is too rough,
ROMEO	I stretch it out for that word 'broad;' which added
ROMEO	I warrant thee, my man's as true as steel.
ROMEO	Nay, good goose, bite not.
ROMEO	Nay, that's not so.
ROMEO	Not I, believe me: you have dancing shoes
ROMEO	One, gentlewoman, that God hath made for himself to
ROMEO	What say'st thou, my dear nurse?
ROMEO	Wilt thou provoke me? then have at thee, boy!
Rome will despise her for this foul escape.
ROSALIND	By my life, she will do as I do.
ROSALINE	All the fool mine?
ROSALINE	But that you take what doth to you belong,
ROSALINE	Help, hold his brows! he'll swoon! Why look you pale?
ROSALINE	                  How many weary steps,
ROSALINE	In private, then.
ROSALINE	It is not so. Ask them how many inches
ROSALINE	My face is butC
ROSALINE	Only to part friends:
ROSALINE	Sans sans, I pray you.
ROSALINE	Then cannot we be bought: and so, adieu;
ROSALINE	There, then, that vizard; that superfluous case
ROSALINE	This proves you wise and rich, for in my eye,--
ROSALINE	We can afford no more at such a price.
ROSALINE	What would these strangers? know their minds, Boyet:
ROSALINE	What would they, say they?
ROSALINE	Which of the vizards was it that you wore?
ROSALINE	Why, that they have; and bid them so be gone.
ROSALINE	Your absence only.
ROSENCRANTZ	[Aside to GUILDENSTERN]  What say you?
ROSENCRANTZ	My lord, there was no such stuff in my thoughts.
ROSENCRANTZ	To visit you, my lord; no other occasion.
ROSENCRANTZ	To what end, my lord?
ROSENCRANTZ	Wilt please you go, my lord?
ROSS	What sights, my lord?
Rot and consume themselves in little time.
	run away from the Jew, I should be ruled by the
	Run reeking o'er the lives of men, as if
	Runs posting on in Bolingbroke's proud joy,
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	Ruthful to hear, yet piteously perform'd:
'RY Ky
	Said he not so? or did I dream it so?
SALARINO	I am sure the duke
SALARINO	It is the most impenetrable cur
SALISBURY	Lords, I will meet him at Saint Edmundsbury:
SALISBURY	The Count Melun, a noble lord of France,
	Salutes each other with each other's form;
Sap checkt with frost and lustie leau's quite gon.
SATURNINUS	And therefore, lovely Tamora, queen of Goths,
SATURNINUS	Ascend, fair queen, Pantheon. Lords, accompany
SATURNINUS	So, Bassianus, you have play'd your prize:
SATURNINUS	'Tis good, sir: you are very short with us;
SATURNINUS	Traitor, if Rome have law or we have power,
SATURNINUS	What, madam! be dishonour'd openly,
	Save mine, which hath desired to see thee more;
	Save that, for reverence to some alive,
	Save that, they say, the wars must make examples
	Save these men's looks; who do, methinks, find out
	Save thou the child, so we may all be safe.
Save where thou art not, though I feel thou art,
		  Save you, sir.
	Saying, he'll lade it dry to have his way:
Saying, some shape in Sinon's was abused;
	say I, 'you counsel well:' to be ruled by my
	says 'Launcelot, budge not.' 'Budge,' says the
	Says very wisely, 'It is ten o'clock:
	Say, that the last I spoke was 'Antony,'
	say they be fled; Germans are honest men.
	say what dream it was: man is but an ass, if he go
`scalar deleting destructor'
	Scaring the ladies like a crow-keeper;
	Scars to move laughter only.
SCENE I	A public place.
SCENE I	A room in LEONTES' palace.
SCENE I	A room in Lucullus' house.
SCENE I	Coventry.
SCENE II	A bedchamber in the castle: DESDEMONA in bed asleep;
SCENE II	A public place.
SCENE II	Athens. QUINCE'S house.
SCENE III	A church.
SCENE III	A room in Cymbeline's palace.
SCENE III	Before the castle.
SCENE III	The field of battle.
SCENE III	The same.
SCENE III	The same. The Forum.
SCENE III	Venice. A street.
SCENE III	Warkworth castle
SCENE II	The same. Plains near Angiers.
SCENE IV	France. The KING'S palace.
SCENE IV	London. A street.
SCENE V	A room in the Garter Inn.
SCENE VI	Another room in the Garter Inn.
SCENE VI	Wales. Before the cave of Belarius.
SCENE V	The same. A hall in Aufidius's house.
SCENE XIII	Alexandria. Cleopatra's palace.
SCENE XIV	The same. Another room.
	sceptre for a leaden dagger, and thy precious rich
	Scholars allow'd freely to argue for her.
Scorning his churlish drum and ensign red,
	Scotland hath foisons to fill up your will.
	Scots, Douglas, that runs o' horseback up a hill
	Seals a commission to a blank of danger;
	Sea-sick, I think, coming from Muscovy.
SEBASTIAN	Do so: to ebb
SEBASTIAN	Foul weather?
SEBASTIAN	                  I do remember.
SEBASTIAN	I'll be your purse-bearer and leave you
SEBASTIAN	Or docks, or mallows.
SEBASTIAN	Prithee, say on:
SEBASTIAN	'Scape being drunk for want of wine.
SEBASTIAN	Sir, you may thank yourself for this great loss,
SEBASTIAN	Thou dost snore distinctly;
SEBASTIAN	Very well.
SEBASTIAN	                  Well, I am standing water.
SEBASTIAN	                  Yet he would be king on't.
SEBASTIAN	You were kneel'd to and importuned otherwise
se bodies Richard murder'd,
Second Citizen	Go fetch fire.
Second Citizen	Most noble Caesar! We'll revenge his death.
Second Gentleman	But that slander, sir,
Second Gentleman	I am confident,
Second Gentleman	If the duke be guiltless,
Second Gentleman	I think you have
Second Gentleman	This secret is so weighty, 'twill require
Second Keeper	Here in this country, where we now remain.
Second Lord	[Aside]  I wish not so; unless it had been the fall
Second Lord	[Aside]  You are a fool granted; therefore your
Second Lord	He hath perverted a young gentlewoman here in
Second Lord	I'll attend your lordship.
Second Lord	Merely our own traitors. And as in the common course
Second Lord	Not till after midnight; for he is dieted to his hour.
Second Lord	Well, my lord.
Second Lord	You cannot derogate, my lord.
Second Messenger	By this at Daintry, with a puissant troop.
Second Senator	Throw thy glove,
Second Senator	What thou wilt,
Second Servant	Madam, he hath not slept tonight; commanded
Second Servant	Marry, sir, 'tis an ill cook that cannot lick his
Second Servingman	Where's Cotus? my master calls
Second Stranger	But believe you this, my lord, that, not long ago,
Second Stranger	I tell you, denied, my lord.
	See as thou wast wont to see:
	See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
	seen, man's hand is not able to taste, his tongue
	See, see, King Richard doth himself appear,
	see; where is Mouldy?
	Seldom but sumptuous, showed like a feast
sel! Lovers
Senators	To Coriolanus come all joy and honour!
	Send quickly to Sir John, to know his mind.
	Sends word of all that haps in Tyre:
	Sent by the heavens for Prince Saturnine,
Servant	Excellent! Your lordship's a goodly villain. The
Servant	He and Lepidus are at Caesar's house.
Servant	Here's my lord.
Servant	I have told my lord of you; he is coming down to you.
Servant	I heard him say, Brutus and Cassius
Servant	Sir, Octavius is already come to Rome.
	Set at liberty: the fat ribs of peace
	Set deadly enmity between two friends,
	Set down by the poll?
	Set fire on barns and hay-stacks in the night,
	set him clear. How fairly this lord strives to
	Set on there! Never was a war did cease,
	Set on thy wife to observe: leave me, Iago:
	Setting endeavour in continual motion;
	Shakes all our buds from growing.
   Shall Ajax fight with Hector?
	Shall be applied: for us we will resign,
	shall be with her between ten and eleven; for at
	Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws,
	Shall come again, transform'd to orient pearl,
Shall curse my bones, and hold it for no sin
	Shall have the fame. I have heard that Julius Caesar
	shall hear how things go; and, I warrant, to your
	Shall I not lie in publishing a truth?
	Shall make their harbour in our town, till we
	Shall Master Slender steal my Nan away
Shall neigh--no dull flesh--in his fiery race;
	Shall never tremble: or be alive again,
SHALLOW	Here is two more called than your number, you must
SHALLOW	It is very just.
SHALLOW	It is well said, in faith, sir; and it is well said
SHALLOW	Marry, have we, sir. Will you sit?
	Shallow: Master Surecard, as I think?
SHALLOW	No, Sir John; it is my cousin Silence, in commission with me.
SHALLOW	O, Sir John, do you remember since we l
SHALLOW	What think you, Sir John? a good-limbed fellow;
SHALLOW	Where's the roll? where's the roll? where's the
	Shall secretly into the bosom creep
	Shall she live to betray this guilt of ours,
	Shall that victorious hand be feebled here,
	shall undo a whole household, let me be gelded like
sh any thing but a bottle, I would I
	sharp sauce.
She bathes in water, yet her fire must burn:
She bears the load of lust he left behind,
She, desperate, with her nails her flesh doth tear;
	She did corrupt frail nature with some bribe,
	She excels each mortal thing
	She gave me for my pains a world of sighs:
	she holds it a vice in her goodness not to do more
	She is the weeping welkin, I the earth:
	She is your treasure, she must have a husband;
She like a wearied lamb lies panting there;
	She'll flay thy wolvish visage. Thou shalt find
	She loved me for the dangers I had pass'd,
Shepherd	Let's before as he bids us: he was provided to do us good.
She says, her subjects with foul insurrection
	she shall have whipping-cheer enough, I warrant
	She should not visit you.
	She swore, in faith, twas strange, 'twas passing strange,
She tears the senseless Sinon with her nails,
	She will a handmaid be to his desires,
	She will not come: she bids you come to her.
	She wish'd she had not heard it, yet she wish'd
She would have said 'can lurk in such a look;'
Shone like the moon in water seen by night.
	Should answer solemn accidents. The matter?
	Should be maintain'd, assembled and collected,
	Should by the minute feed on life and lingering
	Should have hare-hearts, would they but fat
	should he do here?
	Should make desire vomit emptiness,
	Should make thee worth them. Blasts and fogs upon thee!
	should sing.
	Should sure to the slaughter,
	Should yield the wo
Show'd like two silver doves that sit a-billing.
	Show duty, as mistaken all this while
	showed what necessity belonged to't, and yet was denied.
	Show minutes, times, and hours: but my time
Shows thee unripe; yet mayst thou well be tasted:
	shows the letter to CLEON; gives the Messenger a
	Show them the unaching scars which I should hide,
	shrinks from him.
SHYLOCK	Gaoler, look to him: tell not me of mercy;
SHYLOCK	I'll have my bond; I will not hear thee speak:
SHYLOCK	I'll have my bond; speak not against my bond:
SHYLOCK	I pray you, give me leave to go from hence;
SICINIUS	Assemble presently the people hither;
SICINIUS	Draw near, ye people.
SICINIUS	Have you a catalogue
SICINIUS	Have you collected them by tribes?
SICINIUS	I do demand,
SICINIUS	Make them be strong and ready for this hint,
SICINIUS	Sir, the people
SICINIUS	We are convented
SICINIUS	Well, here he comes.
	'Sigeia tellus,' disguised thus to get your love;
SILENCE	Your good-worship is welcome.
	Simois,' I know you not, 'hic est Sigeia tellus,' I
SIMPLE	And what says she, I pray, sir?
SIMPLE	I may not conceal them, sir.
SIMPLE	I thank your worship: I shall make my master glad
SIMPLE	I would I could have spoken with the woman herself;
SIMPLE	Marry, sir, I come to speak with Sir John Falstaff
SIMPLE	May I be bold to say so, sir?
SIMPLE	My master, sir, Master Slender, sent to her, seeing
SIMPLE	Pray you, sir, was't not the wise woman of
SIMPLE	There's an old woman, a fat woman, gone up into his
SIMPLE	What, sir?
SIMPLE	Why, sir, they were nothing but about Mistress Anne
Since every one hath, every one, one shade,
  Since from thee going he went wilful-slow,
	since I forswore myself at primero. Well, if my
	Since my becomings kill me, when they do not
Since, seldom coming, in the long year set,
	Since that the trade and profit of the city
	Since the first sword was drawn about this question,
	Since we have locks to safeguard necessaries,
	Since you will buckle fortune on my back,
SING error
	sing it at her death.
SIR HUGH EVANS	Have a care of your entertainments: there is a
SIR HUGH EVANS	I will teach the children their behaviors; and I
SIR HUGH EVANS	Let us about it: it is admirable pleasures and fery
SIR HUGH EVANS	Where is mine host?
	Sith priest and holy water are so near
	Sith yet there is a credence in my heart,
	Sit laurel victory! and smooth success
	sit like a jack-an-apes, never off. But, before God,
	skim milk with so honourable an action! Hang him!
	Slaver with lips as common as the stairs
	Slept in his face and render'd such aspect
	Sluttery to such neat excellence opposed
	sluttishness may come hereafter. But be it as it may
	'Small herbs have grace, great weeds do grow apace:'
	smooth-pates do now wear nothing but high shoes, and
SNOUT	O Bottom, thou art changed! what do I see on thee?
	snowball; saying his prayers too.
So am I as the rich, whose blessed key
	so both the degrees prevent my curses. Boy!
	So dear in heart, not to deny her that
So did I Tarquin; so my Troy did perish.
	So do I wish the crown, being so far off;
So fair a form lodged not a mind so ill:
	So fair, and fasten'd to an empery,
So fares it with this faultful lord of Rome,
	So farewell, noble Lucius.
	so free, so kind, so apt, so blessed a disposition,
	So from thy soul's love didst thou love her brothers;
	[Soft music]
	So great as our dread father in a scale
So great a summe of summes yet can'st not liue?
	So hallow'd and so gracious is the time.
	so he that in this action contrives against his own
	So humbly take my leave.
So I, for fear of trust, forget to say
	So I may keep mine eyes: O, spare mine eyes.
	So I might have your company in hell,
So is her face illumined with her eye;
	So is it in the music of men's lives.
	So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape;
So is the time that keeps you as my chest,
	So it may prove an argument of laughter
Soldier	Enobarbus, Antony
	soldier keep his oath?
	soldier-like word, and a word of exceeding good
	solidares for thee: good boy, wink at me, and say
	So long a-growing and so leisurely,
	So long as Edward is thy constant friend,
So long as youth and thou are of one date;
	so many talents, nay, urged extremely for't and
	So may a thousand actions, once afoot.
	Some airy devil hovers in the sky
	Some falls are means the happier to arise.
Some loathsome dash the herald will contrive,
Some of her blood still pure and red remain'd,
	Some patient leisure to excuse myself.
	some reservation of y-
SOMERSET	But he's deceived; we are in readiness.
	Some say that ever 'gainst that season comes
	Some sleeves, some hats, from yielders all
	Something not worth in me such rich beholding
	Some trick not worth an egg, shall grow dear friends
	So much as but to prop him?
		| sons of the King
	Soon kindled and soon burnt; carded his state,
	soon moody to be moved.
Soothsayer	The fingers of the powers above do tune
Soothsayer	The lofty cedar, royal Cymbeline,
So Priam's trust false Sinon's tears doth flatter,
Sorrow to shepherds, woe unto the birds,
	So should a murderer look, so dead, so grim.
So sober-sad, so weary, and so mild,
	So, so, thou common dog, didst thou disgorge
	So stakes me to the ground I cannot move.
	So strongly guarded.
	So strongly that they dare not meet each other;
	So sweet a death as hanging presently.
	So the fool follows after.
'So then he ha1
	so they shall be both bestowed. I have suffered more
	So thou wilt send thy gentle heart before,
	Sound but another, and another shall
south africa
south korea
	So vanish'd: which foreshow'd our princely eagle,
	So when he had occasion to be seen,
So white a friend engirts so white a foe:
spanish-costa rica
spanish-dominican republic
spanish-el salvador
spanish-puerto rico
	Spare thy Athenian cradle and those kin
	speak, breathe, discuss; brief, short, quick, snap.
	speaker is but a prater; a rhyme is but a ballad. A
	Speak how I fell. I have done; and God forgive me!
Speak of the spring and foison of the year;
	Speak, Queen of Goths, dost thou applaud my choice?
	speciously one of them; Mistress Ford, good heart,
	spirit--give thee thy due--and one that knows what
	spirit Percy, and that devil Glendower? Art thou
s rich in having such a jewel
	stagger in this attempt; for here we have no temple
	Stain all your edges on me. Boy! false hound!
	Stain my man's cheeks! No, you unnatural hags,
	standing-bed and truckle-bed; 'tis painted about
	Stand not upon the order of your going,
STARVELING	He cannot )i'
	stay behind
	Sticks deeper, grows with more pernicious root
	Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
	Still waving, as the fits and stirs of 's mind
	stocks, i' the common stocks, for a witch.
	Stones have been known to move and trees to speak;
Stone-still, astonish'd with this deadly deed,
Stood Collatine and all his lordly crew;
	Stood now within the pretty flowerets' eyes
	[Storm and tempest]
	Strike the proud cedars 'gainst the fiery sun;
	Strike up, pipers.
	Strike up the drums; and let the tongue of war
string too long
Strong-tempered steel his stronger strength obey'd,
	Subdue my worthiest self. The witch shall die:
	Subscribed by the consuls and patricians,
	Such a foe, good heavens!
	Such as is bent on sun-like majesty
'Such devils steal effects from lightless hell;
	such enemies again as that fiend Douglas, that
Such signs of truth in his plain face she spied,
	Such thoughts and such, or I could make him swear
	Sudden, malicious, smacking of every sin
sue of your womb,
	sun-burning, that never looks in his glass for love
	Supplied with worthy men! plant love among 's!
	Sure, he that made us with such large discourse,
	Sure, one of you does not serve heaven well, that
	Surety secure; but modest doubt is call'd
	Swearing allegiance and the love of soul
	Swifter than the wandering moon.
	Swill'd with the wild and wasteful ocean.
	Sword, pike, knife,8
	'Swounds, I should take it: for it cannot be
\$ ;\$(t
T$ _^[
	Ta'en off by poison.
	Taffeta phrases, silken terms precise,
Tailor	But did you not request to have it cut?
Tailor	But how did you desire it should be made?
Tailor	I have.
	tailor's-yard, you sheath, you bowcase; you vile
Tailor	Why, here is the note of the fashion to testify
Tailor	Your worship is deceived; the gown is made
	Take any shape but that, and my firm nerves
	Take heed, for heaven's sake, take heed, lest at once
	Take heed, take heed, for such die miserable.
	Take heed, the quarrel
	Take or lend. Ho! No answer? Then I'll enter.
	Take our good meaning, for our judgment sits
	Take some remembrance of us, as a tribute,
	Take thou what course thou wilt!
	Take to you, as your predecessors have,
	Take up the body.
	Take up this mangled matter at the best:
	take vantages.
	Take you your instrument, play you the whiles;
	tale shall put you down. Then did we two set on you
	Talk not to me: I will go sit and weep
TAMORA	And here, in sight of heaven, to Rome I swear,
TAMORA	My worthy lord, if ever Tamora
TAMORA	Not so, my lord; the gods of Rome forfend
TA;	&n
	tapsters: they will draw =
	Taught him to face me out of his acquaintance,
	Tears show their love, but want their remedies.
	'Tell him, in hope
	Tell me how it came this night
	Tell me, Othello: I wonder in my soul,
	Tell me their words as near as thou canst guess them.
	Tell me thy mind; for I have Pisa left
, tell your tale; I have done.
>ten did beguile her of her tears,
Ten times thy selfe were happier then thou art,
	terrible to the enemy as it is: I were better to be
Tf goodly pride:
	than a mischief.
	than a monkey: I will weep for nothing, like Diana
	Than Cambridge is, hath likewise sworn. But, O,
	Than Cleopatra; nor the queen of Ptolemy
	Than common sleep of all these five the sense.
	Than ever they|
	Than greatness going off.
	Than have seen this.
	Than Hector is: the wound of peace is surety,
	Than hew to't with thy sword.
	Than I did truly find her, stakes this ring;
	Than is my deed to my most painted word:
	Than is the doting title of a mother;
	thank you: and sure, dear friends, my thanks are
	Than misery itself would give; rewards
	Than my unpleased eye see your courtesy.
	Than shame to the Romans: and we here deliver,
	than she is requested: this broken joint between
	Than such an one to reign.
	Than such as most seem yours: I say, I come
	Than summer-seeming lust, and it hath been
	Than Telamon for his shield; the boar of Thessaly
	Than their bare hands.
	Than the queen's life? a gracious innocent soul,
	Than thou went'st forth in lamentation.
	Than to accomplish twenty golden crowns!
	Than to be butcher of an innocent child.
	Than to suspicion.
	Than we bring men to comfort them:
	Than we to stretch it out.
	That admiration did not whoop at them:
	That all men follow.
	That all the plagues of hell should at one time
	That all the world shall--I will do such things,--
	That almost mightst have coin'd me into gold,
	That always favour'd him.
	That am a maid, though most ungentle fortune
	That any harm should stain so fair a show!
	That are so fortified against our story
	That art to me as secret and as dear
	that? away!
	That, being daily swallow'd by men's eyes,
	That birds would sing and think it were not night.
That blow did that it from the deep unrest
	That brought her for this high good turn so far?
	That brought you home and boldly did outdare
	That came a-wooing with you, and so many a time,
	That capability and god-like reason
	That creep like shadows by him and do sigh
	That death and nature do contend about them,
	That did oppose my will: better Macbeth
	That doth invert the attest of eyes and ears,
	That doth not wish you joy!
	That durst disperse it.
	that dwells with him, dwell with him or no?
	That e'er received gift from him:
	That ever death should let life bear his name,
	That ever kept with men.
	That fear attends her not.
	That fell away have entertainment, but
	That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
	That flies i' the purer air!
	That fly me thus? some villain mountaineers?
	That fools should be so deep-contemplative,
	That from his loins no hopeful branch may spring,
, that from my soul I love thy daughter.
	That from pay mutest conscience to my tongue
	That granted, how canst thou believe an oath?
	That guilty creatures sitting at a play
	That had a royal lover, took his hint;
		   That had, give't these fellows
	That has a name: but there's no bottom, none,
	That hath dishonour'd all our family;
	That hath express'd himself in all his deeds
That hath his windows glazed with thine eyes.
	That hath in it no profit but the name.
	That have afflictions on them, knowing 'tis
	That, hearing of her beauty and her wit,
	That heaven had made her such a man: she thank'd me,
	That, he awaking when the other do,
	That he could gnaw a crust at two hours old
That he finds means to burn his Troy with water.'
	that he hath devoted and given up himself to the
	That heirless it hath made my kingdom and
	That he may furnish and instruct great teachers,
	That he spake to thee?
	That hid the worse and show'd the better face.
	That highly may advantage thee to hear:
	That I am wise. I must have liberty
	That I came with no ill intent; for to me
	That if about this hour he make his way
	That if again this apparition come,
	That, if this rule were true, he should be gracious.
	That, if you fail in our request, the blame
	That I have been thus pleasant with you both.
	That I'll requite its last? No:
	That I'll resume the shape which thou dost think
	That I may pass this doing.
	that I may say in the default, he is a man I know.
	That I mean to thee. Tell thy mistress how
	that I might have cudgelled thee out of thy single
	That I might touch that cheek!
	That I must yield my body to the earth
	That in the rescue of Lavinia
	That inward breaks, and shows no cause without
	That in your chambers gave you chastisement?
	That I return'd with simular proof enough
That is as clear from this attaint of mine
	that is certain; and of great expedition and
	That I shall blush in acting, and might well
	that I shall die, is true; but for thy love, by the
	That I sleeping h
	That is one may reach deep enough, and yet
	That I, the son of a dear father murder'd,
	That I will joy no more.
	That knew'st the very bottom of my soul,
	That know the strong'st and surest way to get.
	That Lewis of France is sending over masquers
	That, like an eagle in a dove-cote, I
	That like the stately Phoebe 'mongst her nymphs
	That makes calamity of so long life;
	That many things, having full reference
	that may turn back to my advancement? I will bring
	That might annoy my finger? 'tis so strange,
That millions of strange shadows on you tend?
	That most pure spirit of sense, behold itself,
	That mount the Capitol; join gripes with hands
That my posterity, shamed with the note
	That my youth suffer'd. My story being done,
	That no king can corrupt.
	That nothing can allay, nothing but blood,
	That pages blush'd at him and men of heart
That patience is quite beaten from her breast.
	That presses him from sleep.
	That quench the fire of your pernicious rage
	That robs thee of thy goodness! If thou dost
	That Romeo bid thee fetch?
	that runs lolling up and down to hide his bauble in a hole.
	That satiate yet unsatisfied desire, that tub
	That's curdied by the frost from purest snow
	That set thee on to this desert, am bound
	That's fed with stinking tallow; it were fit
That's for thy selfe to breed an other thee,
	That shall reverberate all as loud as thine;
That she concludes the picture was belied.
	That she is busy and she cannot come.
	That Silvia is excelling;
	That Slender, though well landed, is an idiot;
That some impurity doth not pollute.
	That some plain man recount their purposes
That sometimes anger thrusts into his hide;
	That such a crafty devil as is his mother
	That swallow'd so much treasure, and like a glass
	That swear'st grace o'erboard, not an oath on shore?
	That the earth owes. I hear it now above me.
	That these hot tears, which break from me perforce,
	that this is no time to lend money, especially upon
	That thou adorest and hast in reverence,
	That, though the truth of it stands off as gross
	That thought you worthy of it.
	That thou hast power to shake my manhood thus;
	That thou provokest thyself to cast him up.
	That thou, residing here, go'st yet with me,
	that thou't scarce worth.
	That thou wilt use the wars as thy redress
	that thou wouldst discover if thou couldst, let him
That through the length of times he stands disgraced:
	That thus hath made me4
	that time the jealous rascally knave her husband
	That Timon's fortunes 'mong his friends can sink.
	that, unless a man were cursed, I cannot tell what
	That unsubstantial death is amorous,
That vse is not forbiffen vsery,
	That vulture in you, to devour so many
	That we are awake? It seems to me
	That we have given him cause.
	That we have made so much on. I had rather
	That we, like savages, may worship it.
	That we may do it still without accompt.
	That we meet here so strangely: but her son
	That we present us to him.
	That were the authors.
	That when he speaks not like a citizen,
	That, when he waked, of force she must be eyed.
	that when thou art inclined to sleep.
	That will prove awful both in deed and word.
	That will undo her: to confirm this too,
	That woe is me to think upon thy woes
	That would not bless our Europe with your daughter,
	That yet we sleep, we dream. Do not you think
	That you did nothing pu
	That you do speak to the people.
	The act of order to a peopled kingdom.
	The advised head defends itself at home;
'The aged man that coffers-up his gold
	The angry lords with all expedient haste.
	The archbishop.
	The archbishopric of Toledo, this is purposed.
	The arm'd rhinoceros, or the Hyrcan tiger;
	The armipotent Mars, of lances the almighty
	The articles o' the combination drew
	The baby of a girl. Hence, horrible shadow!
	The beacon of the wise, the tent that searches
	The bearer knows not, but commends itself
	The beauty that is borne here in the face
	The beggary of his change; but 'tis your graces
	The bird of dawning singeth all night long:
	The blood, and dearest-valued blood, of France.
The bloody spur cannot provoke him on
The bountious largesse giuen thee to giue?
The boy for trial needs would touch my breast;
The branches of another root are rotted,
	The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,
	The burthen of my sorrows fall upon ye.
	The case stands with her; do't as from thyself.
	The chafed boar, the mountain lioness,
	The charges of the action. We have made peace
	The circle of my glory.
	The cistern of my lust, and my desire
	The civil citizens kneading up the honey,
	The close enacts and counsels of the heart!
	The cock, that is the trumpet to the morn,
	The common muck of the world: he covets less
	The commonwealth is sick of their own choice;
	The cordial that ye bring a wretched lady,
	The court of Rome commanding, you, my lord
The credulous old Priam after slew;
	The cup of their deservings. O, see, see!
	The curse of heaven and men succeed their evils!
	The dangers of the time. You swore to us,
	The dashing rocks thy sea-sick weary bark!
	The day is hot, the Capulets abroad,
	The dearest ring in Venice will I give you,
	The deck, with glove, or hat, or handkerchief,
	The devil himself.
	The dint of pity: these are gracious drops.
	The doctor is well money'd, and his friends
	The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss
	The dreadful motion of a murderous thought;
	The due of honour in no point omit.
	The duke shall grant me justice. I do wonder,
	The duke was here, and bid us follow him?
	thee!' and by the operation of the second cup draws
	the ear of the court, how I have been transformed
the earth, and not on him.
The earth can yield me but a common grave,
	The edge of war, like an ill-sheathed knife,
	The effect doth operate a
	thee for pity.
Thee have I not lock'd up in any chest,
	Thee here in dark to be his paramour?
	thee, I bid thy master cut out the gown; but I did
	thee, in what motion age will give me leave.
	the eleven I paid.
	The end of war's uncer0
	thee to thy uncle's.
	The extravagant and erring spirit hies
	the face of the gods.
The fairest v
	The fault's your own.
	'The fiend, the fiend:' he led me to that place.
	The finch, the sparrow and the lark,
The flesh being proud, Desire doth fight with Grace,
	The game was ne'er so fair, and I am done.
	The gates of Rome. Our spoils we have brought home
	The gentleman is learn'd, and a most rare speaker;
	The good in conversation,
	The great part 
	The Grecian Diomed, and our Antenor
The guilty rebel for remission prays.
	The harlot's cheek, beautied with plastering art,
	The harmony of this peace. The vision
	The hearing of my wife with your approach;
	The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
	The heavy accent of thy moving tongue
	The holding.
	the house: and, Falstaff, you carried your guts
	The imminent decay of wrested pomp.
	The imperial Caesar, should again unite
Their gentle sex to weep are often willing;
	Their heavy burdens at his narrow gate,
	their letters to meet me in arms by the ninth of the
	Their needles to lances, and their gentle hearts
	Their over-greedy love hath surfeited:
	Their sense thus weak, lost with their fears
Their smoothness, like a goodly champaign plain,
	Their thimbles into armed gauntlets change,
	their thoughts
	Their watches on unto mine eyes, the outward watch,
t he is come.
	The king my father wreck'd.
	The king, that calls your beauteous daughter wife.
	The king will venture at it. Either the cardinal,
The kiss shall be thine own as well as mine.
	The lamps of night in revel; is not more man-like
	The law that threaten'd death becomes thy friend
	The lazy yawning drone. I this infer,
	The least rub in your fortunes, fall away
	The leisure and enforcement of the time
	The life, the right and truth of all this realm
	The liquid drops of tears that you have shed
The little Love-god lying once asleep
	The loss you have is but a son being king,
The louely gaze where euery eye doth dwell
	The love that lean'd on them as slippery too,
	The lustful Edward's title buried--
	The matter?
	The measure then of one is easily told.
	them, in a slough of mire; and set spurs and away,
	The moon of Rome, chaste as the icicle
	The mortal gate of the city, which he painted
	The motley fool thus moral on the time,
	themselves. CORIOLANUS stands]
	themselves, till they attain to their abhorred ends,
	them: there may be matter in it.
The murderous knife, and, as it left the place,
	Then am I king'd again: and by and by
	The nature of their crimes, that I may minister
Then beautious nigard why doost thou abuse,
	Then be my passions bottomless with them.
Then call them not the authors of their ill,
Then can no horse with my desire keep pace;
	then enter Citizens, with clubs]
	Then feeling what small things are boisterous there,
	Then give me leave, for losers will have leave
	Then, good my lord, take to your royal self
	Then hear me speak in indifferently for all;
Then how when nature calls thee to be gone,
	Then I, and you, and all of us fell down,
  Then if he thrive and I be cast away,
The night of sorrow now is turn'd to day:
	The nights are wholesome; then no planets strike,
	Then imitate the action of the tiger;
	Then in my pocket; which directed him
	then? In respect of the love he bears our house:
	Then into limits could I bind my woes:
	Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;
THen let not winters wragged hand deface,
	Then let the pebbles on the hungry beach
Then look I death my days should expiate.
Then love's deep groans I never shall regard,
Then mightst thou pause, for then I were not for thee
	Then must my earth with her continual tears
	Then must my sea be moved with her sighs;
Then should I spur, though mounted on the wind;
'The nurse, to still her child, will tell my story,
Then why not lips on lips, since eyes in eyes?
	Then with Scotland first begin:'
	The ocean swells not so as Aaron storms.
The one by toyle,the other to complaine
The one doth shadow of your beauty show,
	The ooze, to
	The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The orator, to deck his oratory,
The other as your bounty doth appear;
	the other, BASSIANUS, LAVINIA, and others]
	The ousel cock so black of hue,
	The pangs of despised love, the8
	The past proportion of his infinite?
	the peace.
The perfect ceremony of love's rite,
	The plain-song cuckoo gray,
	The poor mechanic porters crowding in
	The powers that he already hath in Gallia
	The prayers of holy saints and wronged souls
The precedent whereof in Lucrece view,
	The present consul, and last general
	The present power of life, but in short time
	[The QUEEN drops the box: PISANIO takes it up]
	The rack dislimns, and makes it indistinct,
	There art thou happy: Tybalt would kill thee,
	there a wise woman with thee?
	Therefore accept such kindness as I can.
Therefore are feasts so solemn and so rare,
	Therefore be deaf to my unpitied folly.
	therefore blessed? No: as a walled town is more
Therefore desire of perfect'st love being made,
	Therefore he hates me.
	Therefore I have entreated him along
	Therefore, I say 'tis meet we all go forth
	Therefore I urge thy oath; for that I know
	therefore never flout at me for what I have said
	Therefore present to her--as sometime Margaret
	Therefore the Dukes of Berri and of Bretagne,
	Therefore we meet not now. Then let me hear
	There is a so
	There is no lady of more softer bowels,
	there is no staff more reverend than one tipped with horn.
	There lock yourself, and send him word you are dead.
	There's few or none do know me: if they did,
	There shall the pairs of faithful lovers be
	There shall we consummate our spousal rites.
	There's meaning in thy snores.
	The rest will comfort, for thy counsel's sound.
	There was our error.
	the rights of our fellowship, by the consonancy of
	The rivals of my watch, bid them make haste.
ther makes me or fordoes me quite.
The rose looks fair, but fairer wg9
THERSITES	Ajax goes up and down the field, asking for himself.
THERSITES	I am a bastard too; I love bastards: I am a bastard
THERSITES	What art thou?
	The sad-eyed justice, with his surly hum,
	The safer sense will ne'er accommodate
The scar that will, despite of cure, remain;
These blue-vein'd violets whereon we lean
These contraries such unity do hold,
	The secret'st man of blood. What is the night?
	These eyes, that now are dimm'd with death's black veil,
	These griefs and losses have so bated me,
	These lords are visited; you are not free,
	These miseries are more than may be borne.
	these signs;
	The setting of thine eye and cheek proclaim
	these two moles, these blind ones, aboard him: if he
	The shes of Italy should not betray
	The shirt of Nessus is upon me: teach me,
The silly boy, believing she is dead,
	The singing masons building roofs of gold,
	The skipping king, he ambled up and down
	The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
	The smallness of a gnat to air, and then
	The son, the husband and the father tearing
	The soul and body rive not more in parting
	The state of man in divers functions,
	The stones of Rome to rise and mutiny.
	The stony entra*
	The summer still doth tend upon my state;
	The sun shines hot; and, if we use delay,
	The sun was not so true unto the day
	The sword of our slain kings: yet do not fear;
'The tender spring upon thy tempting lip
	The terrors of the earth. You think I'll weep
	The theme of our assembly.
	The thieves are all scatter'd and possess'd with fear
	The thing I have forsworn to grant may never
	The thing I shall repent. See, see, your silence,
	The throstle with his note so true,
	the time use thee well: good parts in thee.
	the tinker! Starveling! God's my life, stolen
	the train with them. Enter at another door a
	The truth you speak doth lack some gentleness
	The unowed interest of proud-swelling state.
	The untented woundings of a father's curse
	The untimely emptying of the happy throne
	The very doors and windows savour vilely.
	The very faculties of eyes and ears. Yet I,
	the very next turning, turn of no hand, but turn
	The very wings of reason to his heels
	The Volsces whom you serve, you might condemn us,
	The wages of their virtue, and all foes
	The warlike service he has done, consider; think
	The water nectar and the rocks pure gold.
The weak oppress'd, the impression of strange kinds
The were not summers distillation left
The which he will not every hour survey,
	The which thou once didst bend against her breast,
	The white cold virgin snow upon my heart
	The 'why' is plain as way to parish church:
	The wise man's folly is anatomized
  The worst was this; my love was my decay.
	The wren with little quill,--
 the wretch did know
	The wrinkles in my brows, now filled with blood,
	The wrong I did myself; which was so much,
	They are as children but one step below,
	They are black vesper's pageants.
	They are but beggars that can count their worth;
	They are infected; in their hearts it lies;
	[They converse apart]
  They draw but what they see, know not the heart.
	[They fight]
	they have a good thing, to make it too common. If
	They have a king and officers of sorts;
	They have proclaim'd their malefactions;
	They have sent me such a man I would have wish'd for.
	They have the gift to know it: and in his brain,
	They have the plague, and caught it of your eyes;
	The yielding of her up?
	They most must laugh. And why, sir, must they so?
	[They sit]
	They surfeited with honey and began
	They turn to vicious forms, ten times more ugly
	they would whip me with their fine wits till I were
th five talents: greet him from me;
+t HHt
Thick-sighted, barren, lean and lacking juice,
	Thine et
	thing about him. Good, then; if his face be the
	thing, but you shall let it dwell darkly with you.
	thing handsome about him. Bring him away. O that
	things catch.
	think but, in the end, the villainies of man will
	Thinking his voice an armed Englishman;
	think it fit to shore them again and that the
	Thinks all is writ he speken can;
	Think that I am unking'd by Bolingbroke,
	Think that the clearest gods, who make them honours
	Think that you are upon a rock; and now
	Think, we had mothers; do not give advantage
	Think what a chance thou changest on, but think
Third Citizen	Away, then! come, seek the conspirators.
Third Citizen	O royal Caesar!
Third Citizen	Pluck down benches.
Third Goth	My lord, there is a messenger from Rome
	this advise you, follow. So he wishes you all
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
This beauteous combat, wilful and unwilling,
	this civil buffeting hold, we shall buy maidenheads
	this dagger my sceptre, and this cushion my crown.
	this dream: it shall be called Bottom's Dream,
	This enemy town. I'll enter: if he slay me,
	This fair alliance quickly shall call home
	This fellow could not drown. Now, blasphemy,
	This gentle offer of the perilous time.
	This hateful imperfection of her eyes:
	this huge hill of flesh,--
This ill presage advisedly she marketh:
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	This inundation
	This is no mortal business, nor no sound
	This is the fool that lent out money gratis:
	This is the imposthume of much wealth and peace,
	This is the news: he fishes, drinks, and wastes
	This is the rarest dream that e'er dull sleep
	This just and learned priest, Cardinal Campeius;
	This kingdom, this confine of blood and breath,
	This monument five hundred years hath stood,
	This music mads me; let it sound no more;
	This noble gentleman, Lord Titus here,
	This only is the witchcraft I have used:
This picture she advisedly perused,
This Plot of death when sadly she had laid,
	This present object made probation.
	This proffer'd benefit of dignity;
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	this rascal, I could brain him with his lady's fan.
	This ship-boy's semblance hath disguised me quite.
	this true?
	This vault a feasting presence full of light.
	'This we received;' and each in either side
	This whole earth may be bored and that the moon
	this! Why, my lord of York commends the plot and the
	this youth, I blame ye not:
th me for any thing when thou wast
T$ h N
	Those enemies of Timon's and mine own
THose howers that with gentle worke did frame,
Those round clear pearls of his, that move thy pity,
	Those wounds heal ill that men do give themselves:
	Thou and thy faction shall repent this rape.
	Thou art, if thou darest be, the earthly Jove:
	Thou art one o' the false ones. Now I think on thee,
	thou art sad; get thee a wife, get thee a wife:
	Thou, beastly feeder, art so full of him,
Thou, best of dearest and mine only care,
	Thou call'dst me dog before thou hadst a cause;
'Thou canst not see one wrinkle in my brow;
	Thou couldst have spoke so well; ne'er dream'd thou couldst.
	Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on
	Thou disease of a friend, and not himself!
	Thou flea, thou nit, thou winter-cricket thou!
  Thou gavest me thine, not to give back again.
	though? Courage! As horns are odious, they are
	Though forfeiters you cast in prison, yet
Though I, once gone, to all the world must die:
Though men can cover crimes with bold stern looks,
Though mine be not so fair, yet are they red--
Though nothing but my body's bane would cure thee!
	Though they did change me to the meanest bird
	Though twenty thousand worthier come to crave her.
	Though war nor no known quarrel were in question,
	Though you are old enough to be my heir.
	Thou hast no speculation in those eyes
	Thou hast thy mistress still, to boot, my son,
	Thou know'st not what; but take it for thy labour:
	Thou let'st thy fortune sleep--die, rather; wink'st
	Thou little know'st how thou dost startle me,
	Thou naughty gaoler, that thou art so fond
	thou now find out to hide thee from this open and
Thou of thy selfe thy sweet selfe dost deceaue,
	Thou pout'st upon thy fortune and thy love:
	Thou rather shalt enforce it with thy smile
	thou sawest me not. Fare thee well.
	Thou shalt remain here, whether thou wilt or no.
		      Thou takest up
	Thou that didst bear the key of all my counsels,
	thou thimble,
	thou think I  care for a satire or an epigram? No:
	Thou wast within a ken: O Jove! I think
	thou what thou art, by art as well as by nature:
	Thou yard, three-quarters, half-yard, quarter, nail!
T$ h !Q
	Threatening the welkin with his big-swoln face?
	Three civil brawls, bred of an a
	Three months this youth hath tended upon me;
	Three months this youth hath tended upon mN
	Three-piled hyperboles, spruce affectation,
	Three thousand ducats, due unto the Jew,
	Throng our large temples with the shows of peace,
Through crystal walls each little mote will peep:
	through thee. Give me thy hand.
	through with them in honest taking up, then they
	[Throwing the money back]
	Throw me again.
	[Throws them down]
	Throw this report on their incensed rage,
	Throw your mistemper'd weapons to the ground,
	Thrust but these men away, and I'll forgive you,
	Thrust thy sharp wit quite through my ignorance;
	thrust upon it: well, I cannot last ever: but it
Thus can my love excuse the slow offence
	Thus did I keep my person fresh and new;
'Thus he that overruled I oversway'd,
	Thus high at least, although yoCu{
	Thus high at least, although your knee be low.
	Thus stands the case: you know our king, my brother,
	thus strong,
	Thus we may see,' quoth he, 'how the world wags:
	Thus yields the cedar to the axe's edge,
	Thy banks with pioned and twilled brims,
Thy beauty's form in table of my heart;
	Thy bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold;
	Thy child shall live, and I will see it nourish'd.
	Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.
	thy fat woman. Let her descend, bully, let her
	Thy glutton bosom of t
	Thy grandam loves thee; and thy uncle will
	Thy griefs their sports, thy resolution mock'd;
	thy lungs military: art thou there? it is thine
	Thy mother's dead.
	Thy murderous falchion smoking in his blood;
	Thy speech had alter'd it. Hold, here's gold for thee:
	Thy thoughts with nobleness; that thou mayst prove
	Thy turfy mountains, where live nibbling sheep,
	Thy two sons forth; who, by Belarius stol'n,
 Thy vnus'd beauty must be tomb'd with thee,
 thy wives with spits and boys with stones
	Thy words, I grant, are bigger, for I wear not
	Tickle the senseless rushes with their heels,
tience I need!
	Till cruel Cleon, with his wicked wife,
	Till he hath pass'd necessity.
	Till he have cross'd the Severn. Happiness!
Till his breath breatheth life in her again.
	Till holy church incorporate two in one.
	Till I can find occasion of revenge.
Till I return, of posting is no need.
	Till it hath travell'd and is mirror'd there
Till like a jade Self-will himself doth tire.
Till Lucrece' father, that beholds her bleed,
	Till the tree die!
	Till thou dost hear me call.
	Till when,--the which I hope shall ne'er be seen,--
	Till youth take leave and leave you to the crutch.
	time has yet to come that she was ever respected
	Timon in this should pay more than he owes:
	'Tis as I should entreat you wear your gloves,
'Tis but a kiss I beg; why art thou coy?
	'Tis but an hour ago since it was nine,
	'Tis full of woe: yet I can give you inkling
	'tis not convenient you should be cozened. Fare you well.
	'Tis politic and safe to let him keep
	'Tis thou and those that have dishonour'd me.
TITANIA	[Awaking]  What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?
TITANIA	Come, my lord, and in our flight
TITANIA	How came these things to pass?
TITANIA	I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again:
	Titania, music call; and strike more dead
TITANIA	Music, ho! music, such as charmeth sleep!
TITANIA	My Oberon! what visions have I seen!
TITANIA	Out of this wood do not desire to go:
TITANIA	Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful.
	Titania waked and straightway loved an ass.
TITUS	And he wears jewels now of Timon's gift,
TITUS ANDRONICUS	I am not bid to wait upon this bride.
TITUS ANDRONICUS	If there were reason for these miseries,
TITUS ANDRONICUS	Is not my sorrow deep, having no bottom?
TITUS ANDRONICUS	No, foolish tribune, no; no son of mine,
TITUS ANDRONICUS	Prince Bassianus, leave to plead my deeds:
TITUS ANDRONICUS	These words are razors to my wounded heart.
TITUS ANDRONICUS	Traitors, away! he rests not in this tomb:
TITUS	I'll show you how to observe a strange event.
	Titus, when wert thou wont to walk alone,
\$ t j
T$ j	h
< tK<	tG
TLOSS error
t me to my loss: for true to thee
	To after-eye him.
	To all our subjects. Set we forward: let
	To ally my rages and revenges with
	To angle for your thoughts: but you are wise,
	To an impatient child that hath new robes
	To answer royally in our defences.
	To any shape of thy preferment such
	To ashes, ere our blood shall quench that fire:
To ask the spotted princess how she fares.
	To be another's fool. I would be gone:
	To bear her burthen, whether I will or no,
	To bear him to my bower in fairy land.
	To bear it tamely; touch me with noble anger,
	To be controll'd in that he frankly gave:
	To be corrupt and treasonous.
	To be depender on a thing that leans,
	to be proud of thy bondage. I have a desire to hold
	To bitterest enmity: so, fellest foes,
	To blaze your marriage, reconcile your friends,
	To blow on whom I please; for so fools have;
	To bring him in! Trust me, I could do much,--
	To bring thee to the gallows, not the font.
	To call thyself Marina.
	To chase these pagans in those holy fields
	To cheque time broke in a disorder'd string;
	To Christian intercessors. Follow not;
To cipher me how fondly I did dote;
	To come abroad with him at his request.
	To come and sport: her peacocks fly amain:
	To come at traitors' calls and do them grace.
	To come to me forthwith.
	to conceive, nor his heart to report, what my dream
	to continue now, thou varlet; thou art to continue.
	To cross me from the golden time I look for!
	to-day at bowls I'll win to-night of him. Come, go.
	To deck his fortune with his virtuous deeds:
	To dim his glory and to stain the track
	To disproportion me in every part,
	to do the prince my master good; which who knows how
	To ease his breast with panting.
	To ease their stomachs with their bitter tongues.
	[To EDGAR and KENT]
	To encounter me with orisons, for then
	To entertain the lag-end of my life
	To every Roman citizen he gives,
	To every several man, seventy-five drachmas.
	To expel sickness, but prolong his hour!
	To feast upon whole thousands of the French.
	To feed for aye her ramp and flames of love;
	To fierce and bloody inclination.
To find where your true image pictured lies;
	to fright me, if they could. But I will not stir
	To fust in us unused. Now, whether it be
	Together with the seal o' the senate, what
	To gratify his noble service that
	To grosser issues nor to larger reach
	To grubs and eyeless skulls? as I discern,
	To guard a thing not ours nor worth to us,
	To haste thus fast, to find us unprovided.
	To have turn'd my leaping-time into a crutch,
	To hear thee speak of Naples. He does hear me;
	to her! If ever I was respected with her, or she
	To her let us garlands bring.
	To her unguarded nest the weasel Scot
To hidious winter and confounds him there,
	To high promotions and great dignity:
	to him. But I can tell you one thing, my lord, and
	To him our absolute power:
	To him that does best: God forbid else. Cardinal,
	To him that flourish'd for her with his sword
	To him that is most true. To Milford go,
	To him that worships thee!
	To his confine: and of the truth herein
	To his full height. On, on, you noblest English.
	To incur a private cheque. When shall he come?
	To instruct her fully in those sciences,
	To invite the Trojan lords after the combat
	To join with Mortimer, ha?
	To kee
	To killen bad, keep good alive;
	To laugh at gibing boys and stand the push
	To learn the orde
	To let me see them and to make me know
	To line and new repair our towns of war
	To live and burn in everlasting fire,
To living death and pain perpetual:
	To load thy merit richly.5
	To loathe the taste of sweetness, whereof a little
	To look upon him, till the diminution
	To make an envious mountain on my back,
	To make cold nymphs chaste crowns; and thy broom -groves,
	To make me hunger more; that I should forge
	To make oppression bitter, or ere this
To make some special instant special blest,
	To make the base earth proud with kissing it:
	To make thee consul.
	To make them ranker. Forgive me this my virtue;
	To make the noble Leonatus mad,
	To make the world to laugh at me.
	to master Jew's?
To me came Tarquin armed; so beguiled
	to meet you on the way, and kiss your hand,
	to me 'My honest friend Launcelot, being an honest
To mend the hurt that his unkindness marr'd:
	To nature none more bound; his training such,
	[To Northumberland]
	too dear a halfpenny. Were you not sent for? Is it
	Too great for what contains it. Boy! O slave!
	Too great oppression for a tender thing.
	Too headstrong for their mother. See, we fools!
	Too much the rein: the strongest oaths are straw
	To one consent, may work contrariously:
	Too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn.
	too. Run up, Sir John.
	To others' eyes; nor doth the eye itself,
	To pay five ducats, five, I would not farm it;
	To pay our wonted tribute, from the which
	To pay their awful duty to 
	To question of his apprehension.
	To quicken your increase, I will beget
	To revel it with him and his new bride.'
	To ruffle in the commonwealth of Rome.
	To save the Romans, thereby to destroy
	To say thou'lt enter friendly.
	To search the secret treasons of the world:
	To see great Hector in his weeds of peace,
	To seek her on the mountains near to Milford;
To see those borrow'd tears that Sinon sheds!
	To see us here unarm'd: I have a woman's longing,
	To send for Titus Lartius, it remains,
	[To Servant]
	To set him free from his captivity.
	To shake the head, relent, and sigh, and yield
	To shame unvulnerable, and stick i' the wars
	To shape my legs of an unequal size;
	To shrink mine arm up like a wither'd shrub;
to Silvia let us sing,
	To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
	To soar with his light feathers, and so bound,
	To souse annoyance that comes near his nest.
	To speak my mind, and I will through and through
	To spend the time to end it.
To stand in thy affairs, fall by thy side.
	To stop their marches 'fore we are inflamed.
	To stop the rumor, and allay those tongues
	To stranger blood, to foreign royalty.
	To stub)!
	To suffer lawful censure for such faults
  To swear against the truth so foul a lie!
	To take their rooms, ere I can place myself:
	To take the one the other, by some chance,
	To take upon you what is yours: you may
	To talk with him and to behold his visage,
	To tear and havoc more than she can eat.
	To temper clay. Yea, it is come to this?
	To that I'll urge him: therefore thou shalt vow
	To the bottom of the worst. Let Helen go:
	To the disgrace and downfall of your house:
	to the doors: watch to-night, pray to-morrow.
	To the fire i' the blood: be more abstemious,
	To the first giver.'
	[To the Fool]
	To the good queen, possess'd him with a scruple
	to the goose, proves thee far and wide a broad goose.
	To the great love I bear you,--
	To them accordingly.
	To the majestic cedar join'd, whose issue
	To the monument!
	To the old dam, treason,--Charles the empW
	To the rest, and 'mongst lords I be thought a fool.
	To the shore, that o'er his wave-worn basis bow'd,
	To the tent-royal of their emperor;
	[To the Tribunes]
	To the young Roman boy she hath sold me, and I fall
	To think it was so? O, give me thy hand,
	to think on't. What says she there?
	To this last costly treaty, the interview,
	To thrust the lie unto him.
	To touch his growth nearer than he touch'd mine.
To toy, to wanton, dally, smile and jest,
	To tread a measure with her on this grass.
	To tread a measure with you on this grass.
	To tug and scamble and to part by the teeth
'Touch but my lips with those fair lips of thine,--
	Touches his friend, which craves to be remember'd
	Touching this dreaded sight, twice seen of us:
TOUCHSTONE	Amen. A man may, if he were of a fearful heart,
TOUCHSTONE	Well, praised be the gods for thy foulness!
	To view the sick and feeble parts of France:
	To walk abroad, and recreate yourselves.
  Towards thee I'll run, and give him leave to go.
	To watch the fearful bending of thy knee,
	To weep with them that weep doth ease some deal;
	To which is fixed, as an aim or butt,
	To whom I give my benison,
	To whom 'tis instant due. Ne'er speak, or think,
To whose weak ruins muster troops of cares,
To wish that I their father had not bin.
	To yield what passes here.
	To your own person: nay, when I have a suit
	Tranio, I burn, I pine, I perish, Tranio,
TRANIO	Master, it is no time to chide you now;
TRANIO	Mi perdonato, gentle master mine,
	travel; it might pass: yet the scarfs and the
	Treason and murder ever kept together,
	Trebles thee o'er.
T$ Rh?
trinidad & tobago
	Trip we after the night's shade:
	Triumphs for nothing and lamenting toys
TROILUS	And shall, albeit sweet music issues thence.
TROILUS	Fie, fie, my brother!
TROILUS	How now! what's the matter?
TROILUS	Let it not be believed for womanhood!
TROILUS	Let me read.
TROILUS	O that I thought it could be in a woman--
TROILUS	She was not, sure.
TROILUS	They are at it, hark! Proud Diomed, believe,
TROILUS	To make a recordation to my soul
TROILUS	Well know they what they speak that speak so wisely.
TROILUS	What now?
TROILUS	What offends you, lady?
TROILUS	Why, my negation hath no taste of madness.
TROILUS	Why was my Cressid then so hard to win?
TROILUS	Words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart:
TROILUS	You are for dreams and slumbers, brother priest;
TROILUS	You cannot shun Yourself.
TROILUS	Your leave, sweet Cressid!
	troth, you like well and bear your years very well:
	troubles me, and the foolish fortune of this girl;
	trust you not; 'Hic steterat Priami,' take heed
t=SSSh oF
t the captains at the citadel.
t$<"u	3
TU8ourse of learning and ingenious studies.
	Turn terror into sport: as weeds before
	Tut, I have done a thousand dreadful things
t VV9u
	'Twas full two years ere I could get a tooth.
	'Twas not my purpose, thus to beg a kiss:
	'Twas pitiful, 'twas wondrous pitiful:
	Tweaks me by the nose? gives me the lie i' the throat,
	'Twere a perpetual spoil: and till we call'd
	Twice to your visor, and half once to you.
	'Twill vex thy soul to hear what I shall speak;
	'Twixt amorous and villanous. Being thus quench'd
	'Twixt fair and foul?
	'Twixt two such shes would chatter this way and
	Two may keep counsel, putting one away?
	Two may keep counsel when the third's away:
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	Tyrannical power: if he evade us there,
ty upon a foul slut
U6m	n to honour, show it now;
uBj	h$QQ
`udt returning'
uit my sight! let the earth hide thee!
u:j	hx
ULYSSES	A strange fellow here
ULYSSES	                  I cannot conjure, Trojan.
ULYSSES	                  Most sure she was.
ULYSSES	Nor mine, my lord: Cressid was here but now.
ULYSSES	                  Now, great Thetis' son!
ULYSSES	Why stay we, then?
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	unblessed and the ingredient is a devil.
	Uncle, give me your hands: nay, dry your eyes;
	uncoined constancy; for he perforce must do thee
	Under love's heavy burden do I sink.
	Under the colour of his usual game,
	Under this plot; she dies for't. Eros, ho!
	Under whose shade the ramping lion slept,
	undone! Fly, run, hue and cry, villain! I am undone!
une in good terms,
unes take their Places by
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- unexpected multithread lock error
ungs also!
Unknown exception
	Unknown to you, unsought, were clipp'd about
	Unless he take the course that you have done,
	Unless my hand and strength could equal them.
	Unless they seek for hatred at my hands;
	Unless thou swear to me my child shall live.
	Unless thou wouldst grieve quickly. This Posthumus,
Unlook'd for joy in th
	Unreal mockery, hence!
	Unseparable, shall within this hour,
	Unsheathe your sword, and dub him presently.
	Until our stars that frown lend us a smile.
	Unto a lineal true-derived course.
	Unto his honour, has my lord's meat in him:
	unto thee: knock, I say.
	unto you again, you are a shallow cowardly hind, and
	Unworthy brother, and unworthy sons!
	Up, cousin, up; your heart is up, I know,
+u>Pnow it is,
	Upon a fearful summons. I have heard,
	Upon a pleasing treaty, and have hearts
	upon great persuasion; and partly to save your life,
	Upon his honour'd finger, to attain
	Upon my lady's missing, came to me
	Upon my soul, two reverend cardinal virtues;
	Upon our fields.
	upon Saint Tavy's day.
	Upon the dull earth dwelling:
	Upon the number'd beach? and can we not
	upon the table and says 'God send me no need of
	Upon the wounds his body bears, which show
	Upon thy feature; for my rage was blind,
	Upon whose property and most dear life
	Uproar the universal peace, confound
	Up to the ears. Come, we burn daylight, ho!
ur capacity
uRj	h|
URSULA	Madam, you must come to your uncle. Yonder's old
	Use our commission in his utmost force.
VALENTINE	Ay, and we are betroth'd: nay, more, our,
Vase. Now merrily to horse:
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ve me and mend. There will I leave
	very epicure.
	very good friends. What a frosty-spirited rogue is
@Vg9 +
	village, who hath promised to meet me in this place
	Vincetino come of Bentivolii.
	Vincetino's son brought up in Florence
VIOLA	How can this be?
VIOLA	Madam!
VIOLA	My lord would speak; my duty hushes me.
`virtual displacement map'
	Virtue and that part of philosophy
	Virtue itself of vice must pardon beg,
	vision. I have had a dream, past the wit of man to
v	N+D$
VOLUMNIA	Even he, your wife, this lady, and myself,
VOLUMNIA	Nay, go not from us thus.
VOLUMNIA	O, no more, no more!
VOLUMNIA	Should we be silent and not speak, our raiment
VOLUMNIA	This is a poor epitome of yours,
VOLUMNIA	Thou art my warrior;
VOLUMNIA	Your knee, sirrah.
	Vouchsafed to think he had partners: you shall find there
	Vouchsafe to show the sunshine of your face,
|$ VWS
v young cousin, it is good to grow.
	Walks o'er the dew of yon 
	warrant. Why, this hits right; I dreamt of a silver
WARWICK	How far off is our brother Montague?
WARWICK	Say, Somerville, what sa
WARWICK	Where is the post that came from valiant Oxford?
	Was Ajax, call'd so from his grandfather.
	was alway yet the trick of our English nation, if
	Was as a scorpion to her sight; whose life,
	Was brow-bound with the oak. His pupil age
	Was Cressid here?
	Was ever conduct of: some oracle
	Was given me by one that had some power,
	Was in the wreck; and, but he's something stain'd
	was. I will get Peter Quince to write a ballad of
	Was ne'er distributed.
	Was never so emboss'd.
	Was of more danger, did compound for her
	Was timed with dying cries: alone he enter'd
	Was wont to swell like round and orient pearls,
 ways; go, give that changing piece
	We are impressed and engaged to fight,
	we are married, that we may lighten our own hearts
	Wedded, with Theseus, all in jollity.
	We do not look for reverence, but to love,
	We do request your kindest ears, and after,
	We first put out to sea.
	We freely cope your courteous pains withal.
	We grant thou canst outscold us: fare thee well;
	We have compounded on.
	We have led since thy exile. Think with thyself
	We have willing dames enough: there cannot be
	We hold our time too precious to be spent
	Weigh'd between loathness and obedience, at
	Weigh you the worth and honour of a king
	Weke, weke! so cries a pig prepared to the spit.
	welcome, good Sir John.
	We'll burn his body in the holy place,
	Well, call them again. I am not made of stone,
	We'll measure them a measure, and be gone.
' Well, my conscience,
	Well, say there is no kingdom then for Richard;
	well: thy casement I need not open, for I look
	Welsh plood out of your pody, I can tell you that:
	We met here both to thank and to remember
	We owe thee much! within this wall of flesh
	wept; for I must speak in passion, ap
	Were busied with a Whitsun morris-dance:
	We recommend to you, tribunes of the people,
	Were crack'd of kitchen-trolls, or his description
	Were gracious in those princely eyes of thine,
	Were hid against me, now to forgive me frankly.
	Were I but where 'tis spoken.
'Were I hard-favour'd, foul, or wrinkled-old,
	Were liken'd oft to kingly sepulchres;
	were masters of their wealth. Mark now, how a plain
Were never four such lamps together mix'd,
	Were 't not for laughing, I should pity him.
	Were to prove false, which I will never be,
	were to put good meat into an unclean dish.
	Were two full moons; he had a thousand noses,
	were, very commendable. Accommodated! it comes of
	We see each grain of gravel, I do know
	We shall be much unfurnished for this time.
WESTMORELAND	My liege, this haste was hot in question,
	We the globe can compass soon,
	We waste our lights in vain, like lamps by day.
	We were awaked; straightway, at liberty;
	We were dissuaded by our wicked queen;
	We were the first and dearest of your friends.
	We will stay your leisure.
What acceptable <it>Audit<it> can'st thou leaue?
	What answer makes King Lewis unto our letters?
	What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason!
	What cannot be, slight work.
	What comfort to this great decay may come
	What companies are near: pray you, away;
	What curious eye doth quote deformities?
	What do you think the hour?
	Whate'er t
	Whatever torment you do put me to.
	what hast thou there under t^b
	What, have you writ that letter to my sister?
	What he hath utter'd I have writ my sister
What hour is this? or morn or weary even?
	What, is Horatio there?
	What is more cordial. Nay, I prethee, take it;
	What, is my daughter gone to Friar Laurence?
	what is this quintessence of dust? man delights not
What is your substance, whereof are you made,
	What, makest thou me a dullard in this act?
	What may it be? You do not doubt my faith, sir?
	What merit's in that reason which denies
	what of that? if it please the eye of one, it is
	What other pleasure can the world afford?
	What, rouse thee, man! thy Juliet is alive,
	What said my man, when my betossed soul
What seest thou in the ground? hold up thy head:
	What shall I say to thee, Lord Scroop? thou cruel,
	what shame else belongs to't. To him will I present
	What's in his heart; and that is there which looks
	whatsoever he be. Who told you of this stranger?
	What they are, yet I know not: but they shall be
	what things are we!
	What this maid is, or what is like to be,
	What torch is yond, that vainly lends his light
	What trick, what device, what starting-hole, canst
	What! we have many goodly days to see:
	What we have two nights seen.
	What wert thou, if the King of Naples heard thee?
	What, will he come?
'What win I, if I gain the thing I seek?
	What yesternight our council did decree
	What you 
	What you would ask me, that I should deny,
When all the breathers of this world are dead;
When as thy love hath cast his utmost sum,
	When, by and by, the din of war gan pierce
	When every thing seems double.
	When from the mountain-top Pisanio show'd thee,
	When gold and silver becks me to come on.
	When heaven doth weep, doth not the earth o'erflow?
	When he is turn'd to poison?
	When he perceives the envious clouds are bent
When I break twenty? I am perjured most;
	When I did speak of some distressful stroke
	When I had at my pleasure taunted her
	When I have envied thy behavior.
	When I have show'd the unfitness,--
	When I have spoke of you dispraisingly,
	When in that moment, so it came to pass,
When I shall see thee frown on my defects,
	When it shines seldom in admiring eyes;
	When mine is blanched with fear.
	When now I think you can behold such sights,
	When rich ones scarce tell true. To lapse in fulness
	When shall we hear from him?
	When she had fitted you with her craft, to work
	When she shall hear this of thee, with her nails
	When she will take the rein I let her run;
When swift extremity can seem but slow?
When their glass fell wherein they view'd their faces.
	When these so noble benefits shall prove
	When they do hug him in their melting bosoms.
	when thou hast tired thyself in base comparisons,
	When thou shalt bring me word she loves my son,
	When time is broke and no proportion kept!
When virtue is profaned in such a devil!
	When we are so unsecret to ourselves?
	When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
	When we shall hap to give 't them.
	When yet you were in place and in account
	When yond same star that's westward from the p
	When you are cloudy.
When you entombed in men's eyes shall lie.
	When you have well deserved ten times as much
	When you should bring the plaster.
	Where being apprehended, his false cunning,
	Where but even now with strange and several noises
  Where Cupid got new fire--my mistress' eyes.
	wherefore I know not--lost all my mirth, forgone all
	Where great Aufidius lies: is he in Antium?
	Where, in a frenzy, in my master's garments,
	Wherein hath Caesar thus deserved your loves?
	Wherein I did not some notorious ill,
	Wherein I mean to touch your love indeed,
	Wherein I seem unnatural: desire not
Wherein is stamp'd the semblance of a devil.
	Wherein Olivia may seem serviceable?
	Wherein our Saviour's birth is celebrated,
	Where is Malvolio?
	Where is Malvolio? he is sad and civil,
	Where is my lord of Gloucester?
	Where is my wit? I know not what I speak.
	'Where is the life that late I led?' say they:
	Where is the post that came from Montague?
	Where it did mark, it took; from face to foot
	Where it may see itself. This is not strange
where kings grow base,
	Where life hath(x
	Whereof I know she is not ignorant:
	Where peremptory Warwick now remains:
	Where she at least is banish'd from your eye,
	Where sits deformity to mock my body;
	Where some, like magistrates, correct at home,
	Where they should be relieved. Two beggars told me
	Where thou shalt live, till we can find a time
	Where thou thyself dost air;--the queen o' the sky,
	Whereto my finger, like a dial's point,
	Whereto we see in all things nature tends--
	Where we, in all her trim, freshly beheld
	Whether by device or no, the heavens can tell:
	Whether in sea or fire, in earth or air,
	Whether they live or die.
	Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
	whether you were sent for, or no?
	Which all the while ran blood, great Caesar fell.
	Which, as I take it, is a kind of puppy
	Which, as it seems, make thee.
Which borrow'd from this holy fire of Love
	Which, but three glasses since, we gave out split--
	Which, by the heavens' assistance and your strength,
	Which by the interpretation of full time
Which cunning love did wittily prevent:
	Which didst unworthy slaughter upon others.
	Which end o' the beam should bow. We have lost your
Which eyes not yet created shall o'er-read,
	Which fourteen hundred years ago were nail'd
Which happies those that pay the willing lone;
Which heavily he answers with a groan,
	Which he enforced from me, away he posts
	which he swore, as he was a soldier, he would wear
	Which, howsoever rude exteriorly,
	Which I do last pronounce, is, O you wonder!
	Which if they do, yet will I keep thee safe,
	Which I had recommended to his use
	Which I have seen thee careful to observe,
	Which I have sumptuously re-edified:
	which I hear from common rumours: now Lord Timon's
	Which I made known to Lucius, ere the stroke
Which in her prescience she controlled still,
Which in my bosom's shop is hanging still,
	Which in the bluster of thy wrath must fall
Which in thy breast doth live, as thine in me:
	which is an excellent thing.
	Which is as dry as the remainder biscuit
	Which I shall send you written, be assured,
	Which is the bell: so sighs and tears and groans
Which makes the maid weep like the dewy night.
	Which my lord paid for, be of any power
	Which nature loathes--take thou the destined tenth,
Which not themselves, but he that gives them knows!
	Which now doth that I would not have it do,
	Which parted from you?
	Which pillage they with merry march bring home
	Which shines here in the west.
	which should
	Which spongy April at thy hest betrims,
	Which straight she gave me, and her fairy sent
	Which thou dost glare with!
	Which throes thee much to yield.
Which to his speech did honey passage yield;
	Which to the high top-gallant of my joy
 Which vsed liues th'executor to be.
	Which was yo
	Which we devise him.
	Which we have noted in you to your kin,
	Which whilst
	Which you deny already: yet we will ask;
	Which you have not redeem'd; indeed, paid down
	which your modesties have not craft enough to colour:
	Which your own coffers 
	While I stand fooling here, his Jack o' the clock.
While Lust is in his pride, no exclamation
	While one would wink; denied me mine own purse,
	While Philip breathes.
	Whiles thou art waking.
	Whiles thus you mock it! how, in stripping it,
	While that the armed hand doth fight abroad,
	Whilst bloody treason flourish'd over us.
Whilst I, whom fortune of such triumph bars,
Whilst many nymphs that vow'd chaste life to keep
	white spot about her.
	Whither will you have me? Why do you weep?
	Who bates mine honour shall not know my coin.
	who, being more than sand-blind, high-gravel blind,
	Who, busied in his majesty, surveys
Who buys a minute's mirth to wail a week?
	Who calls me villain? breaks my pate across?
	Who cannot be new built, nor has no friends,
	Who cannot err, he did it. Now this follows,--
Who conquers where he comes in every jar;
	Who died the minute I was born,
	Who ever yet could sound thy bottom? find
	Who, falling in the flaws of her own youth,
	who, God bless the mark, is a kind of devil; and, to
	Who hath cause to wet the grief on't.
	Who hath relieved you?
	Who, I am sure, is kind and comfortable:
Who in a salt-waved ocean quench their light,
	Who is 't can read a woman? Is there more?
	Who is thy grandfather: he made those clothes,
	who know it; I will confess it to all the 'orld: I
	whole realms on fire: Of such a nature is his
Who, like a late-sack'd island, vastly stood
	Who marvels then, when Helenus beholds
	Whom from the flow of gall I name not but
	Whom heavens, in justice, both on her and hers,
	Whom he hath used rather for sport than need
	Whom once more I present unto your highness.
	Whom you yourselves shall set out for reproof
	whoreson, obscene, grease tallow-catc1
	Whose arms gave shelter to the princely eagle,
	Whose arms were moulded in their mothers' womb
Whose beams upon his hairless face are fix'd,
	Whose blood is fet from fath
Whose deed hath made herself herself de
	Whose double bosoms seem to wear one heart,
	Whose heart I thought I had, for she had mine;
	Whose house, whose bed, whose meal, and exercise,
	Whose note full many a man doth mark,
	Whose passions and whose plots have broke their sleep,
	Whose private with me of the Dauphin's love
	Whose shadow the dismissed bachelor loves,
Whose sinewy neck in battle ne'er did bow,
	Whose soldier now, under whose blessed cross
Whose strength's abundance weakens his own heart.
Whose swift obedience to her mistress hies;
	Whose top-branch overpeer'd Jove's spreading tree
	Whose watery arch and messenger am I,
	Whose wisdom hath her fortune conquered:
Whose words like wildfire burnt the shining glory
	Whose worst was, that the noble Mortimer,
	Who shall take notice of thee: I'll move the king
Who this accomplishment so hotly chased;
	Who wears my stripes impress'd upon him; that
Who with his fear is put besides his part,
	Who with mine eyes, never since at ebb, beheld
	Why art thou yet so fair? shall I believe
	Why ask I that? my mangled body shows,
	Why have I blabb'd? who shall be true to us,
	Why, hear you, my masters: was it for me to kill the
	Why, here it is; welcome these pleasant days!
Why her two suns were cloud-eclipsed so,
	Why I should yield to thee?
	Why, love forswore me in my mother's womb:
	Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life,
	Why should it thrive and turn to nutriment,
'Why should the worm intrude the maiden bud?
		 Why, so: being gone,
	Why the man dies. I humbly thank you, sir.
	Why, then, I do but dream on sovereignty;
	why, thou knowest I am as valiant as Hercules: but
	Why, what an ass am I! This is most brave,
	Why, what is pomp, rule, reign, but earth and dust?
	wicked varlet, now, what's come upon thee: thou art
	Widow, go you along. Lords, use her honourably.
	Will answer in mine honour.
	Will bear the knave by the volume. The honour'd gods
	will be forth. Come you to me at night; you shall
	Will be here with mop and mow.
	will be like a jack-an-apes also, to burn the
	Will bring this labour to an happy end.
Will couple my reproach to Tarquin's shame;
	Will easily be granted. You, my lord,
	Will give thee all the world.
	will give you as much as this old man does when the
WILLIAMS	An't please your majesty, a rascal that swaggered
WILLIAMS	An't please your majesty, 'tis the gage of one that
	Will I apply that treats of happiness
	Will I set up my everlasting rest,
	Will much impeach the justice of his state;
	Will never grant this forfeiture to hold.
Will never rise, so he will kiss her still.
	Will not debate the question of this straw:
	Will play the cook and serv
Will play the tirants to the very same,
Will quote my loathsome trespass in my looks.
	Will soon be drawn to head, from whence he moves
	Will they not hear? What, ho! you men, you beasts,
Will tie the hearers to attend each line,
	Will you be put in mind of his blind fortune,
	Will you lead, lords?
	wilt hear me,
	Wilt thou not speak to me?
	wind were but long enough to say my prayers, I would repent.
	wise fellow; thou didst make tolerable vent of thy
	Wise things seem foolish and rich things but poor.
	Wishing his foot were equal with his eye,
	Wish we all joy and honour.
	wit-crackers cannot flout me out of my humour. Dost
	With a coronet of fresh and fragrant flowers;
	Withal, as large a charter as the wind,
	With all the cunning manner of our flight,
	with any detection in my hand, my desires had
	with a wife.
With beautits treasure ere it be selfe kil'd:
	With being nothing. Music do I hear?
	with BIONDELLO bearing a lute and books]
	With bloody veins, expecting overthrow,
	With boot, and such addition as your honours
	with comforts,
	with golden fire, why, it appears no other thing to
	With grief that's beauty's canker, thou mightst call him
With heavy eye, knit brow, and strengthless pace,
	With his next vantage.
	With his own hand did slay his youngest son,
	With his sword drawn; foam'd at the mouth, and swore,
	With hollow poverty and emptiness.
	With honours like himself.
Within the gentle closure of my breast,
	Within this bosom never enter'd yet
	Within two days for this.
With inward vice: as Priam him did cherish,
	Within your house, to make mine eye the witness
	With labour; then by-peeping in an eye
	with man, woman, or child.
	with me as the very true sonnet is, 'Please one,g
	with me last night; who, if alive and ever dare to
	with me, let not your worship think me the poor
	With men of courage and with means defendant;
With men's abuses: those proud lords, to blame,
	with me to dinner.
	With most admired disorder.
	with my disposition that this goodly frame, the
	With nimble soles: I have a soul of lead
	With no less honour to the Antiates
	With nothing shall be pleased, till he be eased
	With observation, the which he vents
	With orange-tawny bill,
	With other graces weigh'd.
	Without defeat. Therefore to France, my liege.
	Without our special wonder? You make me strange
	Without sweat or endeavour: treason, felony,
With outward honesty, but yet defiled
	With pity, that doth make me sick. A lady
	With purple fountains issuing from your veins,
	With quiet hours; for I do protest,
	with ringing in the king's affairs upon his
	with Senators and Patricians]
	With shallow jesters and rash bavin wits,
	With shunless destiny; aidless came off,
	with Sir Oliver Martext, the vicar of the next
With soft-slow tongue, true mark of modesty,
	With spans and inches so diminutive
	With such a brabbler.
	With such integrity, she did confess
	with tapers]
With tears, which, chorus-like, her eyes did rain.
	With the consent of supreme Jove, inform
	with thee.
	With the first glance that ever--pardon me--
	With the love-juice, as I did bid thee do?
	With them forgive yourself.
	with these tidings.
	with the story of the Prodigal, fresh and new. Go
	With the sweet silent hours of marriage joys
	With this cramm'd reason: reason and respect
	With this most tender air.
	With this slave's offal: bloody, bawdy villain!
	With those five talents.
	With those that have offended: like a shepherd,
	With tokens thus, and thus; averting notes
	With tomboys hired with that self-exhibition
	With trees upon't, that nod unto the world,
	With twenty hundred thousand times more joy
	With twenty popish tricks and ceremonies,
	With unchaste purpose and with oath to violate
With untuned tongue she hoarsely calls her maid,
	With us in Venice, if it be denied,
	With us to break his neck.
	With us to watch the minutes of this night;
	With vile participation: not an eye
	With what great state he heard their embassy,
	With worms that are thy chamber-maids; O, here
	with you,--and you have been a man long known to me,
	with your eyes. Take notice that I am in Cambria,
wn, and talk of peace! I hate the word,
	Worcester is stolen away to-night; thy father's
	words to the Lord Lysimachus.
	Working so grossly in a natural cause,
	world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me,
	worst thing about him, how could Master Froth do the
	worthier than a village, so is
	Would he were wasted, marrow, bones and all,
	Would I admit; no name of magistrate;
	Would make the great'st king double,--to be partner'd
	would of--I'll beat him, an if I could but meet him again.
	Would ruffle up your spirits and put a tongue
	Would set me free from this unhallow'd place,
	Would sink and overwhelm you. Away!
	Wouldst thou have practised on me for thy use,
Would thou wert as I am, and I a man,
	Would through the airy region stream so bright
Would with the sceptre straight be strucken down?
Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field,
	Write, 'Lord have mercy on us' on those three;
	Writes me: 'That man, how dearly ever parted,
	Writ in my cousin's hand, stolen from her pocket,
W,s to love's fine wit.
wVF~dear Juliet,
xngues held vile to name.
xQR	#P"6
X"Q	s`
y'd: so tedious is this day
	Yea, curb and woo for leave to do him good.
	yea-forsooth knave! to bear a gentleman in hand,
	yea, marry, sir: Ralph Mouldy! Let them appear as
'Yea, though I die, the scandal will survive,
	Yes, and will nobly him remunerate.
'Yet am I guilty of thy honour's wrack;
	Yet blessing on his heart that gives it me!
	Yet cannot hold this visible shape, my knave.
	Yet, dread Priam,
  Yet eyes this cunning want to grace their art;
	yet famine,
	Yet, for I know thou art religious
Yet for thy honour did I entertain him;
Yet hath he been my captive and my slave,
	Yet he is come.
	Yet let 'em look they glory not in mischief,
	Yet that is but a crush'd necessity,
	Yet to draw forth your noble ancestry
Yet was he servile to my coy disdain.
	Yet whether you accept our suit or no,
	Yet you, the murderer, look as bright, as clear,
	ye will needs say I am an old man, you should give
Y{hey converse apart]
y him:
ynt jest.
YORK	Grandam, his nurse.
YORK	Grandam, one night, as we did sit at supper,
YORK	If 'twere not she, I cannot tell who told me.
YORK	Marry, they say my uncle grew so fast
YORK	Now, by my troth, if I had been remember'd,
	you and her husband entreat 
	you are so crossed.
	You are so empty of them. Should not our father
	You are so noble. To your highness' hand
	You are the king's /1
	You are too much mistaken in this king:
	You bloody Neroes, ripping up the womb
	You clasp young Cupid's tables. Good news, gods!
	You find him like a soldier: do not take
	You fur your gloves with reason. Here are
	You had a motive for't.
	You have forgot the will I told you of.
	You have said you will not grant us any thing;
	You heavenly blessings, on her! This fool's speed
	you it? by this good day, I know not the phrase;
	You know an enemy intends you harm;
	You know a sword employ'd is perilous,
	you lie.  What a lack-brain is this! By the Lord,
	You'll part away disgraced.
	You lords and heads o' the state, perfidiously
	You lords and noble friends, know our intent.
	you make grand preparation for a duke de Jamany: by
	You more invest it! Ebbing men, indeed,
	You must consider that a prodigal course
	Young Arthur is alive: this hand of mine
	young, strong, and of good friends.
	you, of the Roman disciplines, than is a puppy-dog.
	you, O the dearest of creatures, would even renew me
	You promised knighthood to our forward son:
	Your brother's son shall never reign our king;
	Your children were vexation to your youth,
	Your colder reasons.
	Your eldest daughters have fordone them selves,
	Your grace is welcome to our town and us.
	your honour.
	Your honour with your form.
	Your house, but for this virgin that doth prop it,
	your house.' He could be contented: why is he not,
	Your knees to me? to your corrected son?
	Your lord sends now for money.
Your lordship speaks your pleasure.
	Your loving motion toward the common body,
	Your matrons and your maids, could not fill up
Your monument shall be my gentle verse,
	Your most obedient counsellor, yet that dare
Your name from hence immortal life shall have,
	Your noble emperor and his lovely bride,
	your own inclining? Is it a free visitation? Come,
	your reasons:
	your servant.
	Your son in Scotland being thus employ'd,
	Your sovereign greatness and authority.
	Your valiant Britons have their wishes in it.
	Your vile intent must needs seem horrible.
	your whole plot too light for the counterpoise of so
	your worship's pleasure I shall do with this wicked caitiff?
	You see me here, you gods, a poor old man,
	you seem to say so.
	You shall, sir: did you not of late days hear
	You, sir, more knave than fool, after your master.
  You still shall live--such ~
	you tell me whether one Launcelot,
	You think me an impostor: no, good faith;
	you too, for here comes one in haste.
		     you, to your rights:
	You turn the good we offer into envy.
	you will have leave,
z 0Cgsgd
zdam, all joy befal your grace!
Zi5	X&
@?zp {\8
z{s that hook of wiving,
zun's visage
Zy, like a black dog, as the saying is.